Friday, May 25, 2007

You Experience What You Allow

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There are no accidents or mistakes in the Universe. Every person, situation and experience that you have is one that you have allowed in your reality. Each lesson that you work through is one that your soul has allowed you to learn for your spiritual growth. The most powerful moment that you can experience at any point on your path is to realize that you allow your reality to unfold in the most perfect way possible, at every moment. You allow the easy and the difficult, love and fear, joy and sadness to be what you experience. All of these energies are available to you and what you live with is what you allow.

No other person has power over your reality other than what you allow them to have. No other person is able to add to or take away from your power unless you allow them to. Even your soul lessons occur because you allow them to happen. The energy of allowing is a powerful tool that only you can use and the Universe responds to what you allow. The thoughts, feelings and beliefs that you apply to what you allow determines what will unfold in your life.

When you have no fear you remove your connection to anything that carries that energy and you allow only the highest vibrations in your reality. Each step towards fear, towards believing that you are not deserving, not powerful, not divine, allows these energies into your reality and every aspect of your life will reflect this. When you allow your Highest Good to be manifested at all times, then you are telling the Universe that this is what you will allow and it will respond accordingly.

The energy of allowing is the key to understanding how the Universe works with you to create your reality. If you feel powerless in your life remember that you allow the energies that are present to be there. Shifting them is merely a change in focus on what you will allow. Change cannot happen until you change what you allow to unfold in your world. When you shift your energy you also shift the energy of everything around you and allow your reality to become one that brings you joy. This week, consider what you are allowing in your reality. What energies are you using to create that and are you ready to shift them into something that will bring you greater joy, peace and love?

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Jiva Kateji

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