Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Something To Know...

By SyGnUs

Subject: Something You Really Need to Know....
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From: *♥Amy~Peacemaker♥*

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All thoughts create - therefore, from this point forward - I create all circumstances and outcomes for absolutely everything.

Everything is provided for in every way. My thoughts - my words - they are the truth, for me. They are my magic wand. They create what "I Will" for them "To Do".

Everything I now have, I created by my thoughts. Everything I see - I spoke "Into Being". [Everything Has Purpose] in [It's Existence].

I now live in a place beyond my own expectations - full of warmth, joy and love. Friendship, healing and fulfillment are my experiences now.

I live "in heaven", which is on earth. It is my present moment; my present awareness and understanding. This is my "forever abode" - everywhere I look, direct my attention to, I see the fulfillment of my words [my thoughts], as no longer the dream I first viewed. For I have lived in so many dreams, surrounded by many illusions, that which I had created for myself - but Now, now I live my reality, of heaven on earth.

All power is mine. Everything I want, is provided - even before I have need of it, before I even think to ask. People appear, opportunites happen, doors open - I attract all I need and want, for I know the truth in all things Now. That is, This Place, was never meant for "separation" of myself from what is my source...my power.

This Place was meant for experiencing the awareness of the source...to awaken to IT...to "remember", who I AM.

I Am ONE with the universe. I Am, and have, the mind, of that which we call God. This spirit, of IT, is in me, I AM this, in this body. I command the unlimited energies and power, of the Whole, which has no measure - no beginning - no end - the "circle" of life is ETERNAL. Love is It's "Complete Being".

Everything I do is blessed, and I receive without end. I give also, without lack to do so. My body, every cell within, radiates truth, perfection, purity...all of IT cooperates together in rich fullness.

I have no fear, for nothing remains to be feared...my mind is clear - whole - connected. Where there is Light [information], darkness receeds...thus fear was only, what was not known.

I Am thankful for all that I have, and receive. I have noticed, that to give and receive puts me within the middle of "the flow", of the universe. All of my thoughts produce what I desire - the reason to exist. To create after themselves. and to return to me, their source, to bless.

First there is silence - then there is thought. Darkness only means, no light - no thought - silence. Light only means light - an idea - thought. These are not separate.

For darkness must "Be', before light can be shown - Light creates out of darkness. They are ONE. In darkness, what is real can not be seen and we fear what might be there. And what is Light but to show what is Real. And what is real is beyond all imaginations. We find darkness to have only been an illusion...so we understand what the Light is for....and this is LOVE.




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I believe.

I allow myself to

believe in

my own wonder

and goodness.

I allow myself

to believe.

I am worthy of love.

I am deeply

worthy of grace,

of respect,

of the unending love of

a generous universe.

In my deepest and

highest and widest,

I not only

deserve all of this,

I am all of this.



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