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Fersen’s Science of Being

April 26th, 2007

Five illustrations from Baron Eugene Fersen’s Science of Being, written in 1923, with additional text from his 1927 workbook of the same title (both recently reprinted by Health Research Books).

In Science of Being, Fersen defines a principled framework of reality (a Causeless Cause, the Statements of Being, the Definition of Matter, the Law of Attraction, Magnetic Chemicalization, and the Law of Polarity, to name just a few topics) and the function of man’s triune nature of Life, Mind, and Soul within that reality (health, wealth, truth, love, inspiration, intuition, poise, telepathy, subconsciousness, supercounsciousness, etc).

Fersen’s spirit pyramid

“Divinity working from the four-square of Humanity” (1923, p16).

Fundamentally, though, Fersen presents a course based on channeling a Universal Life Energy that produces Success (with a capital ess) in all of these areas. Fersen identifies this energy as a primal, vibrating force that constitutes manifest reality; at the three different levels of mans’ nature, this same ultimate energy manifests in different forms: magnetic energy, mental energy, and spiritual energy, respectively.

Life force

Life energy.

The Life level is embodied by the Star Exercise, a physical routine whose purpose is to make contact, circulate, and cultivate the Universal Life Energy. To perform the exercise, stand with the body in a five-pointed star-shaped configuration: legs somewhat more than shoulder width apart and arms straight out to the sides, left hand palm up and right hand palm down. “The whole body must remain erect, but not tense… straight, but relaxed” (1923, p65).

Fersen’s star exercise

Fersen’s star exercise.

In this configuration, the Life Center, a point located at the base of the spine, acts as a magnet to attract the Universal Life Energy and to cast it into magnetic energy, or Life Energy, the physical manifestation of the universal. The pull of the Life Center draws energy through the fingertips of the upward facing left hand and down the spinal cord to the Life Center.

From the Life Center, the transformed energy is pushed to the Solar Plexus. This area, more commonly known as the “pit of the stomach”, is the central storage and distribution center of the magnetic energy throughout the body. Fersen also calls this area the abdominal brain. From the Solar Plexus, the magnetic energy is distributed to those parts of the body that require it, but, in particular, the magnetic energy is returned to the spinal cord, passes through the seventh cervical vertebra, and enters the back part of the brain.

This process of energy ingestion, transformation, storage, and distribution is the basis of all Success. “The strength of the individual is in direct proportion to the development of Solar Plexus” (1927, p41). “Each cell in the body will exhibit a greater constructive activity, each organ of the body will perform its duties with an ever increasing power and precision, this giving all members of the body the possibility of manifesting in a most perfect way the activities of the soul. (1927, p163).

Leaving the back part of the brain, the energy is further transformed in order to power the successive levels of human nature: the Pituitary Body casts energy into mental energy, and the Pineal Body casts energy into spiritual energy. Once the storage capacity of the Solar Plexus has been filled, excess energy is routed to the down-turned right hand and into the earth. As the energy flows through the fingertips, the thumb bears the strongest current, followed by the index finger, ring finger, pinky finger, and, at last, the middle finger.

Mind force

Mind force.

This energetic process naturally functions as a result of the physical laws governing Universal Life Energy and the attraction exercised by the Life Center. However, to achieve any benefit from the process, one must become conscious of it. Fersen introduces the exercises of Silence and Relaxation to actualize this consciousness: Relaxation is the complete relaxation of body, mind, and emotions; Silence is the stilling of the willful mind. When one is relaxed and the Will is stilled, the mental conception separating Universal Life Energy from Magnetic Energy is deposed. Physical relaxation enables contact and awareness of Magnetic Energy; mental relaxation stills the Will, and “Soul Vibrations are the natural result of utter Poise” (1927, p567). As a formula of this process, during the Star Exercise, say to oneself, “I am one with the Universal Life Energy. It is flowing through me now. I feel it” (1927, p63).

“Remember, you are working now with a Power which functions only when relaxation provides It with adequate channels, and your purpose is to attract, not compel, the opportunity you desire. If you indulge the temptation to use your Will at this point you automatically close the channels within you and shift your reliance from the unlimited Energy of the Universe to the very limited and undependable powers of your own mind” (1927, p328).

Another aspect of relaxation is the requisite to conquer fear. “The reason [Power] does not [flow into your body all the time] is because your nerves and cells are contracted on account of the general tenseness of your body and are almost paralyzed and closed up by some latent fear. Naturally under these conditions the Life Force concentrated within your Life Center cannot attract the Universal Life Energy which surrounds your body on every side. That is why Relaxation and Silence are such important exercises for the harmonization of the body… Harmony means Equilibrium, and Equilibrium is Power. If you want to be powerful you must achieve the Balance which Power demands for its most efficient expression” (1927, p64-5). Controlling fear is particularly significant given that Success in life is a direct result of confronting Opposition, the progenitor of fear; and Opposition itself is necessary to develop the Life, Mind and Soul – by forcing their exertion.

Thus to make contact, attract, store, and distribute Life Energy via the body center and throughout the body, and to power the Mind and Soul levels that chase higher order accomplishments (Truth, Love, Poise, etc.), requires relaxation both physical and mental. Once one is aware of this circulation, the reservoir of Universal Life Energy can be tapped in lieu of man’s own limited internal stores; and this is the key that sparks true accomplishment: Success is necessarily limited without access to more Energy than insular man alone can provide. In all pursuits, therefore, it is imperative to first make contact with the Universal Life Energy in order to draw whatever Power may be required.

I am all power

I am all power. With what power then art thou fighting me?

The process of relaxation, though, cannot be mastered overnight. In the 1927 workbook, each of twenty-seven distinct lessons presents a specific exercise that drills that lesson, yet all such exercises begin with the Star Exercise – as all exercises depend upon the awareness of the energetic center, it is necessary to practice this foundational exercise always. “Do not be discouraged if you fail to get results at once. Perfect relaxation is not an easy thing to achieve. In fact, it is the most difficult of any mental feats, because Mind is volatile, quick, full of aggressive activity. Contact with Universal Intelligence requires stillness, passivity, a rich sense of harmony within. Yet as in everything else, practice and training will develop the necessary poise in the most unruly intellect, and no price you can pay in patience and perseverance is too great if it brings you the power to contact at will the Eternal Source of All Knowledge” (1927, p427-8). “You cannot rush to your destination by your own willful strength; you can penetrate only gradually and steadily into that remote inner chamber of your Being” (1927, p468).


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A Healing Story

A Healing Story

by Leo Sofer (more info)
listed in healing, originally published in issue 34 - November 1998

Leo Sofer is an intuitive storyteller. Each story he tells begins with a question spoken out loud, alone or in front of an audience. The stream of pictures (in his mind’s eye) and words (spoken by his ‘inner voice’) that he receives in response gives him all the information he needs to tell a story, although he is rarely able to guess what is coming next. This story was told in response to a commission from Positive Health magazine on the subject of ‘Health and healing’.

An old man and an old woman lived together. One day the old man fell ill and no doctor could cure him. The more remedies he tried the more his condition worsened. He became feverish and sleepless.
“Call the birds!” he would cry throughout the day and night. “Only they can cure me!”

His wife tried to reason with him, but without much success.

“Call the birds!” he would cry, and his fever rose higher still.

One evening, in as much fear as desperation, the old woman ran into the garden. She called up into the darkening sky.

“You birds! Please help me! My husband is sick and I fear that soon he may die.”

Above her head she heard a whistling sound. Flying out of the sky she saw a beautiful brightly-coloured bird.

“Your husband is sick?” said the bird.

“Yes!” cried the old woman. “Can you help him?”

“No,” said the bird. “We birds are of no use in such matters. Only the angels can help your husband now.”
The old woman shook her head and ran indoors. That night her husband burned like a hot coal in the bed beside her. He writhed and sweated all night long, but the following morning he was calm.

“I dreamt of angels,” he said.

The old man closed his eyes. He touched his chest and in
that moment his heart lay upon the grass.
Later that day she went into the garden.

“You angels!” she cried. “Please help me! My husband is sick and close to dying and I am told that only you can heal him.”

No sooner had she spoken than the garden was filled with a strange and wonderful light. Standing beside her was an angel.

“Your husband is sick?” said the angel.

“Yes!” cried the old woman. “Can you help him?”

“I’m afraid not,” said the angel.

“But the birds . . .”

“The birds consider us capable of everything which is beyond them, and often they are mistaken. But there is one above us who can help you. Call upon the Creator and your husband shall be cured.”

The old woman shook her head and ran indoors. All day long she sat by her husband’s bedside. The old man looked as white as a sheet. He breathed faintly as if already taking the air of a more rarefied world.

She told him what the angel had said.

“What are you waiting for then?” he whispered.

That evening she went out into the garden and called up into the darkening sky.

“If there is a Creator of this world, please come to my aid! My husband is dying and I fear he has one foot already in the world beyond.”

No sooner had she spoken than a heavenly chorus filled the air. A bright light appeared in the sky above her head and she heard a thundering voice.

“Your husband is dying?” said the Creator.

“Yes!” cried the old woman. “Can you help him?”

“I’m afraid not,” said the Creator.

“But the angels . . .”

“I am unable to determine the events of the world,” said the Creator.

The old woman closed her eyes. “If you are truly the creator of this world then how can a single flower open without your blessing? You move the sun and the stars! How can saving a single life be beyond your power?”

The Creator said: “The sun is indeed my servant. And it is true that no flower can open without me. But, as for you and your kind, I have no power over you save that of the power of Love. I cannot determine the course of your lives, for you have your own free will. Thus it was created.”

“Then why did the angels say you could help?” said the old woman.

The Creator was silent for a moment. “Tell you husband that there is only one way I can help him.”

“And what is that?”

“Tell him that if he wishes to be healed he must gather together all his possessions, down to the last pin, and give them to me.”

The old woman pursed her lips and ran indoors. She found her husband sitting upright in bed. His face was bright and his eyes were shining.

“I saw the garden filled with light. Did the Creator come?”

“You’re not going to like this,” the old woman said.

But when she told him what the Creator had said, he clapped his hands and jumped out of bed. “All my life I have waited to hear that!” he cried, and he tore the sheet off the bed and made a sack of it and ran through the house gathering up all his possessions. His wife could hardly keep up with him let alone persuade him to stop. When the sack was full he dragged it out into the garden and threw it down onto the grass.

“Oh, Creator of the world!” he cried triumphantly. “Here is everything I own!”

At his words thunder rolled from one end of the sky to the other.

“Everything?” said the Creator.

“Everything!” cried the old man. “It’s all here!”

“Not quite,” said the Creator. “There’s one thing missing.”

“Tell me what it is and it’s yours!” exclaimed the old man.

“Give me your heart,” said the Creator.

The old man closed his eyes. He touched his chest and in that moment his heart lay upon the grass.

“And give me your mind . . .” said the Creator.

The man waved his hand over his face and in that moment his mind lay upon the grass.

“. . . and your flesh . . .” said the Creator.

And with a wave of the old man’s hand his flesh, too, lay upon the grass.

“. . . and your bones,” whispered the Creator.

And with a click of his fingers the old man’s bones lay in a heap upon the grass.

“Now,” said the Creator. “Where are you?”

And he had no eyes, yet he could see. He had no ears, yet he could hear. He had no heart, yet he could feel.

“Who are you?” said the Creator.

And the old man looked down at the pile of possessions he had gathered and he knew he was not that. He looked down at the pile of flesh and bones that had once been his body, and he knew he was not that. He looked around at the world and he knew that he was every blade of grass; he was every breath of wind; he was every star in the night sky.

“I am all things,” said the old man, his voice like a bird calling in the darkness.

“Good,” said the Creator. “Then would you like to be well?”

And the old man laughed. He laughed and laughed, and with him the grass laughed too. The wind laughed loud and so did the stars.

“Well?” he said, and he laughed even louder. Like the sea might laugh if asked if it were salty. Like mountains might laugh if asked if they were mountains.

“I have always been well!” he cried. “From before I was born until after I will die. I am in perfect health.”

“Good,” said the Creator. “Then do you understand how I can help you?”

And the man understood and in that moment his body became whole again. He took up the sack and carried it indoors and put each thing back in its proper place. Then he returned to his bed and lay there silently.

It was some time before his wife joined him. She took his hand and sat for a long time before speaking.

“Are you cured?” she said at last.

“I am deeply afflicted,” the old man said.

His wife sighed. “After all that?”

The old man smiled and turned to his wife.

“It is Love that has taken a hold of me,” he said.

“Then will you get better?” she asked.

“I do not know,” said the old man. “Maybe I will.”

From that moment forth the old man’s vitality began to return. The years fell away from him and his eyes shone like a child’s. Often in the course of the day he would burst out laughing for no apparent reason. He said he had never felt so happy in all his life.

One day his wife was in the garden when she saw again the brightly-coloured bird.

“I want to thank you,” she said, “for what happened to my husband.”

“Don’t thank me,” said the bird, “thank the angels!”

“Very well,” said the old woman, “then I’ll thank the angels.”

No sooner had she spoken than the garden was filled with an ethereal light and by her side there stood an angel.

“I want to thank you,” said the old woman, “for what happened to my husband.”

“Don’t thank me,” said the angel, “thank the Creator.”

“Very well,” said the old woman, “then I’ll thank the Creator.”

No sooner had she spoken than a heavenly chorus filled the air and a bright light appeared in the sky above her head.

“I want to thank you,” said the old woman, “for what happened to my husband.”

“Don’t thank me,” said the Creator, “thank your husband.”

And the old woman laughed, because for the first time she understood what the Creator had meant.


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Reiki Arts Institute - Certified Course

Taught by Kelly Sundstrom

25 credit hours

The Reiki Arts Institute offers you a distance learning course which attunes you to
the Master level in Usui Reiki. Included in your course is the Single Direct
Lineage Usui Reiki Attunement,which includes both level I, II, and the Master
Attunement. this is only needed once, but multiple attunements are also
available free of charge throughout your course.

You will receive the Reiki Master Course Handbook, written by Kelly
Sundstrom, Certified Reiki Master Teacher, Lesson Assignments including
Case studies, and a Final exam that you will mail to Reiki Arts Institute upon
completion to receive your Reiki Master Certificate. This is a self-paced course.

Course Details

1. Direct Lineage Usui Reiki Master Attunement

You will receive this attunement at the beginning of your course, and will then
be initiated into the Reiki healing arts as a Reiki Master. This attunement
encompasses all of the levels and will only need to be given once, although
multiple attunements are available if requested. Once your attunement is
obtained and your course work is complete, you will then be able to practice
giving and receiving Reiki healing sessions, both on yourself and on others.
You will also be able to give Attunements, send Reiki from a distance, and
teach others how to use and practice Reiki.

Both distance Attunements and hands-on Attunements work in the exact
same way, and both will fully Attune the student to the Usui Reiki Master Level.

Once completing the Reiki Master Certification, your lineage will be as follows:

Mikao Usui, Chujiro Hayashi, Hawayo Takata, Phyllis Furomoto, Claudia
Hoffman, Mary Shaw, Christine Henderson, Bruce Way, Ariane McMinn, Mona
Khalaf, Dharmadevi, Kelly Sundstrom, YOU!

2. Reiki Master Course Handbook

Upon enrollment, you will instantly receive my full-color course handbook,
which gives you a rich, thorough, in-depth master study, which prepares all of
our students for a fully functional career in the Reiki healing arts. Within the
course handbook, you will learn each of the Reiki symbols and their uses, all
of the hand positions, how to give self healings, hands-on healings, distance
healings, how to give hands-on attunements, distance attunements, and
much, much more!

Click below for the table of contents in the Reiki Master Course Handbook by
Kelly Sundstrom, Certified Reiki Master Teacher.

You will received your course handbook instantly.

3. Assignments with Case Studies, and Exam

Our Reiki Master Certification fully prepares you for a functional Reiki
mastership. It is an active course, with case studies to be completed for a real,
hands-on experience. Each assignment is geared to train your mind to feel,
see, and thoroughly experience Reiki in it’s true form. Before you are certified,
you will receive a final exam that will test how well you have absorbed your
Reiki studies. There is no time limit for this course and the Master Reiki
Certifcation will be awarded upon completion of all course assignments and tests.

4. Reiki Master Certificate

Upon receipt of your assignments, case studies, and tests, you will be
awarded a beautiful Reiki Master Certificate, suitable for framing, personalized
with your name and lineage. Since there is no licensing of Reiki practitioners,
the Reiki Master Certificate that you receive from Reiki Arts Institute is the
highest possible achievement for a Reiki Master.

Find Out More Here & Enroll - Certified Program

Reiki Distance Learning Course + Healing Info

Reiki Distance Learning.......

You Can Be A Reiki Master.

  • Learn Reiki At Home.

  • Pay A Fraction Of The Cost.

  • Receive Powerful Distance Attunements.

  • Clear And Inspired Talks Guide You Step-By-Step Through Your Reiki Training.

  • You Receive Full Email Support.

  • Your Professional Reiki Certificates.

  • Lesson Planners, Reiki Manuals, Charts, Diagrams and Guided Self-Healing.

  • Everything You Need To Quickly And Easily Become A Powerful Reiki Master.

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Ho’oponopono - Change That Works


"Imagine the Feeling of being Changed from Within to be:

A Relaxed, Happy, Creative Person;
Who Can Solve Every Problem;
Who is On Top of Every Emergency;
Who Awakens in the Morning Joyous and Ready to Meet the New Day;
and Who Goes to Bed at night and Sinks into a Deep, Healthy and Relaxing Sleep."

You no longer need to only dream about experiencing this kind of Freedom – there is now an easy way to consistently experience this,
and it takes less than 20 minutes per day – guaranteed!


Dear Friend,

Have you ever noticed that some people really seem to somehow be able to easily engage The Law Of Attraction, and be at Peace no matter what they are experiencing - while so many others seem to battle with every step along the way?

Have you ever wondered why you seem to have recurring problems in your life? And how you could permanently rid yourself of obstacles within yourself that time and again prevent you from getting what you really want out of life?

How excited would you be to find that the solution is available right now - and that what has been preventing you from being your Real True Self can easily be dissolved from within?

"I have been looking for easy- to- use processes to clear out my unconscious mind. So when I discovered Saul Maraney's new product that uses Ho'oponopono, I was excited. After listening to it for two nights in a row, I felt a lift in my deepest self, a release. The calming and hypnotic voice that Saul has, lulled me into a relaxed and receptive state that drifted me off into a pleasant night's rest. Upon waking, the next morning, I felt lighter and brighter, and more clear on what was most important to do that day. I recommend this product to anyone who is ready to release in a deep way that which is holding them back from attracting what they want from life."

Dr. Michelle L. Casto The Soul Coach, Teacher, Author and Philosopher


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