Saturday, December 26, 2009

Living With Deep Respect

Subject: "The Face of Love" sent you a message on Facebook...

Nick Ralls sent a message to the members of The Face of Love.


Affirmation for Saturday December 26th and Sunday December 27th

show deep respect for both myself and others who share my journey
through Life...I respect all those in my life for the teaching they
give me about myself and how they are in this place in this time to
help me in my return to love.

When we greet another with Namaste, we are showing deep respect for the other.

We are saying in effect: The light in me honours the light in you.

wonderful it would be if we walked this earth with deep respect for all
those we encounter, all who enter our life and all those who leave our

May be, holding deep respect for all those in our life could be a way of living.. a way of loving even.

Because each person who enters our space is really a gift.

every one... yes, those who are easy to love and even those who are
hard to love... are a gift for our learning in this lifetime of ours.

Each teaches us so much about ourselves.

Each helps and enables us to return towards love.

So when we come face to face with another, let us see the divinity within that person.

let us see that if they behaved in a way that was less than that which
we would have wanted or less than that which we expected, it was there
for a reason.

This behaviour did not appear in our lives by accident.

Our life is not accidental.

appeared so that we might learn what love is not, that we might honour
and respect ourselves more and that we might honour and respect others

So can we show deep respect for both ourselves and others this day?

First of all, how much do we respect ourselves?

Really respect ourselves?

Do you and I respect ourselves by the company we keep?

Do you and I respect our bodies by what we put into it in the way of foods and substances?

Do you and I respect ourselves by the choices we make?

we have deep respect for ourselves we would wave goodbye to all that
keeps us small... all that prevents our light from shining... all that
stops us from living life in love.

When we have deep respect for ourselves we would let go of limiting beliefs, move beyond old restrictive patterns.

We would give up unloving experiences... move out of unhealthy situations....

And the more we deeply respect ourselves the more we can deeply respect others.

Because the relationship we have with ourselves will always mirror the relationship we have with others.

do we deeply respect the need for others in our life to have freedom,
to be able to make their own choices as we would wish to have freedom
and the ability to make choices in our own life?

So do we deeply respect others for what they give to our life, what they teach us about ourselves?

can we deeply respect others in the path they have chosen, the lessons
they have decided to learn and the choices they have made?

A deep respect does not apply to actions and deeds that do not accord with our sense of love in the world.

deep respect does apply to the divine potential of all others... that
they can live from their heart even if they must learn from the choices
they make through messed up thinking.

Our deep respect for
others comes from our understanding that within each of their hearts is
the divine... the well of love... the God or Goddess... which lies
within us all and which connects us all.

We might not understand another's path.

We might not understand why someone chooses to leave our life or not to follow our lead.

We might not understand why someone should reject what we believe to be love.

But this does not mean that this person is permanently lost or doomed.

It merely means they are finding their own way back to love.

as we make certain choices, make particular associations and take
various decisions... because this is the way we are returning to love.

So dear and beautiful friend.. do share what is going on for you on this subject or any subject.

I love you


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Thursday, December 24, 2009

It's Time To Fall In Love

Subject: "The Face of Love" sent you a message on Facebook...

Nick Ralls sent a message to the members of The Face of Love.


Affirmation for Thursday December 24th and Friday December 25th

I create more loving moments in my life.. I endeavour to be more loving and not less... I know that in order to do this I need not to expect from others, not to judge others and not to be disillusioned by others. They are doing the best they can under, sometimes, incredible odds. You and I need to love people anyway!

AS Jesus and Mary looked upon their heavenly child, the baby Jesus, with absolute awe and revelled in the beauty and majesty of their baby... let us all do this for one another in as many moments of our lives as we are possibly able.

We so much need to love one another.

This is not to say it is easy... it is just that the power of love is the only way we can heal both ourselves and others.

It's a choice really....

How can we make more loving moments?

Not less.

How can we make more loving connections?

Not less.

How can we speak more loving words?

Not less.

How can we do more loving acts?

Not less.

With an open heart... and a loving relationship with ourselves... we can draw into our life the opportunities to do just that.

To be more loving, to experience more love, to feel more loved and to give and receive love... in abundance.

It helps if we let go of resentments, judgments, divisions and try to take down the barriers that we might have put up through past hurts and experience of being let down by people.

Guess what?

People will always let you down

People will always fail to meet your expectations

People will always put themselves first... and forget about you as much as you might adore them.

But the truth is that when we heed the words of Mother Theresa who said that people can be illogical, ungrateful and hurtful but love them anyway.. a new awakening occurs.

Because these people who do not live up to our own standards are often battling on their own journey, with incredible pressures and such bad conditioning, that it is sometimes surprising that they do not behave even worse on occasions.

Let us accept that people are doing the best that they can in any situation.. and when they fall and lash out or spurn our attention let us be compassionate for their pain and their disconnection.

Because they are hurt.

Sometimes deeply hurt. Let us feel compassion and sorrow for their plight and not want to beat them with a stick which serves only to hurt ourselves as much as it might continue to inflict pain on them.

Because this journey through life is not an easy one... as the baby Jesus was to find out later as he went through his adult life.

The important thing is that we still hold our love for them, that we do not withdraw love from people, that we love them despite what they do, despite how they annoy us or disrespect us or do not appreciate us or simply put us out of their mind.

It matters only what is in our heart and what we can express into the world.

And when we have a heart that is open and when we love unconditionally and generously, there will be a hundred thousand angels who will join us on our journey.

It might just be that we have to put less attention the doors that have closed and more attention on those that are opening or will open in the days, weeks and months ahead.

It matters only that we love more.

It is so important we do not love less... even if we are disillusioned, hurt or feel alone.

All people go through this.

It is not really true...because at soul level we are all deeply connected.

It is the most cruel illusion.

It is just that this journey is here to demonstrate the opposite of love so that we can experience the beauty of love and never ever let it go.

Never ever let it go.

So let us join in more loving moments, more loving communications and open our hearts... even more!

Let's just do it. Let's just fall in love some more!!!

So dear and beautiful friend.. do open your amazing heart and share what is going on for you on this subject or any subject

Never forget how amazing you are

I love you very much



Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Let Us Create Heaven

Subject: "The Face of Love" sent you a message on Facebook...

Nick Ralls sent a message to the members of The Face of Love.


Affirmation for Wednesday December 23rd

I create heaven when I think love, speak love and act love. The times when I am not loving, when I am fearful, when I worry and fret are the fruitless moments of my life which show up to reveal to me that there is another way.... a way that is of heaven and not of hell!

HOW much of our loving heart do we share with others as we walk our path through life?

In any situation what is our reaction?

It might be that we react from the understanding of our mind, our conditioning or how we might be expected to respond.

With judgment?

With severity?

With a lack of compassion?

But what if our reaction was out of the goodness of our heart?

Then it might be that we might bring love to the situation.

It might be a healing opportunity.

It might be a chance to understand more, to love more and to share who we really are.

When others see us, do they see the love emanating from our heart?

Or are we agreeing too much as they air their prejudices, express their judgment and their mistrust of the situation.

If we are bold we can ask ourselves: But what would love do?

But what would love say?

And what decisions come out of love?

If we are in touch with our higher self... with our own essence... then our words would speak of love, our thoughts centre around love and our deeds loving ones.

But what when our words are not love?

But what when our thoughts are not loving ones?

And what when our deeds are less than love?

This is the disease of our disconnection... this is the disease of our separation... this is the disease of our ego.

Those moments are the wasted or fruitless moments of our life.

Those moments are those in which we suffer.

Those moments are when we feel lonely... when we feel fearful... when we feel cut off from others.

And it is from those moments of disconnection that we suffer... and we then come to appreciate that this is not the way.

This is not what life is about.

This is not the way to live... and there must be something better, something opposite which we can embrace.

And just as we learn the pain of having our fingers burnt when we touch the hot stove, we also learn that a life without love is a life not worth living.

It is a painful life.

It burns us as the hell in our mind would burn us too.

And we then have a choice: do we wish to stay in hell or do we ascend through the power of love into the paradise of heaven?

Each time you and I have a loving thought we step nearer to heaven.

Each time you and I speak words of love we write the script of paradise.

And each time we do a loving kindness we open the doors to bliss in our own life experience and align ourselves with the beauty, truth and goodness of our soul who is in heaven.

So let's choose love

So dear and special friend.. do open your beautiful heart and share what is going on for you on this subject or any subject

I love you



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D. D.

Hi Klaus,
I read your book I could not put it down until it was finished. I liked it very much and would give it five stars out of five. Thank you for taking the time out of your life to write it.
G. S.

Dear Klaus: I just had to tell you I recently read your book...I cried and laughed all the way through!!
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Everybody else can put their put their pencils down because Klaus Joehle says it ALL so simply and entertainingly that you can Start Practicing Living On Love As Soon As You Close The Book. No affirmations, no treasure-mapping, none of the usual think-yourself-rich trappings - Living On Love Just Cuts To The Chase, and Anyone Can Do It Right Away.

Klaus began experimenting with meditation to go into the future and retrieve winning numbers for the Canadian sports lottery. He was successful! But beyond that, he Discovered The Power Of Sending Love to his bills, food, his son, who was running with a bad crowd - I could go on and on because Klaus takes us along on his adventure as it unfolds. Some parts are hilarious.

After reading an online version of the book, one of our Manifesting Workshop members sent love to her family checking account over the holidays and, despite the seasonal glut of expenses, she unexpectedly had money left over to spare at the end of the month.

You think you've heard this all before, but trust me, you haven't. Not like this. Living On Love Goes Far Beyond Prosperity. My husband and I started sending love to one another, and we're honeymooners all over again. We were so excited, we started corresponding with Klaus, and he sent us this story:

"I'll give you an example. We just had a big storm here. Hundreds of big trees where blown over in a straight line 200 feet wide. We live in the center of this strip that was destroyed, but if you stand in our yard you see nothing of it until you step off my boundary. You would need to see it to fully understand, it's very bizarre. We slept through it. In the morning I saw the last part of the storm from our yard, but it was as if we were in a bubble."

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Monday, December 21, 2009

Never Miss An Opportunity To Give Or Receive Love

Subject: "The Face of Love" sent you a message on Facebook...

Nick Ralls sent a message to the members of The Face of Love.


Affirmation for Tuesday December 22nd

I do not miss an opportunity to express love, to receive love and to speak of love. I make sure that fear does not hold me back from declaring my love for others. I grasp every opportunity that presents itself to be the love I wish to see in the world.

ONE of the saddest things is that hellish fear takes its gruesome place beside its opposite divine sweet love... to propel us into being afraid of loving.

And yet this is the malaise that takes hold of so many of us as individuals, as groups of people and as nations.

It is the scourge of our times and the blight of our lives.

It is the cause of separation, of barriers being put up, of differences being highlighted and people not in love with one another.

Can we count the number of times we been afraid to love, afraid to express love, afraid to receive love and, of course, to give our love?

Was it because of a fear of being hurt?

Was it because we were afraid of being misunderstood?

Was it because we were afraid of hurting another by declaring our heart's intention?

Was it just not the done thing to speak of love? Would we be ridiculed?

Did it make us appear sentimental, soppy, weird, mad even?

How wicked is the fear monster that lurks in the shadows of those who wish to profess their love?

Yet we can make a resolution, a pact even.. that we will not allow fear to take us out of love. Never ever.

We can make a commitment to three words.... the three most powerful words in our language and in all languages... the simple phrase that heals not only ourselves but also others and the whole world.



How many times have we said those words?

How many times would we like to say those powerful and so heartfelt words?

How often do we regret not saying them?

And how often do we feel so pleased and so opened up because we have told others just how much we love them?

Every time we utter those words... every time we write those words... every time you and I think those words... and every time you and I send those words out in our thoughts we not only heal with loving energy those in our sights but we also undertake profound healing on ourselves.

If we are saying these to a member of the opposite sex there is nothing wrong with clarifying that we do not seek a romantic relationship or a sexual relationship when we declare our love for someone.

We are just being in love with that person... with the only agenda being love.

Few of us leave this planet at the end of our life regretting that we loved too much.

On the contrary most of us regret having not loved enough... having not told enough people just how much we loved them...not saying what our heart wanted us to say.

Few of us walk into the doctor's office complaining that we simply have too much love.

On the contrary, most of us complain just how we are not loved enough, do not feel loved and do not have people to love.

So let each of us not miss an opportunity to love.

Let us not miss an opportunity to tell another just how much they are loved.

Let us not miss an opportunity to tell someone else just how much we love them in our life... just how beautiful they are... just how they make such a difference to us.

So many words and songs of the heart go unspoken and unsung.

This is one of the biggest tragedies of our lives and the lives of others.

When we are aware of what we miss out on when we do not express or receive with an open heart the love directed at us... we can make the change.

And we won't waste a moment of our lives... we will express love with a vengeance, we will hear the sounds and words of love... we will see the expressions of love which enter our life and we will mirror all of this by being a love god or goddess.

As we do this, we will know ourselves, perhaps for the first time.

And it will be bliss.

So dear and beautiful friend.. do open your heart and share what is going on for you on this subject or any subject

I love you


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Send Some Love To The World

In my many years as a hippy I have met a number of beautiful people such as you. People who always send out a positive vibe. People who hug strangers and make them feel at home. People who look at you eye to eye and all you see is love. This is a very powerful thing. I’ve seen how it moves people. Don’t underestimate what your love can do! It is the force that heals. It can transform the violence and hatred inside people.

Unfortunately there never seem to be enough people like you! The truth, however, is that we can ALL be like this! What it takes is letting go of the ego, the fears, the expectations, and letting the LIGHT fill you inside. Then you must communicate this love to all those you meet. When you meet someone, look them in the eye. Hold their gaze. Let yourself fill with love and send this through your eyes to the other person. IT WORKS!

Just be aware how powerful this is. I once did this to my friend’s ex-wife and she hounded me for months with phone calls, letters and poems (about me). I only did it because I’d returned from Kauai, Hawaii where I’d been living on Secret Beach for two weeks. I guess I was as naturally high as I’d ever been. Anyway this woman to whom I was not attracted, wouldn’t take no for an answer. I learned then I had to use the love “force” judiciously.

Those who hate are lacking love in their lives. Love is the cure for them. When hippies get together (usually in a circle) and send love out to the universe, it is much appreciated and well used. The first step for those who hate (and fear) is find a way to love oneself. To forgive oneself for what one has done and thought. Then from self-forgiveness comes self-love. You certainly can’t love others if you have no respect for yourself. Those who hate usually hate themselves and their own situation. Everyone creates his own reality. It can be changed at will.

Now about taking a van across country. Of course! Why not? I just took a trip like that last year from Maine to San Diego! It’s something everyone should do at least once in their lives if not a dozen times. A van is the best way to go too. You have room for stuff and can usually sleep inside if necessary. You also have room for extra riders!

OK, so you wanna know the meaning of life. Well I can tell you, you won’t find it reading THIS webpage!

-The Old Hippy

Bringing Heaven To Our Door

Subject: "The Face of Love" sent you a message on Facebook...

Nick Ralls sent a message to the members of The Face of Love.


Affirmation for Monday December 21st

I will not join the conspiracy to take myself and others out of love and into the space of fear... I follow my own heart and know that until we all love one another... everybody...we will be denying ourselves heaven. By becoming love we bring heaven to our door.

IT might appear there is a conspiracy to take us out of love.

It might seem that there are people in authority, people close to us who would rather we were in a state of fear than in a place of love.

Shame on them.

Yet even although we might be talked into walking away from love, the choice is entirely up to us.

Do we listen to them?

Who said so and why do we believe them?

In one screen at our cinema of life we have love with all the qualities that align us with all that is good, beautiful and truthful.

In the other screen we have fear which encompasses all that is conflict, anger, revenge, acrimony and mistrust.

And which movie we show up at is entirely up to us. It is our most important choice. It is a choice between heaven and hell.

If we choose to believe them when they say war is justified or it is right to end the lives of some for the greater good, then we step into cinema of horror. Our heart will tell us not to believe such nonsense.

There never was a good war or a bad peace. Whoever said that was following their heart and not their messed up head!

If we choose to believe them that people are fearful and oppressive and unloving and not to be trusted, then we align ourselves with the energy of separation, isolation and disconnection.

It is the energy of spiritual losers.

If we choose to believe them when they tell us not to love so and so or not to believe there is good in everybody, then we take a bitter pill.

But, if on the other hand, we choose to go into our heart to decide what is right and what is not right then we can move gracefully nearer to heaven.

When we learn the power of love and forgiveness, of acceptance, and of non judgment we step onto higher ground.

When we learn that love and understanding is a way of life then we can begin to create the bliss we so much desire to experience in our life.

And despite the logic and wisdom of choosing loving options there will be those who strive to take us out of love.

For their own selfish motives.

Because they can make more money and gain more power when people are fighting among themselves and fearful and not trusting.

Because of the simple fact that as they are miserable and separated they wish the same for all of us.

But let us not allow others to steer us away from love, from loving communication and loving actions.

Just because others are not loving, does not mean we have to join them in being unloving.

Just because others would rather we did not commune with this person or that does not mean we have to join the crowd.

Our strength and power comes when we allow ourselves to be a vessel of love, to make loving choices and decisions.

If we do not do this, then our power is being drained, our essence not allowed to come into expression.

We are allowing others to commit violence on us and are committing violence upon ourselves.

We need to understand that until we love one another we cannot enter the gates of heaven... and that means loving everyone, even those whom it might appear hardest to love.

Love is universal... it knows no boundaries, has no exclusions.

Only when we love totally can we experience and attain heaven.. there is no other way.

Want heaven? Love more and more....

So dear and beautiful friend... do open your heart and share what is going on for you on this subject or any subject

I love you


The Whole Being

Living On Love

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Each Of Us Is Beyond Comparison

Subject: "The Face of Love" sent you a message on Facebook...

Nick Ralls sent a message to the members of The Face of Love.


Affirmation for Sunday December 20th

I do not compare myself to others.... I know this will only make me feel less than I should be feeling about myself. I know that we are all spiritually equal as we make this journey through life and when I reject difference and separation I can start to become the love I wish to see in the world.

WHY do we compare ourselves to others?

How often do we wish we were as good as this person or as rich and successful as he or she...?

And yet this type of thinking plays down our role in the world.

It almost allows us to an excuse not to shine our light or to shrink from the unique part we play in this cosmos which we all share.

In terms of spirit, there is no one better or worse than you.

We are all perfect and whole at our essence... the level at which we are all connected.

It might be that we make different choices as we learn our lessons to become love.

It might be that we could be critical of this choice or that choice.

But this is just judgment that seeks to create tension, frustration and separation.

The moment we put someone on a pedestal... if they do not fall off in time... then we create a barrier between ourselves and that person which does not serve either ourselves of them.

The moment we judge someone as being a lesser person than us is the moment we create separation and division which injures us and the other person.

The important thing is to live and let live... there can be times when action needs to be taken when someone is encroaching on the lives of others but so often judgments are made and hostilities waged when there is nothing that another does which directly hurts anyone.

We are not in this space to make comparisons.

We are not in this space to take the flak that comes from others who wish to compare themselves to us.

We are all taking our own paths on this journey and we all end up learning the same lessons and get to the same destination regardless of whether we are spending our time helping the underprivileged in the ghettos of the world or whether we are safely tucked away in the confines of a modern office.

We just know that we will be given the lessons.

And sometimes they can be harder and tougher in the midst of so called affluence than they might seem in the slums of the world.

At our core we are all the same.

It matters not one iota how much money we have in the bank or what status we have accrued when we leave this lifetime to continue our journey back to love.

It matters not whether we are materially successfully or what title we might have as we continue our spiritual journey... our return to love.

So what does it serve us to compare ourselves as being less successful or more successful than the guy or girl down the road... or the person in our profession who seems to get all the glory.

What matters is that we are in touch with the vast supply of love that is contained within our own heart... and that each moment of our lives we are expressing as love.

Because when we are in love, health issues seem to become so much less important, we are filled with so much more energy and we are a magnet to attract all who are loving and all situations that exude love, sweet love.

So let's not beat ourselves up because we feel we are not as good or successful or beautiful as someone else.

No one is either better or worse than we are when it comes to a spiritual perspective.

We need to remember that we are equal to everyone else... and with the power to know we can stand as the greatest... aspiring to live the highest vision we have of ourselves...

And it is in this remembering that we are able to be our most powerful and our most loving.

The power of love is the most important thing in the world.

So dear and beautiful friend... do open your heart and share what is going on for you on this subject or any subject

I love you



Saturday, December 19, 2009

Closing The Door To Resentment

Subject: "The Face of Love" sent you a message on Facebook...

Nick Ralls sent a message to the members of The Face of Love.


Affirmation for Saturday December 19th

I give up resentment, realising I cannot become what I resent. Because I give up resenting those who have what I wish to have I make it possible for my dreams to come true. Resentment is the biggest obstacle to attracting what I desire.

BE happy for those who have what you seek for yourself.

Whatever you do, do not resent them for it.

Resentment is one of the biggest obstacles we face when we aspire to have the things that we believe will bring meaning and value to our lives.

Just out of a relationship, so easy is to resent those who have happy relationships.

Down on financial luck, so easy is it to resent the rich people.

Bemoaning a health challenge how easy is it also to resent those who enjoy perfect health.

And so easy is it also to resent those who have good jobs and are well paid for it when we feel frustrated with our working lot.

But there is a simple truth in this universe.

And it is the truth that we cannot become what we resent.

If we resent the rich, we will never be rich.

If we resent those in happy relationships we will never have a happy relationship.

It is only when we feel rich ourselves and are joyous that others have wealth that we can step onto the ladder to achieving financial prosperity in our own life.

It is only when we feel connected and happy for those who enjoy harmonious relationship that we can draw this into our lives too.

Because as we are, we attract this energy into our life.

So look around and accept and honour those in our life who might have something we have yet to have ourselves.

And in accepting their good fortune we also open up the doors to achieving this for ourselves.

No sense of anger at our lack here.

No sense of feeling without or deprived.

We come to the realisation that it is around the corner for will happen to us in the universe's own good time provided that it fulfills our life purpose.

So this day give up resenting others, resenting this and that... because when we accept and rejoice in the good fortune of others we enable the same fortune to happen for ourselves.

So dear and beautiful friend... do open your heart and share what is going on for you on this subject or any subject.

I love you



Thursday, December 17, 2009

How Do We Shine Our Light This Day?

Subject: "The Face of Love" sent you a message on Facebook...

Nick Ralls sent a message to the members of The Face of Love.


Affirmation for Friday December 18th

I seek to be a butterfly in both my own life and those of others... I find ways to make life brighter for others, to be more loving, to be kinder and to shine my light so that others might feel more empowered to do the same.

HOW can we light up the world this day?

What can we say that will make both our own lives and the lives of others brighter?

What can we do that will uplift those who share our journey through this life?

When we make a difference to the lives of others, when we serve others positively and provide them with a happy and joyful experience we also reap the benefits.

Because we reap what we sow.

So when we become joyful and happy and loving we also draw that energy and those experiences back into our own life.

What we give out is what we get back.

This is how the universe works.

So each time we brighten the life of another, make their day happier or more joyful we are investing in a return of that same experience to ourselves.

So it serves not only the world but also ourselves when we become a butterfly!

If we make it our intention to be an uplifting presence this day then we are doing both ourselves and others a great and fulfilling service.

And simple gestures and kind words can make all the difference.

* A smile.

* A compliment

* A hug or loving touch

* Using the words I LOVE YOU

* A random act of kindness

* Getting in touch with someone whom you have lost connection with.

The list goes on.

But there is a myriad of different ways that we can shine our light in this moment... and the next moment.

And as we shine our own light we are inviting others to do the same.

It is contagious...

Surrounding ourselves with a positive and uplifting energy also draws that response from others... and brings more of the same into our lives.

If we wish to be a love magnet... who doesn't have this desire... then we need to be more loving, feel more loved and exude that energy in both our relationship with ourselves and with others.

We need to move away from the feeling of being unloved attributed to the end of romantic relationships which have run their course or are about the other person's choices which are all about them and not about us.

We need instead to accept that we are love... and there is an abundance of love in our lives and it never goes away.

It only matters that we love... the love we have given, the love we now give and the love we will be giving.

We always get it back... if not from the person we would like the reciprocation from but from others.

So let us see how we can make the world a brighter place this day.

Both for ourselves and others.

So dear and special friend... do open your heart and share what is going on for you on this subject or any subject

I love you



Wednesday, December 16, 2009

We Are Rich When We Stay In Love

Subject: "The Face of Love" sent you a message on Facebook...

Nick Ralls sent a message to the members of The Face of Love.


Affirmation for Thursday December 17th

I feel rich when I connect with who I really am... which is love! It matters little how much money I have in the bank or how many material trappings have, as nice as they are to assist me in the fulfillment of my life purpose, but what makes me feel rich is when I can be in love and stay in love.

SOME people feel rich when they have a lot of money in the bank.. when they have paid off their home loan... or when they have the latest sports car or the executive residence.

But this is the illusion of richness as nice as it can be to have..... and we all deserve material trappings as long as they are compatible with our spiritual journey.

The true richness is that which we do not lose.

The true wealth we hold is that which cannot be taken away from it.

It is always there... but we can only feel this richness, this wealth, when we are aligned to the energy of our higher self, our soul and all of this dwells within the loving centre of our heart.

So to feel truly rich we have to indulge in an awakening and awareness process.

We have to look into the bank account contained within our heart, where the deposits are made up of love, peace, harmony and joy.

We have to then see clearly and withdraw for ourselves the positive loving energy that we can now give out to the world.

And when we realise that all the abundance of this universe is also our own abundance we can come to the reality that we are, all of us, so rich that the whole universe is ours.

It is just that so many of us do not feel this energy.

It is just that so many people feel they lack, that they are deprived, that they are poor when they are not poor at all.

If we look at the treasures we have in our own heart... which not even the end of this present lifetime can take away... we can feel just how rich we really are.

Richness is not determined or cherished by the amount of gold or currency we hold in our savings accounts or our banks as useful as this is to fulfill our life's purpose in this material plane.

But it is determined by that which cannot be defined by materialism, form or physicality.

It is the difference we have made to people's lives, the love we have given and the love we have received.

So the wealthiest person is probably not the tycoon or the man or woman with the flash car and swelling bank account.

It is the person who feels so much peace and love within himself or herself and can see and feel the love that exists in their surroundings which goes with them for eternity.

Every loving word and every loving action is always with us.
It is our investment... our savings... and it can never be cast aside, depleted or sidelined.

It is our destiny and our remembrance.

People are truly remembered for how much love they gave and not for anything else they gave.

People can feel truly worthwhile when they feel they have been loving... and have allowed love to come into their lives.

To make love the focus of our lives is a good idea.

Because those who are in love are truly rich... and those out of love remain and feel poor... no matter how much they might have in the bank and whatever material trappings they can show others.

Love, after all, is all there is.

So dear and beautiful friend... do open your heart and share what is going on for you on this subject or any subject

I love you

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