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What Did You MANIFEST Today?

What did you MANIFEST today?
Being Extraordinary is not Unique.

It's Uniqueness that makes you Extraordinary! It's all about You
Welcome to the Manifesting My Reality Website

So you've seen The Secret, you've heard Oprah talk about The Secret. The Secret is out! Though it really isn't a Secret. It's a Universal Law that has been around since the dawning of Time. The Law of Attraction. LOA says Like attracts Like every single time. Do you know how you are attracting what you are attracting in your life? If you keep thinking how your thinking you Will keep getting what you Got! Read through this inspired, inspire others. And check out the Spotlight on our feature this month..Ask and It is Enhance and Expand what you have already begun by attracting The Secret into your life.

This site is an inspired creation. It was not created for you to learn about Law of Attraction, all you have to do is Google LOA and there are a host of books and websites with information that may resonate with you. Whether you realize it or not Law of Attraction is used every single day, sometimes we are not aware of it. But if we use it deliberately we can create a most delicious life with wonderful experiences and all the good we deserve.

There is no wrong way or right way to create the reality you are choosing...

I have found many books helpful and many websites and teachers equally helpful. View the LOA links page If you would like to submit a site or book that has indeed been of assistance to you, please e-mail a brief synopsis about the site/book or teacher and why you found it helpful to you. Hey, your site may be listed on our LOA links page.

This site was created for you to submit your stories about your successes with Law Of Attraction and how it is working for you. So if you have a story or stories to share about how you created or are creating your own reality please e-mail it to

So, no matter how many stories you have send them in. And please don't forget to bookmark this site now!

You can never get it wrong and you can't get it done.---Abraham

New LOA success stories posted often, solely for the purpose of encouraging & uplifting others as well as yourself. You may send as many stories as you like. And stop by as often as you like to be uplifted.

We will be adding additional sections as we go along. So grow with us and have fun...

Peace, Light and Happiness

Sydney Chase

The Musings of Sydney New Blog: My Manifestation Stories

The "Today Show" A Role in a Film and $1100.00 Dollars
"For a while I stopped submitting myself for projects because I did not feel that my old head shots were a good representation of me. Without good head shots I was thinking I will not get any work. That thinking went on for a few months."~~~Sydney Chase Posted 3/27/07
Today on the Today Show
"A Car picked me up this morning at 5am and drove me to the Today Show studio...which was way way cool because I didn't have to figure out what train to take nor did I have to walk to or from the station".....~~~Sydney Chase Posted 4/4/07

The Spotlight is now on Ask and It is Given "Click Here"

New Stories Posted Today 3/27/07

Buttons & Castles

A 2 Year Turnaround "In the space of the past two years since I have discovered Abraham (Hicks) the LOA teacher with whom I have been studying intensely in every free moment of my time, I have turned myself around," ~~~~Melissa Posted 3/27/07

Manifested My Career/Job

A Doctor's Confession to the Public "My practice has exploded in patient volume and financial collections in the last several months as well! I'm constantly attracting powerful business partnerships at a very fast pace and now have several streams of revenue."~~~Dr. Matthew Posted 3/27/07

Buttons & Castles

Foggy drivers and a fire hydrant turn into a new Saturn "However, the Saturn people didn’t deal. Saturn had initiated a “California Pricing” policy where basically everyone just pays the ticket price. So even though I really wanted the Saturn, I wasn’t going to be able to get the loaded Sport Coupe I wanted, it was just too expensive and I didn’t really want any other Saturn that I could afford." ~~~Karen Posted 3/11/07

Manifestation Stories from Myspace Friends " Ideas and Basketball/from Elijah Rock", "My Trip to Africa/from Jamie", "New Clients/from Shealy", "Expanding My Imagination/from The End of the World as we Know it", "New Job/from Sunshine", "Raining Money/from Katrina", "New Insights/from The Ronin", "A Warm Smile/from Diane", "A Second Call Back/from Oscar Winner", "Good feelings, A Job, Weight Loss & A New Home/from Christina" Posted 3/11/07

Manifested My Money

$5,000 by 5PM..."Then about half an hour later, my mom calls and asks if we'd like to go to dinner with her because she has a $50 gift certificate for a restaurant that her neighbor gave her and she doesn't think she can use it all herself. " ~~~Annie (Posted 3/11/07)

Manifested Good Feelings

Love, Hugs, Inspiration Campaign. You have to read it to believe it!!! This inspirational story is in three parts...From "Lisa Mae" in her own words. She manifested good feelings for herself and others by having her own FREE HUGS AND FREE POETRY CAMPAIGN. A real feel good story a must read. Being the Change she wanted to see!! (Posted 3/11/07)

Feel Good Quotes:

Allowing Success--Orin & DaBen

It's Not thinking about Money that's gonna bring you more Money--Abraham
Directing Thought is no small Feat--Abraham
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