Thursday, December 24, 2009

It's Time To Fall In Love

Subject: "The Face of Love" sent you a message on Facebook...

Nick Ralls sent a message to the members of The Face of Love.


Affirmation for Thursday December 24th and Friday December 25th

I create more loving moments in my life.. I endeavour to be more loving and not less... I know that in order to do this I need not to expect from others, not to judge others and not to be disillusioned by others. They are doing the best they can under, sometimes, incredible odds. You and I need to love people anyway!

AS Jesus and Mary looked upon their heavenly child, the baby Jesus, with absolute awe and revelled in the beauty and majesty of their baby... let us all do this for one another in as many moments of our lives as we are possibly able.

We so much need to love one another.

This is not to say it is easy... it is just that the power of love is the only way we can heal both ourselves and others.

It's a choice really....

How can we make more loving moments?

Not less.

How can we make more loving connections?

Not less.

How can we speak more loving words?

Not less.

How can we do more loving acts?

Not less.

With an open heart... and a loving relationship with ourselves... we can draw into our life the opportunities to do just that.

To be more loving, to experience more love, to feel more loved and to give and receive love... in abundance.

It helps if we let go of resentments, judgments, divisions and try to take down the barriers that we might have put up through past hurts and experience of being let down by people.

Guess what?

People will always let you down

People will always fail to meet your expectations

People will always put themselves first... and forget about you as much as you might adore them.

But the truth is that when we heed the words of Mother Theresa who said that people can be illogical, ungrateful and hurtful but love them anyway.. a new awakening occurs.

Because these people who do not live up to our own standards are often battling on their own journey, with incredible pressures and such bad conditioning, that it is sometimes surprising that they do not behave even worse on occasions.

Let us accept that people are doing the best that they can in any situation.. and when they fall and lash out or spurn our attention let us be compassionate for their pain and their disconnection.

Because they are hurt.

Sometimes deeply hurt. Let us feel compassion and sorrow for their plight and not want to beat them with a stick which serves only to hurt ourselves as much as it might continue to inflict pain on them.

Because this journey through life is not an easy one... as the baby Jesus was to find out later as he went through his adult life.

The important thing is that we still hold our love for them, that we do not withdraw love from people, that we love them despite what they do, despite how they annoy us or disrespect us or do not appreciate us or simply put us out of their mind.

It matters only what is in our heart and what we can express into the world.

And when we have a heart that is open and when we love unconditionally and generously, there will be a hundred thousand angels who will join us on our journey.

It might just be that we have to put less attention the doors that have closed and more attention on those that are opening or will open in the days, weeks and months ahead.

It matters only that we love more.

It is so important we do not love less... even if we are disillusioned, hurt or feel alone.

All people go through this.

It is not really true...because at soul level we are all deeply connected.

It is the most cruel illusion.

It is just that this journey is here to demonstrate the opposite of love so that we can experience the beauty of love and never ever let it go.

Never ever let it go.

So let us join in more loving moments, more loving communications and open our hearts... even more!

Let's just do it. Let's just fall in love some more!!!

So dear and beautiful friend.. do open your amazing heart and share what is going on for you on this subject or any subject

Never forget how amazing you are

I love you very much



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