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Your Inner Being
As Your Greatest Resource
by Owen Waters

Your inner being - your soul or higher self - is not something
that you have. It is what you are.

Your complete consciousness is your inner being. All of the
so-called parts of your mind - the conscious, the subconscious
and the superconscious parts - are all facets of your one,
complete consciousness, your inner being.

Your conscious mind is the result of your inner being focusing
attention upon the outer world through your physical brain and
senses. When, instead, you turn your attention from the outer
world towards the inner world, you access the resources of your
inner being.

Your inner being possesses all of the wisdom, understanding
and strength that you will ever need. It is your ultimate,
personal resource. Your inner being is also your link with the
universe and with the consciousness behind all life, Infinite

If you think of yourself as living your life like a performer
on stage, then your inner being is like the backstage
technician who makes sure that your performance has all the
support that it needs to make everything happen on cue.

The amount of knowledge and wisdom available within you is
unlimited. In order to access it, you only have to make an
intention to go within and find it.

Your subconscious mind runs all of your biological systems
without conscious effort on your part. In fact, if you think
about it, the subconscious mind of an ant knows more about
biology and chemistry than today's leading scientists.

Your inner being knows even more; in fact, everything about
anything you want to know anything about. The trick is to ask
the question and then silence your conscious mind enough to
hear the answer.

When you become consciously aware of the true nature of your
inner being and its resources of wisdom, understanding and
strength, you begin to dissolve many of the former limitations
to your growth.

The key to expressing your human potential is to know that all
potential lies within you and you only have to open an external
channel in order to allow that unlimited potential to flow out
into the world.

The power is within. You don't need to become empowered, you
just need to realize that you already have that power within,
then allow that inner potential to flow into your life.

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