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What If....

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What If God?

There have been so many authors, speakers, mystics, and gifts of insights into the process of manifestation that they number too many to count. What has all of this taught us? It’s taught us that we are masters of our own reality and that we have the power to create.

What’s next? What do we do with the knowledge that we have and still are acquiring? Is it enough that we imagine that, somewhere in the ethers, an endless string of bright red sports cars and SUVs await our engaging thoughts and come into our reality? Would it be enough if suddenly the skies began to rain drops of gold so that all people on Earth would be wealthy? Or is there more? Has all of the teaching been leading up to something else?

At this point, I am filled with words and insights and thoughts to the degree that I could write an entire book. And maybe that’s what’s meant to be. But for this moment, for this article, I’ll try to keep it brief. If you get confused about anything I’m saying, or why I might be saying it, please read back through the blogs I’ve been posting since July, ’06. There’s a lot of information about the experiences that drive me to be so dogged about bringing my point of view to the surface.

With that being said, I’ll backtrack just a bit. When I “died” I found myself in the purest essence of love and God that could be imagined. Imagine it. And then multiply what you’re imagining times 1,000. And you would be getting close to what I experienced. Then I found myself back on Earth in the gray shadows of reaching and tears of confusion. How could this enormous reality of God and love and pure light be existing in the very air I was breathing, and yet I could not live in it? Instead I was living in the solid reality of pain and suffering that exists here on Earth. The quest to make sense of it all, because obviously there has to be a good reason, became primary. It’s remained primary for all of the years since then.

The bottom line is that, no matter how you see or imagine or think of God, we are living within that essence, that reality, that is God. If we set aside the argument about who or what God is, we will probably agree that there is something far, far greater than we understand. Something that has created the entirety of existence.

Because we are living within that existence, we are a part of that existence. Which means we are a part of God, no matter what semantics we use to describe it all.

If we agree on that, and if we agree that something vast lies beyond our comprehension and that we will enter back into that vastness when we “die,” then the task of living consciously with respect to our infinite future falls upon us. Why? Because this lifetime is a momentary experience in our infinite history. What we do, or do not do, in this lifetime has an impact on the history of our soul.

Now if that seems too much to ask, too ridiculous to contemplate in the face of our daily lives, consider the possibility that maybe if we incorporate thoughts of our infinite reason for being, the lives we live here on Earth will calm down. Maybe we haven’t found inner peace because that silent, infinite part of ourselves is not so silent. Maybe it’s clamoring for attention, trying to tell us that the answers lie there, not in the glove box of that pretty little SUV.

Let’s go back for a minute to acquiring riches and dreams. There’s not a thing wrong with achieving all that we desire … as long as it’s in alignment with our soul’s reason for incarnating on Earth. But how many people who “have it all” are genuinely at peace? When we acquire instant wealth, are we forever joyous, perfectly healthy, never-endingly peaceful? Nope. Not that I’ve seen anyway.

And so what’s missing? Is there a hidden path to peace? One that we can uncover and actually understand to the degree that we can live it?

The very actuality of living a tangible life on a planet with six billion other souls, all of whom have their own thoughts, feelings, opinions, judgments, and desires, many of which don’t match ours, makes peace on Earth questionable at best. Add to that the maladies, illnesses, catastrophes, and pains and we have a reality that makes it seemingly impossible to find any kind of peace at all.

This is where the quest to bridge the gap between the reality of God and the reality of Earth-life always landed me. The God I met was pure love. How does pure love, love that has the power to heal all, fit in with the suffering on Earth? Why is the suffering allowed to continue? Why, if we are as one with the glory, power, and love of God that I have spent so much time with, can’t we as a society create a reality that rises above all of this suffering?

What if …… What if each person began to live each moment with the conscious thought that they are infinite souls who carry the responsibility of expressing God (our own infinite souls) through every thought, word, action, and deed? What if, by being fully conscious, we lived by being fully aware of the fact that every moment is an opportunity to express Divine Grace? What if the call to be our own divinity was stronger than the call of pain? What if, when the argument gets heated, the voice of God spoke instead of the voice of rage? What if the touch of God replaced the touch of hate? What if………

What if merging our lives with God and our own divinity and infinity could ease all of the pain we feel?

Lauren Zimmerman
Copyright, 2007

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