Saturday, December 19, 2009

Closing The Door To Resentment

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Affirmation for Saturday December 19th

I give up resentment, realising I cannot become what I resent. Because I give up resenting those who have what I wish to have I make it possible for my dreams to come true. Resentment is the biggest obstacle to attracting what I desire.

BE happy for those who have what you seek for yourself.

Whatever you do, do not resent them for it.

Resentment is one of the biggest obstacles we face when we aspire to have the things that we believe will bring meaning and value to our lives.

Just out of a relationship, so easy is to resent those who have happy relationships.

Down on financial luck, so easy is it to resent the rich people.

Bemoaning a health challenge how easy is it also to resent those who enjoy perfect health.

And so easy is it also to resent those who have good jobs and are well paid for it when we feel frustrated with our working lot.

But there is a simple truth in this universe.

And it is the truth that we cannot become what we resent.

If we resent the rich, we will never be rich.

If we resent those in happy relationships we will never have a happy relationship.

It is only when we feel rich ourselves and are joyous that others have wealth that we can step onto the ladder to achieving financial prosperity in our own life.

It is only when we feel connected and happy for those who enjoy harmonious relationship that we can draw this into our lives too.

Because as we are, we attract this energy into our life.

So look around and accept and honour those in our life who might have something we have yet to have ourselves.

And in accepting their good fortune we also open up the doors to achieving this for ourselves.

No sense of anger at our lack here.

No sense of feeling without or deprived.

We come to the realisation that it is around the corner for will happen to us in the universe's own good time provided that it fulfills our life purpose.

So this day give up resenting others, resenting this and that... because when we accept and rejoice in the good fortune of others we enable the same fortune to happen for ourselves.

So dear and beautiful friend... do open your heart and share what is going on for you on this subject or any subject.

I love you



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