Saturday, April 14, 2007

ABE - Abraham Hicks


Through the power of your thought, and through the power of your intentions, you will draw those beings to you who are harmonious in intent with you. And you will repel those beings who are not in harmonious intent with you.

If your intentions are not clear, then you will attract confusion, but as you are more specifically defining, in every day, what you want, then you will, more specifically draw those individuals to you that will enhance that.

As you attract those of like intent, you will have joyous interaction. And as you recognize that the others who are of different intention need not influence your life experience or be attracted into it then you will no longer feel that you need armies to protect yourself or barricades to keep the others away from you.

Then you will understand that by the power of your thought you will not invite them into your experience.

Abe Calendar page 719


If you will look upon this time as a refreshing new beginning whereby you will utilize your own creative ability, you will find yourself filled with excited anticipatory emotion rather than an emotion of dread or fear.

As you set forth, through the power of your thought, a picture of that which you would like to experience, you will begin attracting others who are in harmony with those thoughts.

You all create from your current perspective, and ordinarily that perspective changes very slowly.

But the events that are taking place upon your planet will jolt you into a new perspective and many of the beliefs, and many of the habits, that have bound you to old perspective will no longer exist in your experience.

We encourage you to begin envisioning your life experience as you would like it to be, and we encourage you to be sensitive to the way that you feel as you set these thoughts into motion, seeking always that positive emotion that indicates deliberate and positive creation.

The Law of Attraction will assist you, for as you think of that which you want other thoughts will be attracted until you have completed the picture.

And since your actions always follow the path of your dominant intentions, you will find yourself very busily readying yourself for the exciting time that is before you.

Abraham Calendar p753

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