Sunday, December 20, 2009

Each Of Us Is Beyond Comparison

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Nick Ralls sent a message to the members of The Face of Love.


Affirmation for Sunday December 20th

I do not compare myself to others.... I know this will only make me feel less than I should be feeling about myself. I know that we are all spiritually equal as we make this journey through life and when I reject difference and separation I can start to become the love I wish to see in the world.

WHY do we compare ourselves to others?

How often do we wish we were as good as this person or as rich and successful as he or she...?

And yet this type of thinking plays down our role in the world.

It almost allows us to an excuse not to shine our light or to shrink from the unique part we play in this cosmos which we all share.

In terms of spirit, there is no one better or worse than you.

We are all perfect and whole at our essence... the level at which we are all connected.

It might be that we make different choices as we learn our lessons to become love.

It might be that we could be critical of this choice or that choice.

But this is just judgment that seeks to create tension, frustration and separation.

The moment we put someone on a pedestal... if they do not fall off in time... then we create a barrier between ourselves and that person which does not serve either ourselves of them.

The moment we judge someone as being a lesser person than us is the moment we create separation and division which injures us and the other person.

The important thing is to live and let live... there can be times when action needs to be taken when someone is encroaching on the lives of others but so often judgments are made and hostilities waged when there is nothing that another does which directly hurts anyone.

We are not in this space to make comparisons.

We are not in this space to take the flak that comes from others who wish to compare themselves to us.

We are all taking our own paths on this journey and we all end up learning the same lessons and get to the same destination regardless of whether we are spending our time helping the underprivileged in the ghettos of the world or whether we are safely tucked away in the confines of a modern office.

We just know that we will be given the lessons.

And sometimes they can be harder and tougher in the midst of so called affluence than they might seem in the slums of the world.

At our core we are all the same.

It matters not one iota how much money we have in the bank or what status we have accrued when we leave this lifetime to continue our journey back to love.

It matters not whether we are materially successfully or what title we might have as we continue our spiritual journey... our return to love.

So what does it serve us to compare ourselves as being less successful or more successful than the guy or girl down the road... or the person in our profession who seems to get all the glory.

What matters is that we are in touch with the vast supply of love that is contained within our own heart... and that each moment of our lives we are expressing as love.

Because when we are in love, health issues seem to become so much less important, we are filled with so much more energy and we are a magnet to attract all who are loving and all situations that exude love, sweet love.

So let's not beat ourselves up because we feel we are not as good or successful or beautiful as someone else.

No one is either better or worse than we are when it comes to a spiritual perspective.

We need to remember that we are equal to everyone else... and with the power to know we can stand as the greatest... aspiring to live the highest vision we have of ourselves...

And it is in this remembering that we are able to be our most powerful and our most loving.

The power of love is the most important thing in the world.

So dear and beautiful friend... do open your heart and share what is going on for you on this subject or any subject

I love you



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