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The Law of Attraction - The Unanswerable Question Answered?

Question: If we attract only that which we think about, then how can you explain negative manifestations in the lives of very happy and positive people. I'm talking about devastating events such as being diagnosed with cancer, car accidents and so on. Surely nobody actively thinks about these things, let alone attracts them. Even very positive dynamic people have suffered these unfortunate consequences. How does the 'Law of Attraction' and positive thinking explain away these occurrences?

My Answer: I think it is important to remember that the 'Law of Attraction' is not just a force that works on an individual one-to-one basis. It is at work with the entire universe. We are truly talking about a far reaching global force here. Just as gravity works to hold down your pencil to the table, it also works to hold down the mountains to the earth.

Now let's have a look at the force of gravity in action for a moment. Imagine two objects, a large asteroid and a small pebble. Which is going to make the biggest impact upon the ocean, the pebble falling from the sky or the asteroid falling from the same height. Both are under the same force, only of course the asteroid is going to make a much bigger impact than the pebble. So it is not that the law of gravity is not working upon the pebble, it is... just that when it hits the ground it's impact is going to be over-ridden by the impact of the asteroid. What I'm saying is that the impact of the asteroid will over-ride and negate the pebbles impact.

Here is how this applies to our lives. You could equate the force of the asteroid to the belief in society that 'car crashes do happen at random'. I imagine if you conducted a survey of a few thousand people you would get the opinion that people do in fact believe that. So guess what is going to manifest in real life. Regardless of whether you as an individual have any particular belief about this subject, someone is inevitably going to be randomly involved in a car accident and therefore suffer the consequences of societies beliefs and point of attraction. Even if the individual person believed that they personally would not suffer this particular fate. Which force is going to have the largest attraction point, the asteroid of societies belief or the pebble of one person's thoughts.

Following this unbreakable law it becomes apparent then that the over-riding beliefs of society will make an impact on some people's lives. That is not to say you cannot enhance your own level of attraction, you most certainly can alter and change it to attract that which you wish, however there may be some occasions whereby this force is simply over-taken by societies beliefs and attraction levels. This maybe especially true in areas of your life where you may already have a low point of attraction and not applied much focus.

Another example of this in operation may be the observation of some countries. Of course there are many reasons why some countries are poorer than others but if you have a nation of people desperately hungry and living in poverty. Where do you think there most dominant thoughts are going to be focussed upon...more than likely on feelings of lack and of wanting. Of course then this is only going to attract more of the same and when entire nations are experiencing these thoughts and feelings, how on earth can they break-free from their poverty?

Whilst I don't wish to be-little any country, person, place or thing it does appear that the world really is not helping itself a great deal. Ok, so if I'm so smart what is the answer then? Well, I guess if everyone could become aware and use this concept in their favour, shifting their beliefs to abundance and well-being then maybe the world might have a chance of eliminating fear, worry, poverty and so on. Now that's a pretty big ask for sure, especially when you are one of the people suffering sat wondering where the next meal will come from!

The only way I could ever possibly see this happening is quite frankly through religion. How else could the entire world be united and taught these truths. I believe Jesus had it absolutely correct with his teachings of loving thy neighbour. He knew that by doing so this would inevitably attract the same feelings and manifestations of these back towards him. He assuredly knew that God/source energy/infinite power would match this vibrational thought pattern and return it to him. Two well known Bible messages backing this up on both the positive and negative side of this law include:

Seek ye first the kingdom of god and all these things shall be added unto you' and:
'Those whom fight by the sword shall die by the sword'.

I hope you too can see the power in these statements. I'm sure some people reading this will disagree and differ with some of my statements and that's fine. Each of us is on our own journey of inner discovery and what is true for one persons experience clearly may not be for another. The important thing to remember is to keep growing, keep progressing, keep discovering and above all to enjoy the journey....for you are going to be on this journey all of your life! Why not make it a Positive Thinking one full of prosperity and abundance?

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