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The Unexplainable

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Make Your Own Subliminals - eBook - Free Subliminal Software

Make Subliminal CDs - Tapes, Mp3s Using Your Home Computer!

The Studio Quality Multi-Tracking Software which is included with this package! - Not only does this auction include recording software but it includes alot more! (See Below!) - Best of all this entire package includes FULL resell rights! - Whether your into making subliminals or you just want to purchase this package for the recording software, this package is great for anyone with a computer looking to make some great recordings!                                        
                       "Undoubtedly, The Most Complete Book Of Its Kind!"    
     Not only can you...
Produce Subliminal Messages,
You Can Record you or your friends - Singers, Bands, Movie and Sound Tracks, with the...
Studio Quality ---
Multi-Tracking Software
Make Your Own DJ or Subliminal Mixes        - mix two songs together or add in your voice!
Sing Karaoke and Make Your Own CD - send it as a gift or to the Record Companies!

                 Recording Software 

 Supports the following operating systems:
Most All Windows Systems

     The Subliminal Black Book

This is the ONLY e-book or book on the market that not only gives you complete instructions on how to Produce Subliminal Messages with your home computer but it also includes Full Version Sound Mixing & Recording Software

Subliminal Messages are the best way to send messages to your subconscious mind! - It works on friends, family and will certainly work on you!

The Subliminal Black Book will provide you with step-by-step, easy to understand instructions on how it may be possible to make a "poor mans" subliminal cd, mp3 or subliminal tape with nothing more than your computer!  

This Subliminal Black Book will guide you on how to write your very own hidden subliminal affirmations - subliminal affirmations that work!

The Subliminal Handbook will not only give you the knowledge needed to produce subliminal messages, but will provide you with  FULL VERSION software that you can use to produce your very own subliminal messages Absolutely FREE! No other subliminal e-book offers you Free Software to make your subliminal messages!

Make your own subliminal weight loss, diet, martial art, golf, money, love, sex, relationship subliminal cds! - This auction is a limited time special!
The Subliminal Black Book Also Includes Exclusive Features Which Can Only Be Found Here In This e-Book!!!

The most widely known subliminal experiment involved flashing the phrases "drink more coke" and "I want popcorn" for just 100-milliseconds in front of a movie audience almost 44 years ago in the 1950's. Nobody "saw" the messages, however popcorn sales shot up 57.8% and coke sales skyrocketed over 18.1%.

Subliminal Black Book

Contains, Advertising For Web Sites!

Webmasters and webstore owners, This is your dream come true! You will get 5 Subliminal Messages Compiled In Flash To Put In Your Websites These specially made messages,  have hidden "Order Now" affirmations! - You Will Also Get A Subliminal Script To Add To Your Website this script even allows you to edit your hidden subliminal messages/affirmations!
Subliminal Black Book
 Contains, Advertising For Internet Auctions!

Attention Ebay and Yahoo Auction Sellers! This is a must!   You will get 12 Subliminal Messages Compiled In Flash To Put In Your Auctions That Have Hidden "Bid Now" affirmations!

As A Bonus, ...a chapter on "NLP For Ebay" which includes
Full Resell Rights! 

Subliminal Black Book

Contains, The Subliminal Resell Package! It Includes 2 Page Turnkey Website Like This, As Well As Submission Software, Affiliate Script For Your Website As Well As Offers You Tips on...
 Selling Subliminals For Profit!

         This is absolutely awesome! Imagine having a complete resell web site, complete with your own working affiliate program (Scripts Included!).

Website Templates for both Auction and Websites!. Not to mention it contains working IPAdsending Software which will allow you to advertise your Subliminal Black Book on computers around the world! - Thats not all that comes with the Subliminal Black Book... You will also get free Website Submission Software!   

The Subliminal Black Book Comes Complete!
1. The e-book Comes With Resell Rights, Turnkey Website (Much Like This!), PHP Affiliate Script to add to your site to have others resell your e-book for you! - It also comes complete with Website Submission Software! - You'll be in business in no time! 
2. It includes a Auction Template! Including All the images!
3. The Subliminal Black Book, Includes chapters on How To Make Subliminals With Your Home Computer! - You can make, Custom Subliminals, Weight Loss Subliminal cds, Subliminal Golf, Martial Arts Subliminals, Body Building Subliminals or anything else you can imagine! -
Imagine Having The Ability To Produce Subliminal's To Suit Your Own Taste!
The Subliminal Black Book  Includes FULL Resell Rights!

Unlike other e-book sellers on the internet offering information on how to produce subliminal messages with your computer our Subliminal Black Book contains FREE, Full Functioning SOFTWARE which you can use and  keep forever absolutely FREE!

Compare Other Books On Subliminal Programming!

First, Ask yourself if they include resell rights? -
Second, Do they include "Full Version" recording software or do they give you a link to download what they call "Free" which is really "shareware" that you have to purchase in order to use?
Third, Do they give you all the tools that the Subliminal Black Book does?
Go ahead & Look around and ask questions! We can make this statement because we are 100% certain that you will find your way back to this site!
Look What Others Have Said About The Subliminal Black Book!    

I have purchased other books on the market which stated that they could teach me how to make a subliminal message, But the Subliminal Black Book is the most advanced information on the subliminal subject! - The full version recording software contained in the ebook was well worth the cost of the ebook! - I don't know how to begin thanking you.....
Thanks, Ed Denny - NC
Dear Sir/Madam, In the past, I purchased other subliminal ebooks on the market and paid anywhere from $19.95 to $79 for each ebook. I was quickly disappointed after spending that kind of money to find out that I had to spend even more money on additional software in order to actually make a subliminal message! - When I saw your Subliminal Black Book, I thought, Why not give it a try? - If I didn't like it, I could always sell it as it contained full resale rights as stated in your add. I purchased this ebook and thought "wow" this is ebook is awesome - It is easy and finally I found something that is complete and works!  - Thank you & Best Wishes!!!  Danny Roark NC

You would probably expect to pay
$89, $99 or more for this ebook!

*Search the internet to see how much e-books sell for on subliminal recordings and see for yourself !

Only $49.95

Wait !
For A Limited Time

Pay Only $29.95

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Life Changing Resources

Sites & Offers In The WCCL Network

We proudly present the sites that are currently included within the WCCL Network...

Self-Development -

 The Hypnosis Vault -
 ... Buy one hypnosis session, get seventeen others for free!

 The Five Rituals -
 ... Discover how to look 30 years younger in just 10 minutes a day!

 The NLP Secret -
 ... Enjoy confidence & cure anything, with this long-lost NLP secret!

 Advanced Cosmic Ordering -
 ... Discover the hidden secrets behind Cosmic Ordering!

 Sleep Programming -
 ... Reprogram your mind while you sleep, with these CDs!

 The Quantum Cookbook -
 ... Discover the untold secrets of manifesting!

 The Meditation Program -
 ... Meditate deeper than a Zen monk, with these powerful CDs!

 The Secrets of REAL Hypnosis -
 ... Learn how to hypnotize anyone, with Dr Michael Masterman!

 Life Makeover System -
 ... Change anything in your life in just 6 hours, with Lee Milteer!

 Dream Meanings Kit - http://www.dream-meanings-
 ... Discover the secret messages hidden inside your dreams!

 Habit Busting Secrets -
 ... Discover how to instantly get rid of bad habits, with Lee Milteer!

 Subliminal CDs -
 ... Discover the Web's largest subliminal CD and MP3 store!

 Genius Mindset Kit -
 ... Unlock your inner Einstein, with this cheat's guide to genius!

 Motivator Software -
 ... Achieve your goals and drop bad habits within just two weeks! -
 ... Browse over 250 instantly downloadable hypnosis scripts!

 Plus Kits -
 ... Ultimate self-development CDs, combining NLP, hypnosis and brainwaves!

 The Speed Reading Secret -
 ... Triple your reading speed in under 1 hour - or claim $100 in gifts!

 Brain Power Pro -
 ... Reprogram your inner thoughts using this subliminal software!

 Brain Bullet -
 ... New software reprograms your mind with positive, powerful commands!

 The Absolute Secret -
 ... Discover why eight long-lost books from the 1900's hold the true secret to life...

 Be Psychic Course -
 ... Tap into your intuition and unleash your hidden psychic talents!

 Instant-Hypnosis Downloads - http://www.instant
 ... Listen to quality MP3 hypnosis sessions, from the comfort of your home!

 Lucid Dreaming Kit - http://www.lucid-dreaming-
 ... Learn to control your dreams and discover a new world, with lucid dreaming CDs -
 ... New brainwave CDs for relaxation, meditation, creativity, and more

 Subliminal- Studio -
 ... Learn how to create your own subliminal CDs, with this PC studio package

 Subliminal-Audio CDs -
 ... Accelerate your self-development with these "4-part" subliminal CDs!

 Relaxation CDs -
 ... Chill out to the sounds of nature, guided relaxation CDs, brainwave CDs, and more!

 Subliminal Power Software -
 ... Change your life by displaying subliminal messages, while you work!

We're also proud to be associated with...

 The Self-Development Blog -
 ... Read the latest from the heart of the self-development industry.

 Self-Development Forum -
 ... Meet new friends and discuss self growth, online!

 Self Dev Radio -
 ... Enjoy self growth interviews and chill-out music, 24 hours a day.

 The Self-Development Newsletter -
 ... Subscribe to this newsletter & claim over $4k in freebies!

 Self Help Street -
 ... Discover a world of new & exciting self- development products!

Writers & Artists -

 The Best-Seller Secret -
 ... Turn your book into a #1 Amazon best-seller, with this little-known system!

 Travel Writing Secrets -
 ... Be a travel writer - get 5-star treatment, get published, get paid!

 Novel in a Month -
 ... Learn how to write your best-seller in just 28 days, or less!

 Book Proposal Secrets -
 ... Get a publishing contract AND get paid, before you write a word!

 The Ultimate Copywriter -
 ... Discover how to get paid $10,000 - for writing one simple letter!

 Essential English for Authors -
 ... Get your work published, by correcting these common English errors!

 How to Win Contests -
 ... Discover how to win big UK competitions, with a few simple words!

 Book Backup Software -
 ... Never lose your novel again, with this writer's backup tool!

 Self-Publishing Secrets -
 ... Earn great royalties and sack your editor, with self- publishing!

 Movie in a Month Course -
 ... Write your next Hollywood blockbuster in one month - or less!

 Quick Cash Writing Course -
 ... Turn your writing skills into quick cash, with this brand new course

 Lou Darvas Course -
 ... Discover how to draw cartoons, with famous cartoonist Lou Darvas!

 Writer's Block CD - http://www.writers-
 ... Experience creativity on demand, and eliminate Writer's Block for good!

 Nick Daws Course -
 ... Classic ground-breaking course shows how to write any book in under a month

We're also proud to be associated with...

 My Writing Blog -
 ... Enter the writing world of best-selling author, Nick Daws!

 My Writers Circle -
 ... Join the international writers circle with a local feel - for free!

 Writers FM -
 ... Listen to the world's only radio station by writers, for writers.

 Smart Writers Newsletter -
 ... Subscribe to this newsletter & claim over $3k in freebies!

Privacy Tools -

 Internet History Cleaner -
 ... Protect your online privacy, with the ultimate history eraser!

 Virtual Vault Pro -
 ... Protect your private files in your own personal virtual vault!

 Photo Vault Pro -
 ... Hide your private files & photos from prying eyes!

 Recover Deleted Files -
 ... Get back your lost files - with a simple mouse click!

 Best Anonymous Browser -
 ... Protect your anonymity online, with the world's most private Web browser!

 Anonymeister -
 ... Surf the Internet anonymously, with this 100% secure Web browser!

 Hide My IP Address Software -
 ... Surf the Web anonymously and prevent your identity being exposed!

 PDF Password Recovery Software -
 ... Unlock PDF files and remove PDF copy protection!

 Anti Identity Theft -
 ... Protect your online identity with this ultimate security suite

 The Perfect Keylogger -
 ... Log keystrokes, take screenshots and monitor computer use, automatically!

 Hide Folders Pro -
 ... Make your private Windows folders invisible, with the click of a button!

 Hide IE Software -
 ... Hide all your private Windows instantly, with a single keystroke!

 Photo-Eraser Software -
 ... Stop deleted photos being recovered from your memory card

 Secure-Delete Software -
 ... Delete your files once and for all, with the world's most secure data deletion software

 Photo-Saver Software -
 ... Rescue photos and files from digital media cards in seconds

 Undelete NOW! -
 ... Rescue your deleted files from any hard disk

 Password-Studio Software -
 ... Crack Word, Excel and Access file passwords in seconds!

 Evidence-Blaster Software - http://www.evidence
 ... Discover the ultimate Internet and Windows history cleaner!

 File-Saver Software -
 ... Recover deleted files, even after they've left the Recycle Bin!

We're also proud to be associated with...

 Privacy #1 Newsletter -
 ... Subscribe to this newsletter & claim almost $4k in software!

 Search Street -
 ... The simple search engine, powered by Google.

Windows Utilities -

 Memory Card Photo Recovery -
 ... Get back deleted photos from your memory card - in seconds!

 Undelete File Recovery -
 ... Recover your deleted files in just minutes!

 Watch TV on Your PC -
 ... Tune into thousands of premium TV channels on your computer!

 Ultimate Registry Cleaner -
 ... Put an end to slow bootups & computer problems, with the world's leading registry cleaner!

 Stop My Popups -
 ... Kill popups before they even get a chance to appear!

 Spyware IT -
 ... Instantly protect your PC from malicious spyware, adware and malware invasions!

 Quick-Type Software -
 ... Automate your typing and save hours!

 PDF-Creator Software -
 ... Create PDF files from any program. Just click File and Print!

 Backup E-mail -
 ... Securely backup or transfer all of your e-mail messages and settings

 Messenger-Patch Software -
 ... Protect your PC from unwanted popups!

 Outlook-Security Software - http://www.outlook-
 ... Regain access to Outlook attachments, and stop mail merge delays!

 DVD Unlocker Software -
 ... Make your DVD player region free, instantly!

We're also proud to be associated with...

 Windows Power User Newsletter -
 ... Subscribe to this newsletter & claim almost $4k in software!

 Search Street -
 ... The simple search engine, powered by Google.

UK Driving Products -

 Beat Your Parking Ticket -
 ... Get all of your parking tickets crushed, using these sneaky loopholes!

 Beat Wheel Clamps -
 ... Discover how to get any wheel clamping fine refunded within just days!

 PhotoBlocker Spray -
 ... Make your number plate invisible to speed cameras, with this spray!

 Drink Driving Facts Kit -
 ... Uncover your best defence against drink driving and save your license!

 UK Driving Secrets Guide -
 ... Beat speeding tickets, cancel parking tickets and exploit other UK driving loopholes!

Internet Business Tools - http://www.internet-business-

 Power Copywriting -
 ... Boost your sales copy conversion rate by 1000%, with Bob Serling!

 Ultimate Internet Entrepreneur -
 ... Discover how to make millions using the Internet!

 Generate Business Name Software -
 ... Brainstorm your next exciting business, product and domain name - instantly!

 Software Secrets Exposed Guide -
 ... Discover how to create your own software empire, in just days!

 Extract Fax Numbers -
 ... Harvest millions of targetted fax numbers, at the click of a button!

 My E-mail Spider -
 ... Automatically extract e-mail addresses from the Web

 Expired Domain Names Pro -
 ... Grab expired domain names ahead of the crowd, with this exciting tool!

 Web Site Downloader -
 ... Download entire Web sites to your local hard disk, with three clicks!

 Website Templates CD -
 ... Design your next site in minutes, with 300+ exciting website templates!

 HTML-Protector Software -
 ... Protect your pages and hide your PayPal links, at the click of a button!

 IP-Adverts Software - http://www.ip-
 ... Blast out targeted popup messages to thousands of machines worldwide, in seconds!

Health & Lifestyle -

 How to Be Funny Course -
 ... Tap into your inner comedian and develop your hilarious wit!

 Acne Freedom in 72 Hours -
 ... Discover the secrets to combatting acne -- including the 72 hour miracle!

 Stop Smoking in 28 Days -
 ... Discover how to kick the habit in under a month, with Melvin G. Power!

 Sleep Deprivation CD -
 ... Cure insomnia and end sleep deprivation with this revolutionary new CD!

Online Radio Stations -

 Sax FM -
 ... Tune in online for smooth upbeat jazz, 24/7. No interruptions!

We're also proud to be associated with...

 Self Dev Radio -
 ... Enjoy self growth interviews and chill-out music, 24 hours a day.

 Writers FM -
 ... Listen to the world's only radio station by writers, for writers.

Utilities for Programmers -

 WebZinc Software -
 ... Build your own Web robots, with this exciting .NET component

UK Miscellaneous Products -

 NHS Secrets -
 ... Uncover the secrets of enjoy private healthcare, on the NHS!

 OTIS Software -
 ... Special software package saves over 90% on international calls from the UK

 MysteryShopperUK Guide -
 ... Become a UK mystery shopper and get the best things in life, for free!

USA Miscellaneous Products -

 Bath Bomb Guide -
 ... Learn how to make your own bath bombs for fun and profit!

 Mystery-Shopper-USA Guide -
 ... Enjoy free holidays, meals, haircuts and more, with mystery shopping in the USA!

Miscellaneous -

 Hot -
 ... Instantly download dozens of life-changing e-books online!

 Protect My Order Service -
 ... Protect your download links and CD orders, with this backup service!

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