Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Seven Steps To Creation

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7 Steps to Creation

Step 1 Clarity

The first thing we need to establish is what we want. Remember anything is possible and all thought is creative. We will create whatever we focus our attention on;
Consequently we want to be sure we know what we want to create as the first step in this process. Most of us have spent most of out lives simply reacting to whatever happened to us. Now that we understand that we are creating whatever we are creating it is time to start creating consciously. If we do not get clear on what we want we will create whatever the subconscious believes in.

Step 2 Visualization

A visual image creates a form in mind. This form attracts the energy necessary to fill it. When this process is completed whatever we are visualizing manifests in the material world. Of course everything we visualize does not manifest. There are some other criteria for manifestation, which brings us to the next step.

Step 3 Acceptance

This is where our beliefs come in. In order to work through the acceptance step we must become conscious of our beliefs. If our beliefs do not support our visions we must change them in order to create what we want. Our visions cannot be manifested in the material world until we have accepted them in our minds.

Step 4 Focusing Attention

Focusing our attention on something automatically attracts the energy that matches whatever we are focusing on. If we believe we have a problem when we focus our attention on it we simply attract more energy to perpetuate the problem. Experiences must have energy to exist and they get that energy by our focusing our attention on them The best way to alleviate a problem is to stop giving it any attention and it will go away. We need to focus our attention on what we want to create instead of on our problems. Once we are able to powerfully focus our attention the remainder of the process is downhill.

Step 5 Intuitive Inspiration

The way we learn to listen to our intuition is by stilling the intellect. We must teach the thinking aspect of our minds to settle down. This process is called meditation. When we meditate on a regular basis we open the channel for intuitive inspiration to flow into the conscious mind whenever it is needed. When we have a question we simply ask. We go into meditation and the answer will soon appear. It comes in many different ways. Once we learn that the answers will come and we begin to expect them they come quite automatically.

Step 6 Action

This part is easy when we have worked through the other five steps. We simply follow through with whatever comes to us. The action step cannot be overlooked. However since it is the closes to the manifestation we think it is the most important. Action without the other five steps in preparation for it is usually ineffective. We usually go from a vague idea of what we want right into action. If we work hard enough and long enough we will get some results but they may not be the desired results. Even if you get the desired results it is the hard way to go.

Step 7 Manifestation

When we follow the previous six steps manifestation is automatic. It probably shouldn't even be considered a step since it is actually the result of following the other steps. However it is important that we recognize it as a part of the process. By the time we have created what we wanted we can easily overlook the fact that we actually created it. If we are aware and we observe the entire process it becomes much easier to understand exactly how we create and how we can create whatever we want.

Source: The Science of Mind

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