Thursday, April 5, 2007

Secrets Of The Secret

Discover the secrets behind
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You found this website … and that’s no accident.

You're here because you watched THE SECRET or read the bestselling book and your curiosity was aroused ... Or maybe you heard about THE SECRET and you wanted to know more ...

Perhaps you were captivated and enthralled?

Perhaps you felt your heart racing with excitement at the possibility of living your life in a powerful new way? Perhaps your brain even felt like it was going to explode from these dynamic mind-expanding ideas ...?

But mostly you wondered, "Could it really be that easy to lead a successful vibrant life?"

You opened you web browser and typed in a few search terms. And you attracted this page to you.

Coincidence? Of course not.

You sought out more information to increase your understanding of the Universe and its laws. And you were guided here. No surprise. That's how the Law of Attraction works.

I was bowled over when I saw THE SECRET ... even though I was already familiar this material. But the subject was presented in such a clear refreshing way that I felt myself quivering with excitement -- I felt the rush of Universal Truth sweeping throughout my body.

But did you know that these ideas and concepts presented in the film have been around for over a 100 years!?!

Yes, it’s true!

These ideas were prominent in a philosophy called The New Thought Movement. It was a movement comprised of some of the best writers and thinkers of the time. Such people as:

Ernest Holmes
Charles Fillmore
H. Emilie Cady
Napoleon Hill
James Allen
Mary Baker Eddy
Charles Haanel
Wallace Wattles
Henry Thomas Hamblin
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Henry Wood
William W. Atkinson
Ralph Waldo Trine

And the list goes on …

These authors were out to change the world by changing the inner lives of their readers and students. They knew that all change begins within.

As demonstrated in THE SECRET, our outer word is a reflection of our inner world … so if we change our inner world (thoughts, beliefs, feelings) we can manifest whatever we want in our lives through the Law of Attraction. Isn’t that powerful?

In my spare time, I wrote plays and screenplays (I had over 30 plays produced by local theater companies. It was a blast!).

One day a customer walked into my store who would play a major influence on my life. His name was Jerry and we hit it off right away. Jerry was on the spiritual path and his quest sparked a flame within me.

We engaged in long philosophical conversations about the meaning of life and the nature of reality. He told me about some books he treasured and I began devouring them, one by one. .

These were the principles of New Thought, though at the time, I had no idea that's what they were called. I was simply reading and learning like a madman. The knowledge was seeping into my system ... and my soul. Profound changes were taking placing within.

A little later, a screenplay I had entered in a contest started getting some attention. Two producers were very interested in it. One wanted to option it.

I had done nothing to promote this script, I had merely entered it into a contest. I thought, at most, that if it did well in the contest, I might be able to get an agent.

But the Law of Attraction was hard at work ... and it had better plans.

Three months later I flew to Los Angeles to meet the twice Academy Award- nominated director who would bring GOODBYE, LOVER to the screen.

My first sale.

And the movie actually got made!

This is virtually unheard of for a first-time writer. Writers often toil in Hollywood for years before they get produced.

And some never do.

But I was produced first time out of the gate.

Then I sold another screenplay ... it got produced!

I sold another ... it got produced too.

Whoa. What was going on?

I was using the Power of the Universe without knowing it. I was vibrating at such a high frequency that I attracted the producers and filmmakers to me with little conscious effort. I was, as Joseph Campbell says, "Following my bliss."

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1 comment:

Verndigger said...

Please strike Mary Baker Eddy from the list who promoted 'the secret'.

although her thoughts about Christianity were certainly NEW, she was no part of the "new thought" movement, although some of her ex-pupils were.
Christian Science is purely Christian, exhorts its adherents to "leave all for Christ", NOT to use the ideas of Christian Science to acquire whatever physical wants they may imagine.