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Transform By Shifting Your Beliefs

YOUR LIFE is being written every moment by your thoughts, your emotions, your words and your choices. The events that are unfolding in your life are a direct reflection of those choices, whether consciously defined or unconsciously allowed.

What is the nature and root of our beliefs? How and where do they form? What is the impact they have on us, on other people and on our lives? Here we will take a closer look at limiting beliefs and thought patterns that are holding you back and keeping you stuck and how you can overcome them and transform.

Yesterday I met a woman named ‘Rosa‘, who actually, inspired me to write this article. She told me that in her entire life she never felt that she belonged anywhere. She believed that she was old, ugly, unattractive, unworthy and saw herself as a failure. These were some of the limiting core beliefs that she held about herself. They were so deep-seated in her and ‘controlled’ her life. Often she did not feel any desire to leave her house and go out and so she was experiencing a profound isolation from other people, life and her true self. There were so many things she wanted to do in her life such as travelling around the world but she kept holding back because her core belief about herself was ‘failure‘.

It touched me so deeply, because I could see and feel the self-hatred and the pain it inflicted on her and how it restrained her.

I kept asking her questions and inquire into the root of her core beliefs to make her ‘see’ for herself where they once started and how deep-seated they were in her and, more importantly, so that she could realize that many of her beliefs were self-made - not necessarily true - and that she is the only one who can cut through them.

She was the one who kept validating her own core beliefs and kept feeding them by accepting them as true. She was creating a self fulfilling prophecy to support the limiting belief that she had about herself. The labels she gave herself kept her from living openly, fully and joyfully.

This is one example on the power of beliefs and what a profound impact one’s beliefs can have on oneself and one’s life.

'What you believe, you become.’

Now, your PRIMARY relationship is to yourself - not from a selfish point of view. Because if you do not have a healthy relationship to yourself - you cannot establish or thrive in any healthy relationships to other people, your community or to the world.

‘‘Thought shapes lives.’

Your mindset is the sum total of your beliefs, values, identity, expectations, attitudes, habits, decisions, opinions and thought patterns about yourself, others and life. It determines your behaviour, outlook and mental attitude. It is the filter through which you interpret what you see and experience. Your mindset shapes your life and draws to you results that are an exact reflection of it.

A belief is a thought that a person holds to be true about something. Beliefs are solid ideas stored in your subconscious mind whether they are true or not. Your subconscious mind power is like a magnet. When you have a certain belief in your subconscious mind, your subconscious mind will vibrate based on this belief and attract events and people that resonate with or correspond to this belief. Each belief is accompanied by an emotion.

Beliefs form in a variety of ways:

• We tend to internalize the beliefs of the people around us during childhood.

• People may adopt the beliefs of a charismatic leader, even if those beliefs fly in the face of all previous beliefs, and produce actions that are clearly not in their own self-interest.

• The primary thrust of the advertising industry is that repetition forms beliefs, as do associations of
beliefs with images of sex, love, and other strong positive emotions.

• Physical trauma, especially to the head, can radically alter a person's beliefs.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Beliefs are key components of our personalities and senses of identity, and our expressions of beliefs often define us to others. Many of our reactions to others are based on our beliefs and our perceptions of them.

Limiting beliefs include:
• Fear of our greatness
• Fear of not being (good) enough
• Fear of not being loved
• Fear of rejection
• Fear of failure
• Fear of success

Limiting beliefs often involve, ‘I can’t….. ‘Any time you believe you cannot be or do something you are eliminating it as a possibility.

Having set out any limiting beliefs, we limit our existence within the scope of these beliefs. Moreover, we are constantly on the lookout for evidences to support these beliefs.

Like energy attracts like energy. You attract to yourself those things and circumstances and people that are in vibrational harmony with your dominant, mental attitude, habitual thoughts and beliefs.

The attractive power of any particular thought is determined by how often you have that thought and by the strength of the feelings or emotions associated with it. The more energy you give to a particular thought, the greater its power to attract its corresponding circumstance into your physical world.

Thoughts have energy. Like physical energy, which has a positive or negative charge, so does the energy created by your thoughts. Each time you entertain a specific thought you emit a very specific, corresponding frequency or energy vibration. Negative thoughts create negative events. Positive thoughts create positive events. The energy of thought is either stored in physical structures or is transmitted into the universe, it never dies.

Every thought interacts with the energy of the universe. Negative thought looks for other negatives thought energies to bind with. Eventually a matrix of negative thought energy is created and forms a thought wave. These powerful negative thought waves manifest themselves in our lives.

Positive thought energy also seeks out other positive energies. If you are a source of positive thought energy, positive and beneficial energy will return to you in many wonderful and unexpected ways.

Again everything that happens in your life has a direct connection with the type of energy that you are charging the universe with. You alone are responsible for the type of energy created by your life.

Becoming aware of the power of your own thoughts is the most important step.

Being aware is the key. Once we are aware of the negative thought energy in our lives we can take measures to eliminate it. The critical first step however is simply being aware of the existence and effects of these energies.

Let us take this into a greater context.

Quantum Physics has shown that there is a field of energy, a measurable web, that permeates everything that is intelligent and that responds to human energy. This field of energy has been called the ‘Mind of God’ by some Scientists, and is more commonly known as the 'Quantum Hologram'.

All creation is connected through this field of energy - the Quantum Hologram.

Human thoughts, feelings and emotions are vibrations that create patterns in the Quantum Hologram. For example, positive emotions have a higher vibration. Negative emotions have a lower vibration.

Some of the earlier studies on the Quantum Hologram focused on the way our DNA sets patterns in the field of energy. It’s been shown in studies that feelings of compassion, gratitude, understanding, appreciation, and love actually relax the strands of DNA in our bodies. Prolonged exposure to these positive emotions actually allows the DNA strands to unwind, which allows the individual access to all the genetic options or possibilities for health and life.

On the other hand, anger and frustration tighten DNA coils, shutting down the body’s ability to respond and heal. Emotions, then, change the shape of your DNA and change the electromagnetic field of the Quantum Hologram, which is the fabric of our creation. These effects change our physical world.

The heart and brain are constantly communicating, and the heart is more than just a physical pump for blood. The heart has an energy field of it’s own that extends 5-8 feet from the body. This field of energy reflects what we “become” in our hearts as our choices produce feelings and emotions that produce effects in our physical world.

The Quantum Hologram is responding to your thoughts and feelings and changing the physical world around you each and every moment.

‘Behind every action is a thought and behind every thought is a belief.’

When you form a belief, no matter what it is, it takes a life on its own. Often it becomes unconscious - outside your awareness - and they guide your actions or inactions without your even realizing it.

You absorb and hold beliefs in your own energy field believing they belong to you. You keep feeding them by acting accordingly to your beliefs. When you are within the paradigm of a limiting belief it appears completely true - so you continue to believe in it. The limiting beliefs are like weed in your garden, which have to be eliminated.

Often you are your own greatest obstacle. That is, your biggest obstacles are your own self-limiting beliefs.

Because it is a belief, you unconsciously find ways to reinforce it. You distort or generalize your experiences or ignore evidence that would challenge that belief. Often it happens without your even realizing you are doing it.

By becoming aware and conscious you illuminate those limiting beliefs that do not serve you. Your awareness becomes a beam of light. By making an inventory you can break through the layers of denial, ego, image projections and false beliefs.

'Only with self-awareness can we see where our steps are taking us.’

Having self-awareness allow you to see where your thoughts and emotions are taking you. It also allows you to see the controls of your emotions, behaviours and personality so you can make the changes you want. Until you are aware in the moment of the controls to your thoughts, emotions, words and behaviour, you will have difficulty making changes in the directions of your life.

So can we change our thoughts? Just the very act of monitoring our thoughts can bring an awareness that starts to change us.

Most powerful of all is to go straight to the source - what do I believe that is causing me to think, feel and act this way? What concepts have I built around this topic? This can be hard to uncover as most of it tends to be subconscious and is often from long ago. Monitoring your thoughts can give you clues to the belief system as can examining your emotions.

A new perspective allows you to have that epiphany of awareness that changes the way you see things outside the belief paradigm. Shift in point of view is the most critical.


Identify your beliefs and your agreement to those beliefs and examine them.

Having identified the limiting beliefs you should challenge them whenever they appear to you. You can do it by questioning them such as ‘is it really true that…..’

Tip: Journaling your internal dialogue
• Write the thoughts that come to your mind. Go back a couple of days later and read what your wrote. The delay process provides a shift in perspective that allow you to see your thoughts from a different point of view. The shift in perspective can break the hypnotic effect that the belief has in appearing true.

• Observe the words that come out of your mouth - the can give you clues that can help you to identify beliefs.

• Hunting emotions
By identifying the emotion it is easier to see the specific belief behind the situation and the beliefs and assumptions in the mind.

There are NLP, visualization techniques, affirmations, meditation and other techniques that can help one to overcome limiting beliefs which I will not go into detail here.

Self-awareness is developed through practices in focusing your attention on your own thought processes and behaviour. It is not learned from reading a book. When you read a book you are focusing your attention on the conceptual ideas in the book. With your attention in a book you are PRACTICING not PAYING ATTENTION to your own thoughts, emotions and behaviour.

Smash through the boundaries of what you believe is possible and break loose from your own limiting beliefs. ‘You are what you believe you are and you can do what you believe you can do.

‘What you believe, you become. What you focus on is what you attract, or create, in your life.

It is essential that we not only recognize but take responsibility for the power of what we think, say and do in creating life around us.

‘"Reality is what we take to be true.
What we take to be true is what we believe.
What we believe is based upon our perceptions.
What we perceive depends upon what we look for.
What we look for depends upon what we think.
What we think depends upon what we perceive.
What we perceive determines what we believe.
What we believe determines what we take to be true.
What we take to be true is our reality."

- Gary Zukav

I could go on and on and on and write about how belief systems determine economic, political and social structure and how shifting our beliefs affects mass consciousness.

But for now; keep in mind it’s about CHOICE - that whatever you CHOOSE to believe in any given moment - is SHAPING your life and CREATING your reality.

Sending with Love, Light & Blessings
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(¯`•´¯) Gratitude
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