Saturday, December 26, 2009

Living With Deep Respect

Subject: "The Face of Love" sent you a message on Facebook...

Nick Ralls sent a message to the members of The Face of Love.


Affirmation for Saturday December 26th and Sunday December 27th

show deep respect for both myself and others who share my journey
through Life...I respect all those in my life for the teaching they
give me about myself and how they are in this place in this time to
help me in my return to love.

When we greet another with Namaste, we are showing deep respect for the other.

We are saying in effect: The light in me honours the light in you.

wonderful it would be if we walked this earth with deep respect for all
those we encounter, all who enter our life and all those who leave our

May be, holding deep respect for all those in our life could be a way of living.. a way of loving even.

Because each person who enters our space is really a gift.

every one... yes, those who are easy to love and even those who are
hard to love... are a gift for our learning in this lifetime of ours.

Each teaches us so much about ourselves.

Each helps and enables us to return towards love.

So when we come face to face with another, let us see the divinity within that person.

let us see that if they behaved in a way that was less than that which
we would have wanted or less than that which we expected, it was there
for a reason.

This behaviour did not appear in our lives by accident.

Our life is not accidental.

appeared so that we might learn what love is not, that we might honour
and respect ourselves more and that we might honour and respect others

So can we show deep respect for both ourselves and others this day?

First of all, how much do we respect ourselves?

Really respect ourselves?

Do you and I respect ourselves by the company we keep?

Do you and I respect our bodies by what we put into it in the way of foods and substances?

Do you and I respect ourselves by the choices we make?

we have deep respect for ourselves we would wave goodbye to all that
keeps us small... all that prevents our light from shining... all that
stops us from living life in love.

When we have deep respect for ourselves we would let go of limiting beliefs, move beyond old restrictive patterns.

We would give up unloving experiences... move out of unhealthy situations....

And the more we deeply respect ourselves the more we can deeply respect others.

Because the relationship we have with ourselves will always mirror the relationship we have with others.

do we deeply respect the need for others in our life to have freedom,
to be able to make their own choices as we would wish to have freedom
and the ability to make choices in our own life?

So do we deeply respect others for what they give to our life, what they teach us about ourselves?

can we deeply respect others in the path they have chosen, the lessons
they have decided to learn and the choices they have made?

A deep respect does not apply to actions and deeds that do not accord with our sense of love in the world.

deep respect does apply to the divine potential of all others... that
they can live from their heart even if they must learn from the choices
they make through messed up thinking.

Our deep respect for
others comes from our understanding that within each of their hearts is
the divine... the well of love... the God or Goddess... which lies
within us all and which connects us all.

We might not understand another's path.

We might not understand why someone chooses to leave our life or not to follow our lead.

We might not understand why someone should reject what we believe to be love.

But this does not mean that this person is permanently lost or doomed.

It merely means they are finding their own way back to love.

as we make certain choices, make particular associations and take
various decisions... because this is the way we are returning to love.

So dear and beautiful friend.. do share what is going on for you on this subject or any subject.

I love you


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