Tuesday, July 31, 2007

We Are Flowing...

We absorb what others have written, and what they talk about. We take what we feel we need, and leave the rest.

We've discovered that this is also what happens to us lifetime, after lifetime. The "body" has died many times in the past - the consciousness, renewing the soul that we are, expands within itself, taking what it needed, and leaving the rest.

From lifetime to lifetime, we reveal - remember, more and more of our true selves. Not only are we remembering, but we are expanding, by our very experiences.

In this present moment, we are in bodies of flesh, yet, we are "light bodies", eternal. We come and go as, we, as our souls, tend to the universe at large.

We experience this in meditation, prayer, silence and sleep. Those of us who sometimes continue to "leave it up to the mind" (ego) to "do our thinking", and telling the body what actions to take...find ourselves, "lost"...unaware...

This body is one of the most incredible functioning devices ever created, by us. And here we sometimes let the ego, the human self, run it, usually without any direction or information. We just let it run till it "quits". We watch the unfolding.

But blame not the ego...blame not the human self. All direction comes from the soul...ourselves. Do we not sit in complete command of what we would create? Would we not have the perfect plan already within our knowing?

Therefore, we are already utterly perfect, and whole. We sit and watch this part of ourselves, like a father looking on lovingly at his child. Like a mother watching her offspring burst forth in triumph and victory.

We animate everything we create. We bring life to a matter...to matter. We are the energy that is within that which is created. Our expression is through what is created by us. And creating with love, creates lovingly.

As we create, and express through the bodies we infuse with ourselves, we expand by these experiences. From one liftime to the next; one body to the next, we absorb the energy of the experiences into our wholeness, expand. We take what we need and leave the rest.

We have taken nothing that was not ours to take. We are completely giving of all that is needed to express ourselves fully within any body. All powers of ourselves, which is all powers of the universe, are ours to use for any experience, we are one, only seen as more than one soul, for yet a "different" experience. And every created body only appears separate...contrast is good.

We inhabit these bodies of flesh to play. We even created one of the best helpers we could have, so far. We put ego in the body to run operations, the interface. And what a fine help it has been, constantly going, never taking a break.

We told it to do whatever it took to "experience", and to create any experience it could decide on. We enjoyed this very much...we await such expression with glee. We told it to ask for anything it ever needs, and instantly, it will be so.

No limits, no rules, nothing will stop it......decide, and it is. Simple as that.

However, we also take note of this ego's demand for more...more...more...more.

It has believed itself to be masterful, and all powerful. It has believed it is all there is, self contained. Forgetting it's true purpose.

We chuckle so hard about this...yes, we laugh....A LOT.

You see, we created these very bodies for our purposes, to experience. We experience many things with them. We can not judge what is but our creation, our extended experience. We give FREE WILL for the experience to be created, "lived", and pondered on.

The very vessel itself, the body, is for the freedom of our Will. Now the ego can and does create, by extention, avenues for our will to express, yet, sometimes it has decided it is more than our will, that it is, more than it will do. It is when the ego has decided "to do", that it becomes separated, asleep. Our will is complete and perfect, nothing needs to be done.

When the ego experiences itself, as "in the flow", what it is meaning is, it has stopped doing. It has stopped trying to direct the flow of what is perfectly flowing from within...in abundance, without lack...it is already done. We take care of everything....come now, you don't just have all the power of the universe, of ourselves and not use it, do you?

We inhabit these bodies...we are writing and reading this "matter of experience" at this moment.Time has come full circle in an instant...in this moment. No Time.

We love children...just new expressions of ourselves. We watch as they grow...as they begin to question, as we give the answers, and watch them respond, develop, become more. Therefore, our bodies, our creations are merely children of ourselves...we like watching ourselves become more...it is our nature.

Children have no problem being what they will. They are being us. When the will is expressed, there is nothing to do, for it is done, and why children run, and laugh, and play...for that is what it is to "be in the flow", all of the energy in the universe stands ready to play.

The ego forgot this was about playing, playing out our will as ourselves. And as any father, as any mother, we simply watch, and wait, and give, till the ego glances over from it's routine of doing, and we respond, with ourselves, fully flowing.

We are flowing...





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