Tuesday, March 27, 2007

What is Powerful Intentions?

What is Powerful Intentions?

Powerful Intentions is a unique Online Community based on Law of Attraction.

The Community members are people from all walks of life who have the following things in common:

Believe in the Power of Intentions

Were somehow "Attracted" to be here

Want to connect with "Positive" like minded people

Enjoy a little "Spiritual Incorrectness"

Magnetized by Abraham-Hicks and "The Secret"
It is our Powerful Intention to to create the most fertile community in the world for people to manifest their Intentions!

Your intentions may be about anything you desire.

Health, Wealth, Business, Relationships, Family, Spirituality, Community, Abundance, Travel or "Healing Your Goldfish"!

This is scientifically being accomplished by "Charging and Conditioning the Space" of this Community in such a way that, you, as a member, are able to experience the results of your own Intentions with Fun, Brilliance, Simplicity and Ease!

Years ago the above would have sounded like "airy fairy" jargon to us.

Today, we KNOW it to be the leading edge of science. We have the knowlege and the technology! We have ALREADY done it, and now we are doing it on a much bigger and expanded scale.

In non technical terms this means Powerful Intentions was scientifically designed to allow people to be "Lucky"!

To Become a member of Powerful Intentions, Please fork over your Name and a valid Email address in that box with the Fork over on the left.

What will we do with your details?
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