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Law of Attraction Tools

Change your thoughts to improve your life
through thought expanding mind tools.

Powerful, life changing Law of Attraction Tools based on the quantum physics teachings of Abraham-Hicks, "The Secret," "What the Bleep," Dr. Wayne Dyer, Louise Hays, Jane Roberts (SETH) and many more New Thought pioneers.

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“As a man thinketh, so is he.”

The Old Testament in the Bible

The Law of Attraction: (Wikipedia)

is an idea that is widespread in New Age and New Thought philosophy. It posits to never dwell on the negative, as the metaphysical principle of life is embodied in a "law of attraction': "you get what you THINK about, your THOUGHTS determine your destiny."


Your were directed to this site by way of the Law of Attraction. Many of you have studied the teachings from numerous sources or you may have just been introduced to this new and joyous way of thinking. In your quest for truth, perhaps you have become frustrated that the teachings were apparently "not working for you." Perhaps you were thinking that there must be someway or some tools that can help you to start seeing the results of your desires.

By now, you all are aware that your have created everything that has happened to you as a direct result of your thinking. You are attempting to free yourself of all the negative thoughts that have been influenced from your immediate environment and often reinforced through modern days means of communication, such as the TV, radio and Internet.

One of the great teachers of the Law of Attraction is Abraham-Hicks. In their new book, The Law of Attraction - The basics of the Teachings of Abraham, they wrote, "Imagination is the mixing and massaging of thoughts into various combinations. It is similar to observing a situation. However, in imagination, you are creating the images rather than watching something in your current reality. Some use the word visualization, but we want to offer this subtle distinction: Visualization is often only a memory of something that you have once observed. By imagination, we mean deliberately bringing desired components together in your mind to create a desired scenario. In other words, focusing with the intention of inducing positive emotion. When we use the term imagination, we are really talking about Deliberately Creating your own reality.” For those who are unfamiliar with Abraham, I highly recommend these wonderful and simple teachings that may be found at their website,

Wayne Dyer, Ph.D. a renowned author and speaker in the field of self-development writes in his book The Power of Intention, Learning to Co-create Your World your Way, "Every thought you have has an energy that will either strengthen or weaken you. It's obviously a good idea to eliminate the thoughts that weaken you, since these thoughts are obstacles to creating a winning match with the universal, supreme Source of intention." Dr. Dyer’s books have long been a great inspiration to me. You can see more of his writings at

Anthony de Mello's observation in One Minute Wisdom is the perfect example of common thought patterns:

Why is everyone here so happy except me?

Because they have learned to see goodness and beauty everywhere", said the Master.

Why don't I see goodness and beauty everywhere?

Because you cannot see outside of you what you fail to see inside."

The wonderful movie and book, What the Bleep Do We Know by Arntz, Chasse and Vincente, has a quote by Joe Dispenza, D.C., "What is the definition of a miracle? Something that happens outside of convention, outside the box of what's socially acceptable, scientifically acceptable, religiously acceptable. And right outside the box is where human potential exists. How do we get there? We have to overcome the emotional states that we live in on an everyday basis. Our own personal doubt. Our own unworthiness. Our own lethargy and fatique. Our own voices that say, we're not good enough or it's impossible."

Louise Hay has created an empire since she published her very first book Heal your Body which originally was only 12 pages. She wrote about how negative thoughts created dis-ease in the body and by changing your thoughts, you could heal the illness and bring it into ease once again. On her website, , she states, "Our thinking creates everything — our thinking more than the words. The words are what come out, but the thinking goes on continuously. Candace Pert says it so beautifully when she talks about neuropeptides in the body and how every time you think a thought, different chemicals go through the body. They either are poisoning the body or they are boosting your immune system. It’s all thinking."

The tools presented in this website have found to be effective in changing the way one thinks. This site's primary focus is on Guided Imagery (hypnosis) because of the success in basically a very short period of time. But there are also other great tools available here which can help you in ridding yourself of the resistance and assisting in your goal to become a deliberate creator.

It is with great love and desire that these tools assist you in becoming all that you can be.


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“As a man thinketh, so is he.”

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