Monday, December 21, 2009

Never Miss An Opportunity To Give Or Receive Love

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Affirmation for Tuesday December 22nd

I do not miss an opportunity to express love, to receive love and to speak of love. I make sure that fear does not hold me back from declaring my love for others. I grasp every opportunity that presents itself to be the love I wish to see in the world.

ONE of the saddest things is that hellish fear takes its gruesome place beside its opposite divine sweet love... to propel us into being afraid of loving.

And yet this is the malaise that takes hold of so many of us as individuals, as groups of people and as nations.

It is the scourge of our times and the blight of our lives.

It is the cause of separation, of barriers being put up, of differences being highlighted and people not in love with one another.

Can we count the number of times we been afraid to love, afraid to express love, afraid to receive love and, of course, to give our love?

Was it because of a fear of being hurt?

Was it because we were afraid of being misunderstood?

Was it because we were afraid of hurting another by declaring our heart's intention?

Was it just not the done thing to speak of love? Would we be ridiculed?

Did it make us appear sentimental, soppy, weird, mad even?

How wicked is the fear monster that lurks in the shadows of those who wish to profess their love?

Yet we can make a resolution, a pact even.. that we will not allow fear to take us out of love. Never ever.

We can make a commitment to three words.... the three most powerful words in our language and in all languages... the simple phrase that heals not only ourselves but also others and the whole world.



How many times have we said those words?

How many times would we like to say those powerful and so heartfelt words?

How often do we regret not saying them?

And how often do we feel so pleased and so opened up because we have told others just how much we love them?

Every time we utter those words... every time we write those words... every time you and I think those words... and every time you and I send those words out in our thoughts we not only heal with loving energy those in our sights but we also undertake profound healing on ourselves.

If we are saying these to a member of the opposite sex there is nothing wrong with clarifying that we do not seek a romantic relationship or a sexual relationship when we declare our love for someone.

We are just being in love with that person... with the only agenda being love.

Few of us leave this planet at the end of our life regretting that we loved too much.

On the contrary most of us regret having not loved enough... having not told enough people just how much we loved them...not saying what our heart wanted us to say.

Few of us walk into the doctor's office complaining that we simply have too much love.

On the contrary, most of us complain just how we are not loved enough, do not feel loved and do not have people to love.

So let each of us not miss an opportunity to love.

Let us not miss an opportunity to tell another just how much they are loved.

Let us not miss an opportunity to tell someone else just how much we love them in our life... just how beautiful they are... just how they make such a difference to us.

So many words and songs of the heart go unspoken and unsung.

This is one of the biggest tragedies of our lives and the lives of others.

When we are aware of what we miss out on when we do not express or receive with an open heart the love directed at us... we can make the change.

And we won't waste a moment of our lives... we will express love with a vengeance, we will hear the sounds and words of love... we will see the expressions of love which enter our life and we will mirror all of this by being a love god or goddess.

As we do this, we will know ourselves, perhaps for the first time.

And it will be bliss.

So dear and beautiful friend.. do open your heart and share what is going on for you on this subject or any subject

I love you


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