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How To Use The Power Of LOVE [The Real Energy Force]

How To Use The

Real Powers Of Love


The Secret Knowledge About...

The Power Of Love

You Will Find Interesting Reading & Intriguing Information About Love & The Power That You Too Can Use To Make Your Life & Relationships Better - Today.

Easy To Learn Information

By Obtaining How To Use Love, You Receive...

  • Hope, Inspiration, & Enthusiasm Back Into Your Life!

  • Confidence In Your Abilities.

  • The Freedom To Use The Powers Of Love - Anytime, Anywhere, On Anyone Or Anything.

  • A New Understanding Of How Things Work That Expands Your Goals & Dreams.

  • Increased Energy & Awareness Beyond Belief.

  • The Practical Methods To Create Anything You Want!

  • Step by Step Instructions To Increase Your Discipline & Focus In Using The Powers Of Love.

Powerful Secrets About Love

For centuries certain information about Love and the amount of power it gives you has been kept secret and hidden. That's all about to change.

If you want to Create The Life You Have Dreamed About then read on.

In all honesty the last thing I wanted to do was become a writer, especially writing about Love. If it weren’t for the amount of Power & Ability that Love gave me to Create The Life I wanted… I wouldn't even consider it.

Using Love I have found that I can Virtually Instantly Create Everything I want.

Using Love I have gained so much Ability & Power To Create what I desire, that if it wasn't Love that I was using then it would almost be scary. My life has turned into a fairy tale and is beyond anything I have ever hoped possible for myself.

I know that this sounds like a big statement to make. But it's quite true. Even my sweetheart who was open minded but also skeptical had Little Choice But To Believe, because The Magic is an every day thing almost Beyond Words.

The amount of Personal Power that Love Gives You, not to control others but to Create Your Life and your experiences is Overwhelming.

The beautiful thing about it is that it also seems always to work out the best for everyone in the end. After all if it wasn't all that great then it wouldn't have been kept a secret.

Working & Creating With Love Is Very Easy, there is a little knack to it, but extremely Easy To Learn. The list of what you can do with Love or perhaps I could say Love energy can do, is endless. I could give you several hundred examples.

You'll find quite a few examples in this book Living on Love "The Messenger" . My favorite saying is Take What You Like & Leave The Rest For Someone That Might Love It.

The Choice Is Yours.

All our Love to you on your journey and choices,

Klaus J. Joehle

[from "Introduction" to "Living on Love - The Messenger" Book

Klaus Joehle Books

Sharing Secrets Of Love With The World

What can be more important than giving all people the Ability To Feel Love at all times? Would anyone continue to wage wars? The Earth would became one big garden with animals and plants serving enlightened humans.

Well, we can't force others to feel love -- but we can share with them Secret Knowledge Of How To Do It.

Would Anybody Refuse Receiving Mastery in Love?

Sharing Begins Here.

The Power Of Love Will Change Your Life

& Lives Of People Around You

We usually think of Love as an interior feeling that is produced by an exterior object. But is that the only possibility? What if things were the other way round? What if it was Love that produced the exterior object?

This is the approach adopted by Klaus Joehle: Love not as a passive feeling but as an Active Force that Produces Changes in the exterior world. And more important, a force that we can Learn To Control.

Written under the guise of a thriller, this book tells the story of how the author discovered The Power Of Love by chance, when he was trying nothing less than to travel into the future to find out the lottery results!

This is the same Power that remains asleep within your soul. You only need to Learn To Awaken it in order to Completely Change Your Life and the life of people around you. This book will teach how You Can Awaken That Power.

It has always been said that Love Is The Most Powerful Force In The Universe; it is time for you to find out that this saying is more literal than you realized...


Dear Klaus:
I am reading your book right now and thoroughly enjoying it. I Love your writing style. It is so honest and sincere. Your Love and deep respect for people clearly comes across in your writing. I like your sense of humor. Humor is important to me as is perspective.
D. D.

Hi Klaus,
I read your book I could not put it down until it was finished. I liked it very much and would give it five stars out of five. Thank you for taking the time out of your life to write it.
G. S.

Dear Klaus: I just had to tell you I recently read your book...I cried and laughed all the way through!!
My Love and blessings to you and yours,
Klaus, It is a pleasure that you and your experiences have entered my life. I just finished your book and am on the exercises at the end. What a life changing experience. THIS is the missing link. That abundance of Love, now I know that Thanks. This book is an absolute necessity to get out to people.

We All Create Our Realities

The Power Of Love Is The Fuel!

I just read your Book "Living on Love". I loved it. It rings very true for me.

My name is Brad. I am 28 and live in Sarasota, FL USA. I have recently read "The Messenger" and "The Shameful Secret" and have been blown away. I have just started working with Love and have many, many questions. I hope some can be answered. Well, I'd like to leave my love to the board and everyone that belongs to it. I'll be seeing you...


The Purpose of Life:

This System is for those who know The Universe Has A Purpose, that You Have A Purpose.

The purpose of life, is to Use & Give Love. Learning to Use Love comes from Using Your Thoughts & Emotions (your will) To Create The Reality You Desire To Come About.

By Learning To Guide & Focus Your Thoughts in this way, your inner development is Reflected In Your Outer Physical World. We all participate in creating our world.

The better our Abilities At Creating Reality & Using Love To Change Everything, the better we are able to Learn, Solve Problems, Create Abundance, Build Joyful Relationships, & Help Others.

Here Are Just Some Of The Things You Can Do With The Powers Of Love...
  • Send Love To Yourself

  • Send Love To Your Spouse

  • Send Love To Your Children

  • Send Love To Your Health

  • Send Love To Your Success

  • Send Love To Your Work

  • Send Love To Your Job

  • Send Love To Next Job Interview

  • Send Love To Your Business

  • Send Love To Your Products & Services

  • Send Love To Your Customers & Clients

  • Send Love To Your Pets

  • Send Love To Your Home

  • Send Love To Your Property

  • Send Love To Your Vehicles

  • Send Love To Your Bank Accounts

  • Send Love To The Land

  • Send Love To The Community

  • Send Love To Your Governments

  • Send Love To Your Dreams

  • Send Love To Your Writing

  • Send Love To Your Friends

  • Send Love To Your Meetings

  • Send Love To Nature

  • Send Love To The Planet

  • Send Love To Your Food

  • Send Love To Your Cooking

  • Send Love To An Aliment or Sick Friend

  • Send Love To___________________!

About "The Messenger": Love Is Everything. Always was...

If there ever was such thing as an 'holy' book. This is it. Nothing
special, just the plain and simple truth. Love is everything. Always was.
Always is. Thanks Klaus!

The Book "The Messenger" -- caught in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

People Will Want To Be Near You

Because The Energy Of Love Will Create

Waves Of It's Energy That Will Effect

Everything & Everyone Around You

People Seem To Flock To Me

Why do I feel so empty? This is the question I repeatedly asked myself prior to reading this book. "Living On Love" was sent to me through synchronicities. I'd attended 3 years of counseling and was repeatedly told to love myself - that was my whole problem. I read a mass amount of self help books and applied the techniques to my life, I *wanted* to love myself! I *wanted* this icky feeling inside me to go away! I *wanted* to be happy the majority of time! Yet, I still felt like something was missing.

I went through the motions. I took time out for myself. Allowed candlelit baths with soft music... treated myself to my favorite meal out once in a while... exercised... made sure my meals were nutritious... did all the things my counselor told me that people who love themselves do... yet still, this empty feeling that has haunted me all my life still haunted me.

I couldn't rid myself of it, although it would go away once in a while - it always came back. I could never understand *how* or *why* it went away... or how/why it always came back. You know the feeling I'm talking about... feeling like your life has no purpose... like something is missing... not really feeling fulfilled or overly happy although you go through the motions of doing things that *should* bring you happiness. And yes, sometimes... just crying yourself to sleep wondering how to get rid of this emptiness, if it will ever go away... or if this really is all there is to life.

Many nights I've cried myself to sleep... asking God or the Universe or this Indescribable Force that works in our lives to show me the way... to take away this emptiness. Yet to no avail. I'm 31 years old and finally, after having read this book and applying it to my life, I understand what it means to love myself as well as others. It's not the things you do. It's something much larger than that and a million times simpler. This haunting feeling? It hasn't returned since I've Applied The Content Of This Book to my life. I know it will never return.

People in my life have noticed a Significant Change in me. This DOES WORK! I have won hundreds of dollars by sending love. I have stopped physical pains of others by sending them love. Just 2 days ago, my brother was in an ambulance on the way to the hospital. They thought he was having a stroke or heart attack. My mother was frantic, yet I was not, for I knew this would work. I concentrated and sent him love. He left the hospital alive and well with absolutely no problems. My 9 year old daughter had pains in her chest 2 weeks ago. I placed my hand on her chest and sent her love. Her pain immediately went away. She said "Thanks mom"... as if she knew I had done something to make it stop.. although I don't take credit for it - I Merely Utilized What Is Available To All Of Us, including her, if she knew how to use it.

Last week at work, my shoulders had been burning all day - it didn't occur to me until lunch time to send my shoulders love. As soon as I did, the pain stopped, the burn went away!! The only thing that has *ever* taken away that kind of burn has been a full body massage and even then, the burn always comes back in a couple of hours. The burn in my shoulders went completely away and didn't come back for 2 days, after I had encountered a new trigger of stress - guess what I did to make it go away again? You bet your bottom dollar, I sent my shoulders love. I'm telling you, THIS WORKS!!

I have a friend in Hawaii who was having a horrible day at work. I sent him love, I sent his co-workers love, and I filled their office with love. By the end of the day, he was in good spirits and the problems in his working environment had subsided!

When I see someone in a bad mood or emotionally upset, I send them love and I Notice A Change in them! I don't even tell them what I have done, I just do it for the love of humanity.

And you can test this! Send love to your office before you get there one a particular day and pay attention to the atmosphere. Then don't send it on another. YOU WILL SEE THE DIFFERENCE!! Send love to the people you care about and Notice Their Reaction to you. Send love to people you don't know but sense are having difficulties and some you will be around enough to see the effects... others.. you just move forward knowing that things are working out better for them because you've seen it work in your life and the lives of others around you that you've shared this with.

Furthermore? An unexpected "result" of applying these techniques to my life? Is that People Seem To Flock To Me Now. My circle of friendships is growing - not because I seek out others, but because they are Seeking Me Out. And the quality of people seeking me out are healthy, happy, joyful people! It's as if they sense this energy field surrounding me and want to be a part of that. And I don't fear that energy source being drained because I know it is limitless.

This book has several grammatical and spelling errors. It seems "low budget". Who cares? Perfection is an imperfection. It's not the spelling and grammar that matter. It's The Content. This book was written with divine guidance. There is no doubt in my mind. This book Literally Has Changed My Life. I'm not afraid anymore. It's an internal knowledge... it's that "Knowing". Read it. believe it. Feel it. IT WORKS!

Reviewer: sekmet0 from Wichita, KS USA

The Increased Using & Sending Love Will Change The World As We Know It

  • Millions of people are learning to Focus Their Energy & Thoughts using the Powers Of Love, and Change not only themselves, but the world.

"The Messenger": Book Will Touch Anyone's Heart

Klaus, book "Living On Love - The Messenger" will touch anyone's heart who, intuitively, knows Love Is The Answer to all of life's problems. It does not matter if you have money, health, relationship, or work related problems, This Book Explains Why Love Is The Answer. The best book written to date on the subject of love, Where To Find It & How To Use It.

The author's ability to write about the "Power Of Love" in clear, concise and practical terms is mind blowing. Klaus writes in a way that makes you feel you are right there with him as the events in the story unfold. In fact, I found myself not wanting the book to end. His book is refreshing, riveting and destined to become bestseller. It is a classic in its own right and will stand right along side such classic as Jonathan Livingston Seagull, Illusions and The Bridge Across Forever written by author Richard Bach." - Frederick Zappone, Author of Mastering The Moment

Warmest Regards,
Frederick Zappone

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It's A Great Yarn With Amazing Insights!

My husband and I facilitate a Manifesting Workshop at our Unity Church. As a consequence, we read a LOT of material, but we've never come across anything like Living on Love before. Five stars are not enough. It's a great yarn with amazing insights. We both read it in one sitting.

Everybody else can put their put their pencils down because Klaus Joehle says it ALL so simply and entertainingly that you can Start Practicing Living On Love As Soon As You Close The Book. No affirmations, no treasure-mapping, none of the usual think-yourself-rich trappings - Living On Love Just Cuts To The Chase, and Anyone Can Do It Right Away.

Klaus began experimenting with meditation to go into the future and retrieve winning numbers for the Canadian sports lottery. He was successful! But beyond that, he Discovered The Power Of Sending Love to his bills, food, his son, who was running with a bad crowd - I could go on and on because Klaus takes us along on his adventure as it unfolds. Some parts are hilarious.

After reading an online version of the book, one of our Manifesting Workshop members sent love to her family checking account over the holidays and, despite the seasonal glut of expenses, she unexpectedly had money left over to spare at the end of the month.

You think you've heard this all before, but trust me, you haven't. Not like this. Living On Love Goes Far Beyond Prosperity. My husband and I started sending love to one another, and we're honeymooners all over again. We were so excited, we started corresponding with Klaus, and he sent us this story:

"I'll give you an example. We just had a big storm here. Hundreds of big trees where blown over in a straight line 200 feet wide. We live in the center of this strip that was destroyed, but if you stand in our yard you see nothing of it until you step off my boundary. You would need to see it to fully understand, it's very bizarre. We slept through it. In the morning I saw the last part of the storm from our yard, but it was as if we were in a bubble."

Living On Love is as plain as the nose on your face, but most of us just never see it. Sometimes it takes genius to point out the obvious. Love Is Within Us, it's Powerful, Unlimited, and Freely Available to us all the time. All we have to do is tap into it and direct it wherever we want. What could be easier than that?

Do yourself a favor and check out Klaus Joehle's website to learn even more. And buy this book! You'll be telling everybody you know, too. It deserves to become a bestseller.

Reviewer: Kathleen Ferguson from Fresno, CA USA

You're Going To Be Great At This - It's Natural

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Living On Love - The Shameful Secret (The Rest Of The Story)

Living On Love - Weekend With A Drunken Leprechaun (Finding Your Joy)


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I've read your book today and I am so moved. I missed the directions to Danny about how to send Love, but I'm not to the end yet. Wow! Anyway, I am so moved.

You Have Everything To Gain & Nothing To Lose With A 100% Money-Back Guarantee

After Reading "Living on Love - The Messenger" Book You Will Know:

What To Do To Feel Love Right Now, Whenever You Are!

How To Share Your Love With Another Person (Sending Love)!

How To Improve Your Life With The Secret Power Of Love!

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Derek Clark

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