Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Intended Outcomes

My experience with manifesting intentions is in many ways quite different than those expressed by many gurus. I see that many self improvement experts simply repeat what others have said without adding anything from their own success.

This happens in a great deal of the publishing world. Writers take suggestions, techniques and philosophies from the current field of work and simply duplicated whatever is being promoted. In my opinion, this creates a false sense of importance to the concept or approach being offered. They suggest it’s a very easy thing to do but without providing any real valuable advice to their readers as to how to accomplish this.

I have spent a great deal of time, thought and research into the concept and technique called “Manifesting Your Intentions.” Even Dr. Wayne Dwyer is promoting his books via PBS television shows. He talks about and around the topic. In my opinion, he offers very little in useful “how to” advice and information to listeners about how to understand and apply ways of developing this power for themselves.

Most of the success programs I’ve studied focus on all the “need toos” by which I mean they tell you what you need to do to succeed while hardly ever tell you of “how toos”. For example, they’ll say that in order to be happy, all you need to do is smile. This supposedly creates a change in your life and you’re on your way to happiness. If however you are in a mood or condition that causes you to be sad, this smiling thing will not work. It just won’t register and get through to the inner part of your mind. These programs also offer a list of affirmations which they claim when repeated or written everyday will cause changes in your life. The promoters suggest that these processes will create an intention that will manifest itself in your life as if a miracle happened. If only it were so easy?

All of this places you in a position of a petitioner or beggar asking the gods to deliver riches and success to you. By taking on a new way of seeing yourself, you can make the all important shift from beggar to creator, victim to victor!

I have had a great number of spectacular experiences with manifesting my intentions. In most of these experiences, occurred because I felt a part of what I wanted to accomplish. Perhaps I’m blessed with some unusual power of insights that get me what I want. Perhaps it’s simply the application of age old laws that brought me success. Whatever it was, I had a certainty about the outcomes. It was like I called up the pizza man and wham, the pizza was delivered. No more effort than that.

As more and more of my intentions (expressed or not) were manifested, my sense of power, confidence and trust in the process became stronger and clearer.

Now don’t get me wrong. I didn’t cause these miracles every week, but they came into my life at times when say, I needed more money or a new consulting contract or a new girl friend.

It all started in the 60’s when not knowing anything about intentions, I sat down and laid out some goals for the next 12 months of my life.

I didn’t just write down a list of things like many of us do, but I took a look at each item and visualized it and the new value for it in my mind. I “owned it” so to speak. I was submerged in it. I experienced it happening in a very real sense.

I finished the list of items experiencing each as I chose to write it down and PUT THE LIST AWAY. Not thinking about it or looking at it for the next 12 months. Guess what? When I looked at it 12 months later, almost all of the goals had been met. I was flabbergasted! I was please but didn’t grasp the power at my beck and call until later after reading Maxwell Maltz’s book Psycho-Cybernetics, a book that changed my life forever.

So for now, let me say that I’ve come to appreciate this tremendous power I have and am always willing to share it and my experiences of it with everyone I can.

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