Saturday, May 26, 2007

Get Out of The Way

From: RareBreeze

You are not creating through action therefore effort and energy and time
are irrelevant. You are creating vibrationally through energy which
gives you huge leverage.

So you could create hundreds of things simultaneously because you did
the Step 1 - the asking - incrementally.

You didn't just today set forth all of those things in motion. You've
been setting them in motion, they've been evolving, they've been
expanding and now you have done Step 1 - you've already asked.

Step 2...source has already answered that so everything's already lined
up and in place.

So your work is to pick anything from among that that delights you, give
it your attention, not because it needs your attention but because it
feels good to give it your attention, use it as your excuse to come into
alignment with who you are and when you are in alignment with who you
are, all of those things that you have already put over there in
vibrational escrow begin expanding, evolving.

You do not have to orchestrate the path through which things unfold.
It's all tended to at a broader level.

You just have to get out of the way so that you can see the
opportunities as they come.

Los Angeles, CA, 04/01/07

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