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How Intentions Manifest - Clutter Busting

Manifesting Your Intentions:


It is more likely that if you make a list of things to do, the tasks on the list will be accomplished. Lists help us focus and manifest our intentions. We think about what we need to do, visualize ourselves doing it, then write down that we need to do it. My favorite part is crossing things off the list – I love accomplishing intentions!

It generally never occurs to us that we can’t accomplish what is on our list. No matter how small the task, or how large, if it’s on the list, we’ll get it done. We’re sure of it, we see it happening, we may even prioritize the order in which our goals will be accomplished. And one by one, the tasks on the list are done – as if by magic!

In feng shui, there is an extra boost available for manifesting one’s intentions. It’s called the Three Secrets Reinforcement. This entails using the mind to visualize what it is that you want, verbally stating what it is that you want, and finally, using the body in a movement of some sort to symbolize your intention. This movement can be a mudra – a symbolic hand position or gesture; another movement that means something to you – like crossing yourself; or anything at all – like dancing a little jig. It can also be the movement required to write it down.

Taking this idea a step further, we can more easily accomplish our tasks on our list of intentions if we are organized. Having to climb over dirty clothes and old newspapers may make it more difficult to vacuum the floor. If, however, we’ve cleared out clutter, vacuuming is accomplished in no time at all. Clutter can inhibit accomplishing tasks. If your desk is cluttered it gets very difficult to handle paying your bills. If your kitchen is a mess, cooking may take longer because you have to clean the items needed to complete the preparation. If your garage is a mess, you may not be able to fix the lawn mower.

Clutter often insulates us from being able to focus our intentions enough to manifest what we want or need in our lives. If we keep outdated documents, unused clothing, inherited knick-knacks, meaningless photographs, etc., in our environments, they begin to be so overwhelming that we no longer feel the need to accomplish tasks. Everything is just “too much” to think about. So clearing clutter helps us focus and manifest our intentions. So check out what’s lurking in your closets, hiding in your drawers, taking up all your table tops and start whittling it down.

Once your environment is organized and clutter is minimized on the inside, you also need to look at what is happening on the outside. Are your trees, shrubs, or gardens overgrown? Are they out of control or neatly trimmed and supporting your curb appeal? What’s going on with your vehicle? Is it full of trash? Is the trunk or glove compartment an overstuffed hodge-podge of things you’ve been meaning to clear out of there?

Don’t forget to check out what’s in your purse, briefcase, or backpack. Clear the clutter from your address book, day runner and wallet. Delete all extraneous documents from your computer or blackberry. Check your junk drawer, your jewelry box, under your bed, your medicine cabinet – leave no clutter un-busted.

If it feels overwhelming, try to do only one drawer, or one shelf, or one cabinet at a time. If you really enjoyed it, you can continue, but limit yourself to an hour. Then reward yourself for your accomplishment. Take up more clutter busting the next day. You can even clutter-bust while you’re on the phone!

To get started, simply evaluate each item you find and ask yourself these questions: 1) Do you love it?; 2) Do you use it?; and 3) If it’s broken, will you fix it NOW? Then get three good-sized boxes, bags or baskets and create three piles. If all three of your answers were “yes” then put the item where it belongs. If any of your answers were “no” put it in one of these three piles: Sell, Give Away, or Throw Away.

Once your clutter is cleared you will find that focusing and manifesting your intentions becomes easier. It will stay that way until the clutter gains ground again, so schedule yourself quarterly clutter-busting sessions. Then make your list and manifest your intentions!
Trisha Keel of Tomorrow’s Key has been practicing the art and science of feng shui since 1995. She was certified by James and Helen Jay, who were trained by Grand Master Thomas Lin Yun, the man who brought feng shui to the Western world. Email Trisha at
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