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Using Water To Focus Intention

Michael from B* [without the asterisks] sent me some ways he used water to program his intentions. Since his comments have to do with creating your own reality, I will share them here.

"The water stuff is incredible. I have been focusing on water every time
before I drink it and am starting to label bottled water.

Here is something I picked up from an old Colombian man who says it
works in powerful ways, you may want to try this for yourself and pass it
on to your readers:

Before you go to bed at night, fill up a paper cup (a white natural
recycled cup would be best [but if it's natural and recycled, wouldn't it be brown? - ed.]) with the purest water you can find,
preferably natural spring water (not distilled) from a verified pure source
and respectable eco friendly company.

Before laying down, close your eyes, thank the universe for your day,
and focus on what you would like your reality to be for tomorrow. What
would you like the universe to bring to you or show you, and what would
you like to give.

After you have in your mind what you would specifically like from the
universe tomorrow, look at your paper cup of water, and focus those
thoughts unto the water as if the water were the whole universe (it is)."


C*hristopher W*estra [without asterisks]

P.S. I believe I can program my intentions, or focus my thoughts,
directly into the universe. But this water method may be useful for
many who want a more concrete exercise.
Communicating With Water

More on creating reality with water from Michael at B* [without the asterisks]

"Then, to further manifest and have the water help you, write on the
paper cup your wishes or intentions that you thought of for tomorrow.
Sometimes this may just be a general good principal, such as,
"tommorow I would like to be amazingly creative and glowing with love,"
or it can be as specific as you want such as, "tommorow I would like to
solve my challenge with such and such a situation."

After you do this with complete clarity of mind and gratitude, drink half
of the cup of water, and go to sleep knowing that the water is
reverberating with great intensity and acting as a magnifying antenna to
the universe. The water in your body that you drank already has your
intentions in it and is still connected to the water in the cup which is
connected to EVERYTHING and it is working its best at helping you
send your message to the universe. Its structure IS actually changing
to your thought and this is provable by science to even the most
skeptical naysayers. As you sleep, your subconscious mind will
continue to communicate with the water, both in your body, and that still
in the cup, and it will change its structure into what you concentrated
on, so that when you wake up in the morning, and finish the other half
of the cup of water, you will literally be drinking your dreams!

This will have them reverberate even more powerfully through your
whole being. Do this every night, and see what happens, miracles
multiply and health increases at ever faster rates. Water is the most
beautiful, mutable and affected thought physical substance that we
humans have. Water is the ultimate physical manifestation within the
hologram of our existence, and if you love your water, it will love you
back and help you along your path. Water is alive and aware.

Share and enjoy,"

Thanks Michael!
Hidden Messages in Water

I haven't read this book although I have read a lot of review and information
about it. Below is some information from Amazon about this book. The
book was featured in the movie, What the Bleep Do We Know, which I
have ordered and am waiting for.

The Hidden Messages in Water is an eye-opening theory showing how water
is deeply connected to people's individual and collective consciousness.

Drawing from his own research, scientific researcher, healer, and popular
lecturer Dr. Masaru Emoto describes the ability of water to absorb, hold,
and even retransmit human feelings and emotions. Using high-speed
photography, he found that crystals formed in frozen water reveal
changes when specific, concentrated thoughts are directed toward it.

Music, visual images, words written on paper, and photographs also have
an impact on the crystal structure. Emoto theorizes that since water has
the ability to receive a wide range of frequencies, it can also reflect the
universe in this manner. He found that water from clear springs and water
exposed to loving words shows brilliant, complex, and colorful snowflake
patterns, while polluted water and water exposed to negative thoughts
forms incomplete, asymmetrical patterns with dull colors.

Emoto believes that since people are 70 percent water, and the Earth
is 70 percent water, we can heal our planet and ourselves by consciously
expressing love and goodwill.

C*hristopher W*estra [without asterisks]

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You Are Power

----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------
From: *Galactic Consciousness*

From: sea'lestial

You Are Power
The Many through Sue Yarmey

Your DNA is shifting and moving right now. Some of you are more aware of this than others. Everyone has become more conscious of the changes. The difference is some of you are more willing to say, “yes, I have power,” and some of you are more willing to say, “Hmm, I think I will wait and see what happens.”

Part of what we wish to speak with you about is power, the individual’s power to create. This includes the concept of what you can and cannot do in regards to your physical laws of science. As long as you have those laws within your head, you will not allow yourself the unlimited abilities that you actually all have.

It seems to be the habit on your planet of closing the back of your chakras. It seems to be the habit on your planet, as you look for your limitless self, to look for it in limited ways. If you will think of that, it is most amusing! To you, who are struggling with this, you probably do not find it funny. We have said to others in the past that you are like television to us. We get to watch you as you continue your life in new ways. We have some people who are soap operas. We have some people who are comedies, and we have some people who are very dramatic (Laughter).

You need not do anything according to anyone else’s rules except, of course, your own. It need not be according to what you have read in a book by someone that you admire. It need not be something that you have heard, including from us. What is truly happening is that you are opening to your limitless self. In opening to your limitless self, you then become part of All That Is. All That Is, of course, is part of you.

In working with power, in the understanding of what power actually is, you are able to open your energy centers within your physicalities, you are able to open these and allow in those things that you thought you could not allow in for fear of whatever – for fear of making a mistake, for fear of doing it wrong, for fear of someone else’s judgement over yours.

Everyone seems a bit stumped about their directions. They keep waiting for things to happen TO them. We are saying that you already have created them. Why not just accept, receive and move onto the next thing?

We will say that there are things now to speak of regarding power. We will say that where power is concerned, it is not about the way you define power upon your planet in this three dimensional world. We will say that power is something that you are – NOT something that you use. We will say that power is ‘who’ you are, but not what you need to exist. The person who believes that they have to have power to wield over other persons is not truly awakened to ‘who’ they are for they already have power. Therefore, they have no need to wield it over anyone.

So we will say, what is coming up for all of you, is a sense of being able to create in new and different ways than you ever have before. It will happen much more quickly than it ever has before. You are coming to a time period where your very thoughts, your very thoughts, although they have always assisted you in creation, now will be happening much quicker than before. We caution you, for much of your thoughts are negative. Much of your thoughts are how you cannot, versus how you can.

All of you are capable of many things but do you do them? No, you do not. All of you are capable of singing – some with better voices then others – but not everyone sings. All of you are capable of walking – some better then others – but not all of you will go walking. We simply say to you, you have many, many capabilities you do not use. Part of that capability is the power we speak of that you are, not that you use.

It is more than intention. We wish to point that out. For many of you, the intention has always been there. What has happened with your intention, is that it is always buried under your fear. Your fears keep your intentions from surfacing.

This is the point we wish to make to all of you. Power is not something to be afraid of. Power is not something you need to worry about for other people will see you as mean or wielding it in a non positive way. It is yours. It is who you are. It is something that makes up your very being. When you do not use your power, when you allow it to be buried under fear, when you allow it to be buried under obligations, when you allow it to be buried under responsibilities that do not reflect ‘who’ you truly are, then what happens is it cannot be ‘who’ you are. So, you become power-less.

We are saying the opportunities coming your way with these new earth changes, are for you to open to this power that you have and wield it in such a way that you will be most happy. See yourself as a reverse lightening rod. The energy can come from your very planet. You can send this energy in any direction you choose to send it.

When you think of power, you can think of being able to call on this energy as you desire. That is our point we wish to make – it is available to all. It is not so much power here for you and so much power here for that other person. It is all inclusive for all things at all times. There is much to be learned from working with this. Again, it is ‘who’ you are, not ‘what’ you do. That is what we speak of.

With the changes coming to your planet, your Earth is also showing her power. Your Earth is turning and saying, “I will call from what is in the center of me, and I will bring this energy to the surface.” What is she doing? She is bringing more volcanoes to the surface. She is bringing more earthquakes to the surface. She is bringing more storms to the surface. She is washing away those things that no longer serve her and all of you who felt a bit moldy by today (reference to about one full week of rain) will understand that. She is calling to the surface all of her power which is what she is, who she truly is, to utilize, to come back to recognize Source. Source is all powerful. So are you.

There is no one more powerful than you. There is no one who can do what you can do. For that alone, there needs to be an expectation of greatness because you are who you are. We are not speaking of ego here. We are not speaking of people who will stand up there and say “I am better than you are.” That is not the point. We are speaking of people who can stand there and say “I am who I am” with no need to compare to anyone else. Power gets a bad name because it is used in comparison to other things – power over something or someone; power to do something that perhaps someone cannot do. Of course, this is not true. You are ALL capable of ALL things. It is up to you how you wish to use this ability, this true center, this true core of your ‘who’. We will not, as Sue says, beat a dead horse on this, but we want you to become aware that what is coming for you after your middle June time period, is the ability that all thoughts will, not quite instantly but could, instantly manifest. Does that not mean that you must be cautious of your thoughts? If you are going to first bury the thought in the negative, than you can expect the negative to surface, just as the worms come to the surface as the rain saturates the earth. Things that are coming to the surface are things that must be looked at!

If something is happening, in your definition, to you, it is time for you to say “what did I create here by my very thought?” “What electrical impulse of thought did I send out that attracted what I defined. Now, here it is in front of me in manifest form.” If you can do that, you will find it will be much easier to also change.

What most of you tend to do, is you send out the thought, it comes back to you, and then you worry about the thought. In your worry of the thought you, of course, make it bigger and bigger. Then you believe that “how can it possibly get worse”and so it does because that is where your mind is sending it. We are saying to please, guard your thought process. Or, at least, become aware of how your thought process is done so that you will become aware of how you are, in actuality, manifesting. Everyone will be doing it. It will be the new fad, the new fashion. But you will be doing it consciously, if you pay attention to what you have to say.

We would like to talk you about how, when we speak to you about your power, how the Earth’s power is going to be affecting you. Not that it can change you. You have your own power. You are power. Rather, how you can work with her to make things easier for you. Your sensitivities will be heightened. You are working with new energies. Your sensitivities toward what is happening will be heightened so perhaps you will know when it is going to rain. We will say that you may be able to go outside and become aware of which direction the wind is coming from before you even feel it upon you. Or you may be able to be sitting in a chair watching your television, and get that feeling you have of spinning or vertigo and know that there has just been an earthquake taking place. Or you may suddenly be having a conversation with someone and find, in your mind, the expression of blowing their top, and think of a volcano and you can go on your Internet and find out if it just happened.

There is a sensitivity going on between you and your planet. This is because you are the micro on the macro. The macrocosm, of course, is changing. She is awakening her feminine. She is finally bringing forth her true nurturing abilities. She is insisting that she now be treated differently than the way she has been treated in the past. As this treatment changes, so will you. It cannot be any other way.

You will see structure changing. Structure cannot hold in the way it was before. Hence, all of the earthquakes. The things that say, ‘this is the one and only right way’, suddenly will not be the one and only right way but perhaps, may topple. You will see changes in governments. You will see changes in your stock market, all of them, not just of your country. You will see changes in the way people are responding to what is going on around them. These changes will, of course, affect what is happening. You will not be able to tell, as you say, which is chicken and which is egg. It will all be coming together at the same time.

We will say to all of you to become aware of your planet. The more aware you are of her, the more safe you are living upon her. The more you are aware of her moods, the more you will do the right thing for yourself as well as for her. You cannot do one without doing the other! We will ask you to occasionally think of her. Most of you travel upon her outer skin and think nothing of her at all. We simply ask that you acknowledge, that you see what is happening around you, that you pay attention to the symbols and the concepts and the ideas, but especially to the people that suddenly will be in your lives. Some of them, you will have to consciously push away. We are not saying that these are not good people. We are not saying that you should become mean. We are not saying that you should do anything that goes against your heart center. We are saying to honor your heart center. In honoring your heart center, there will be people who will not be kind to your heart center, who will want things only their way.

Sue has a habit of saying there is a difference between being self centered and being centered in self. We are saying to you to be centered in self. Know what your heart is asking of you. In this asking, you will better understand what it is that people will have to offer you. If it is not something that is to your benefit, if it is not something that honors who you are, if it is something, rather, that takes away from who you are, that makes you feel less than, we will say, please do not do that. You have the choice. Again, it all works with your thought process. Then when you see these people who are around you who are not making you comfortable, you must ask yourself, what did you do in your thought process that attracted them? How many times do you feel you need to prove yourself to someone else? That is what is happening here.

We will say to you, the Earth needs to prove nothing. The Earth does not need to convince anyone upon the planet of what she is doing or why. You do not either. You do not need to prove anything to anyone. You do not need to convince anyone that you are right or wrong, that you have done it the right way or they have done it the right way. That is NOT what is happening upon your planet right now. What is happening is that the individual is separating from the need to do things in a limited fashion. In their separation, they are joining with the All That Is to do things in a collective fashion that has nothing to do with structure and everything to do with the individual power that you are.

As the planet continues to make her changes, she will be offering to each of you in different ways at different times, opportunities that perhaps you had not thought that you desired before. So we will ask you to think about, on an emotional level, what is it you desire? Do not think of this from an intellectual level, for that is a limit. When you think about the ‘money’ or the ‘position’ or the ‘place’ it is limiting. But when you think about the feeling, when you think about the sense of belonging, when you think about the feeling of, we will say freedom or expansion, it is very different than when you think about a house or a thing.

We will ask you all to think about what it is you are desiring from your planet and your world and yourself at this point in time. In that desire, keep yourselves open to this emotional ability that you all have and see what comes in to treat you. In doing that, you might be quite surprised at how your life will change.

We said to you that we would give you things that would be life changing. If you choose to do these, they of course, will be. If you choose not to do these, they of course will be anyway. It does not matter whether you participate. You are your own teacher. You are your own instructor. You have all the answers. You do not need us. We are simply here to hold up the mirror to say “see, have you looked this way, yet?”. Have you paid attention to ‘who’ you truly are – the who, not the what? The what has to do with your planet and the limits. The who has to do with yourself, your soul, your very being and the fact that you are limit-less. When you grasp that concept, you will grasp what we are speaking of. It will be sooner than you think that these things will be coming to you. It will be marvelous to watch.

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