Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Let Us Create Heaven

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Affirmation for Wednesday December 23rd

I create heaven when I think love, speak love and act love. The times when I am not loving, when I am fearful, when I worry and fret are the fruitless moments of my life which show up to reveal to me that there is another way.... a way that is of heaven and not of hell!

HOW much of our loving heart do we share with others as we walk our path through life?

In any situation what is our reaction?

It might be that we react from the understanding of our mind, our conditioning or how we might be expected to respond.

With judgment?

With severity?

With a lack of compassion?

But what if our reaction was out of the goodness of our heart?

Then it might be that we might bring love to the situation.

It might be a healing opportunity.

It might be a chance to understand more, to love more and to share who we really are.

When others see us, do they see the love emanating from our heart?

Or are we agreeing too much as they air their prejudices, express their judgment and their mistrust of the situation.

If we are bold we can ask ourselves: But what would love do?

But what would love say?

And what decisions come out of love?

If we are in touch with our higher self... with our own essence... then our words would speak of love, our thoughts centre around love and our deeds loving ones.

But what when our words are not love?

But what when our thoughts are not loving ones?

And what when our deeds are less than love?

This is the disease of our disconnection... this is the disease of our separation... this is the disease of our ego.

Those moments are the wasted or fruitless moments of our life.

Those moments are those in which we suffer.

Those moments are when we feel lonely... when we feel fearful... when we feel cut off from others.

And it is from those moments of disconnection that we suffer... and we then come to appreciate that this is not the way.

This is not what life is about.

This is not the way to live... and there must be something better, something opposite which we can embrace.

And just as we learn the pain of having our fingers burnt when we touch the hot stove, we also learn that a life without love is a life not worth living.

It is a painful life.

It burns us as the hell in our mind would burn us too.

And we then have a choice: do we wish to stay in hell or do we ascend through the power of love into the paradise of heaven?

Each time you and I have a loving thought we step nearer to heaven.

Each time you and I speak words of love we write the script of paradise.

And each time we do a loving kindness we open the doors to bliss in our own life experience and align ourselves with the beauty, truth and goodness of our soul who is in heaven.

So let's choose love

So dear and special friend.. do open your beautiful heart and share what is going on for you on this subject or any subject

I love you




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