Sunday, July 29, 2007

If It Comes...

If it comes to your comes to be healed, to be made whole, to be blessed, to be LOVED.

It was told about how a man was very fearful of the water. When a healer looked into it, looked back, even into a former lifetime, was found where he was an old man, coughing, choking, laying on the beach, after a ship-wreck.

The healer sent love into the experience, from times past, to that event, and the man, in his present awareness and experience, was no longer fearful, healed.

When anything "comes to mind", regardless of what you believe it to be; from the past, a fearful thing of the future, a present experience....all that is required is for you to become aware, IT presents itself for, your attention, your blessing, your healing...Your Love. Send Love into it, pour it in to overflowing...and IT BECOMES TRANSFORMED..."in the twinkling of an eye".

It has been told about the woman who was fearful of the man she loved, cheating on her. She didn't know where it seemed to come from, but it was there. He said he loved her, and never would, do that. She belived him, yet, sometimes....

It was remembered that in her previous relationship, she had never even had the thoughts of her mate cheating, and after many years, he told her he had been cheating.

It was pointed out to her, that she never thought of it before because there was no awareness of this thing, at least noticed. Yet, in the present, she was shown that THIS was being brought to her attention now, for healing, for blessing, for love. And by sending that part of her, the experience Love...she became Whole again, and no longer felt or experienced the trust issues.

When IT comes to you...something from long ago, perhaps even from a past life...something from yesterday, or potentially tomorrow...when you hear about it on the news, or through the grapevine...regardless of how it arrives to your consciousness, IT is there only for this be be be made whole...and it is simply done by - Sending It Love Over-Flowing...and Your Will Is Done.


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