Wednesday, December 16, 2009

We Are Rich When We Stay In Love

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Affirmation for Thursday December 17th

I feel rich when I connect with who I really am... which is love! It matters little how much money I have in the bank or how many material trappings have, as nice as they are to assist me in the fulfillment of my life purpose, but what makes me feel rich is when I can be in love and stay in love.

SOME people feel rich when they have a lot of money in the bank.. when they have paid off their home loan... or when they have the latest sports car or the executive residence.

But this is the illusion of richness as nice as it can be to have..... and we all deserve material trappings as long as they are compatible with our spiritual journey.

The true richness is that which we do not lose.

The true wealth we hold is that which cannot be taken away from it.

It is always there... but we can only feel this richness, this wealth, when we are aligned to the energy of our higher self, our soul and all of this dwells within the loving centre of our heart.

So to feel truly rich we have to indulge in an awakening and awareness process.

We have to look into the bank account contained within our heart, where the deposits are made up of love, peace, harmony and joy.

We have to then see clearly and withdraw for ourselves the positive loving energy that we can now give out to the world.

And when we realise that all the abundance of this universe is also our own abundance we can come to the reality that we are, all of us, so rich that the whole universe is ours.

It is just that so many of us do not feel this energy.

It is just that so many people feel they lack, that they are deprived, that they are poor when they are not poor at all.

If we look at the treasures we have in our own heart... which not even the end of this present lifetime can take away... we can feel just how rich we really are.

Richness is not determined or cherished by the amount of gold or currency we hold in our savings accounts or our banks as useful as this is to fulfill our life's purpose in this material plane.

But it is determined by that which cannot be defined by materialism, form or physicality.

It is the difference we have made to people's lives, the love we have given and the love we have received.

So the wealthiest person is probably not the tycoon or the man or woman with the flash car and swelling bank account.

It is the person who feels so much peace and love within himself or herself and can see and feel the love that exists in their surroundings which goes with them for eternity.

Every loving word and every loving action is always with us.
It is our investment... our savings... and it can never be cast aside, depleted or sidelined.

It is our destiny and our remembrance.

People are truly remembered for how much love they gave and not for anything else they gave.

People can feel truly worthwhile when they feel they have been loving... and have allowed love to come into their lives.

To make love the focus of our lives is a good idea.

Because those who are in love are truly rich... and those out of love remain and feel poor... no matter how much they might have in the bank and whatever material trappings they can show others.

Love, after all, is all there is.

So dear and beautiful friend... do open your heart and share what is going on for you on this subject or any subject

I love you

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