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The Gift Of Happiness - In Giving We Receive

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Affirmation for Friday January 1st, 2010

I choose happiness for the new year... but it is in making the lives of others happier that I can bring happiness to my own reality...the secret of happiness is in acts of service, kindness and compassion to my fellow beings. There is no other way.

AS we celebrate our first day of the year 2010, let us make it a happy one.


But so many of us feel deprived of personal happiness.

It becomes a much sought after goal.

Some feel it is never achieved.

The book stores are filled with shelves full of volumes supposedly giving us the answer as to how we can find happiness in our lives.

It appears to be that secret ingredient that so many of us do not have in the menu of our lives.

But the secret to happiness is to make others happy.

It is giving happiness to others that we also bring happiness to our own consciousness and to our own lives.

It really can be as simple as that.

It is in acts of service... acts of kindness.... acts of loving.... that we fill our own heart with the feeling of being truly happy.

Long has it been said that what we want for ourselves, we need to give to another... or others.

And when we make the lives of others happier, and certainly not sadder, we also have this boomerang effect on our own lives.

We become happy.

And when we are in that state of happiness we also attract into our lives other happy experiences and happy people too... because happy energy brings forth more happy energy.

What we focus on simply expands... and when we make our focus the happiness of others then we also increase and grow this energy in our own lives.

So how do we make others happy...

* When we are there for people... when we hear them... when we listen with open ears and without judgment...when we seek not to fix them but merely to support and accept them.

* When we give people our attention... when we smile... when we compliment...when we brighten up their day as a butterfly does.

* When we carry out random acts of kindness...when we do a good turn... help someone.

* When we show compassion, refusing to walk out on those who are going through a bad time or have fallen.

* When we invite others.. show them that they belong in our lives...make them feel wanted.

The list goes on... there are so many ways we can show others just how much we care... and so many ways that we can make a difference in the lives of others.

But until we are active in making the lives of others happy it might be that true personal happiness will not be present in our lives.

Let us make for happy relationships... where we give happiness as well as open ourselves to receiving it.

Let us make for a happy environment... bringing into our experience people and events that make us feel happy.

Let us make for happy work.. doing work that can make a difference to other people's lives.

So the key to unlock the door of happiness is to bring this energy into our lives... but it is in giving happiness that we receive it.

May be, only the gift of our love can bring lasting happiness in our lives.

And the more we love, the more happy we become.

The more we love both ourselves and others, the happier we are.

It does make sense.

So HAPPY NEW YEAR my dear and so beautiful friend

Do share what is going on for you on this subject or any subject

I love you


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