Thursday, April 5, 2007

Become One With Your Desires


Become at one with your own desires.

One factor we want you to focus on: if you go to do something and it ISN'T easy, you are acting too soon.

Let's say you're going to make a hotel reservation and when you call the line's busy. And you say, "Well I said I'm gonna do this!" And so you just sit and dial and dial and dial and dial and dial, until you break through. Then you get a recording voice mail, you push the buttons and get a little more irritated. And then you finally get someone. And you can tell they really don't want to be there. You can tell they're not really listening.

But you say, "no I paid such a price to get here!" -- so you make a reservation. And then six month's later when you get to the hotel, they don't have a reservation for you. And then you remember, oh yeah that was THAT one, I pushed through, I made it happen, I used my willpower and my actions to make it happen, but the universe hadn't aligned it.

When you begin to play the game of "flowing energy" so that you role play things in your mind then you're getting impulse and when you begin to take action it is effortless. It's as if you have an entourage that has moved before you, opened doors, paving things, walking down the street saying, "There's an important person nice." It's almost as if there is someone traveling before you smoothing the way.

And we say there is. It's the fairies of the universe, in vibrational harmony with your desire.

Stand in the place where you appreciate where you've been, where you are and where you're going. That is creating at its best. Keep yourself in this joyful happy place and continue to fine tune your vision [dreams and desires]. Spend as much time as you can find comfortable finding the thrill of being in that position that you want to be in.

Just hold that vision. We have to say to you if you never did another thing about it, if you never thought -- that which you're wanting will be. The tricky part is in not getting impatient and noticing that it hasn't come yet. Or not letting the time deadline put you in a place of worry. Just be comfortable knowing it'll unfold -- that it IS unfolding -- and the joyful acknowledgment that I'm having fun along the way.

As you are imagining this creative process unfolding, imagine it being self-sustaining. Acknowledge that what you're doing is opening a vortex and shining a spotlight on something, but once that's done you can turn your attention on something else, and that spotlight that you initially created will continue to shine. You don't have to keep going back and putting new juice into it. Unless you are now looking at the same thing with a lower/slower vibration.

You can launch a creation, it'll sustain itself indefinitely unless you readdress it from a more lackful vibration. That's why you may have heard us say if you can launch a creation and never think about it again, it'll happen. But most of you launch a creation and then you take score and then you wonder what's taking so long or what you've done wrong. Then YOU'VE changed the energy on it.

When you talk about time, it reminds us that physical beings believe in something non-physical beings don't do. Physical beings have this habit of belief in something that doesn't exist: you believe in lack, not enough, not enough time, not enough money. You believe in something that in reality doesn't exist, because there is always enough. In other words, this energy stream that feeds you, that supports you, that created you to begin with, is never ending. It is always flowing to you. And so when you realize that there IS always enough, that it's only your attention to this little pocket that you think there isn't enough (and you can feel that discomfort when you hold that thought) it is that misconception that there is lack that causes you to bog down in your vibration and then things like time and money DO become an issue.

~ Abraham-Hicks

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