Friday, April 20, 2007

Enterprising Empowerment

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From: EarthMama

Has your confidence been high or have you felt very energetic & upbeat lately?

Well this could lead you to pursue goals with a feeling of empowerment. Enterprising ideas could come to you in this an energetic state, inspiring you to make the most of your endeavors. There has never been a better time than right now because the universe supports your intentions and confidence, bringing to you the people and situations that will enable you to reach your goals perhaps in ways you never dreamed of (trust me on this because I am personally experiencing it right now!). This is the power of confidence, both in yourself and in the universe. It makes you a magnet for all of your heart's desires and opens up the best avenues to bring them to you. As you move toward your goals with confidence, know that they are also moving toward you.

As we make steps to realize our goals, we are bound to encounter challenges and frustrations along the way. Instead of accepting them as the universe rejecting you or trying to stop you, see them as redirection—gentle nudges to help you stay on the right path. The situations these challenges bring help us refine our goals and narrow down our options to only the very best. Your feeling of empowerment can help you see that these situations actually give you better information to build from and more streamlined tools to use. Being enterprising means that you are willing to enter into the unknown to create something new, different, and perhaps surprising. Your confidence, combined with your willingness to face the unknown and follow the directions life's experiences offer, make you truly empowered to reach literally all of your goals.

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