Wednesday, April 4, 2007

How to Find Your Passion and Make It Your Career

How to Find Your Passion and Make It Your Career:
by Nicholas Powell, March 7th, 2007

Some people come across difficulties in finding their passion and many more have trouble living their passion as a career. Let us start by defining passion so we can lay a foundation. The way I define the term passion is something in which I enjoy doing, something I can do all day long and continuously find joyfulness from it. Yet it is not the act of doing it that allows me to find joy in it because just thinking about it can produce feelings of joy.

Defining passion in this simplistic way opens up more then one passion for each person since individually everyone can name at least two things in which he or she enjoys doing to the extent of defining passion in this way. It can be something as simple as reading stories, meditating, helping people, playing an instrument, or art EST… It does not matter what it is as long as you define it as joyful even when thinking about it. Now the way to narrow the opinions down is to understand that passion is a moment-to-moment thing. In any given moment, one passion will always feel stronger then any other passion.

For example, one of my passions is writing articles that I feel will help millions of people, yet in some moments, I feel a stronger urge to go bowling, which is another passion of mine, or watch an empowering movie otherwise read an inspiring article. Every moment is different and every moment I feel the push to pursue something in the moment that excites me more then any other joy out of all the passions I can think of in any given moment. This is the true meaning of living in the moment and is important especially if you desire the universe (life or reality if you prefer) to support you in living your passion.

The Universe Always Supports
The first thing to understand about this infinite universe is that it always supports everybody in everything, no matter what and does so with unconditional support. What that means is the universe does not care if you make the conditions in your life hard on yourself or easy on yourself since the universe is neutral and does not know the difference. The universe will always give you exactly what you want in any moment as that is the design it was given. The only reason we do not get what we think we are choosing is because of the definitions or conditions we put on things. Let me explain things this way. Our bodies are set-up in such a biochemical way that we automatically move away from pain and towards pleasure. Now pain and pleasure is a very subjective point of view and certainly, the definitions (beliefs) you put on these things will determine your outcome. For example, if you are experiencing a lack of money you may feel that the universe, life, or reality is not supporting you but the way you define money is why you perceive yourself as not supported.

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