Wednesday, April 1, 2009

You Can Attract It

Subject: A Special Invitation...

Dear Subscriber,

As you may remember, last year there were many teleconferences
held on the Law of Attraction, which was and still is a wildly
popular topic today. World-renowned hypnotherapist Steve G. Jones
and leading health advocate Frank Mangano held their own series of
calls on the Law of Attraction. I can say for myself, they were
perhaps some of the most fun and exciting teleconferences I have
ever heard.

After the calls however, Steve and Frank both felt that when it
came to the Law of Attraction, there was just so much to cover. And
the reason is because effectively mastering the Law of Attraction
involves a few critical steps that many people seem to have trouble

And because each area of "difficulty" varies from person to person,
to truly help everyone we would have to speak to each person
individually and that would have taken days on end with so many
people on the calls.

That's when they looked at each other and knew it was time to once
again change the world. Steve knew he needed to take the time to
start putting something together that would without question
empower anyone to master the Law of Attraction and use it to change
their lives.

After all, that's exactly what Steve used to change his life when
he was younger. Without even realizing it, he was using all of the
principles involved in the Law of Attraction to propel him forward
to the life he always dreamed of.

Frank Mangano did exactly the same thing. He went from making $400
per week working in a place he knew was not meant to be a part of
his destiny to living his dream, achieving financial independence
and writing a book that became a best seller in 3 categories on in just one year.

I am proud to announce the unveiling of their newest creation. A
200+ page electronic book entitled "You Can Attract It!"

I have been authorized to give you the opportunity to pre order
"You Can Attract It" before it is released to the general public.

Pre order Your Copy Now...
Click Here

And in "You Can Attract It", they are going to disclose every
single secret they used to dramatically improve the quality of
their lives using the Law of Attraction!

I have immersed myself in just about every piece of material on the
planet when it comes to the Law of Attraction and I can say with
complete conviction that this is the BEST!

First off, there are no gimmicks or games. Steve G. Jones and Frank
Mangano are real people who achieved real goals using the Law of

With a powerful foreword from a surprise guest who starred in the
movie "The Secret" and some of the most effective yet profound
principles, this book is a true winner.

Every single piece of material that lines the pages are supported
by hard data that is the result of years of deep research and
experience. You will discover everything there is to know about the
Law of Attraction and more importantly how to execute it.

Pre Ordering Available Tonight

And here's the best part. One of Steve's primary initiatives is
to make his products and services as affordable as possible.

Well, in honor of that initiative, (because you are a valued
customer and a subscriber of mine) you can pre order
"You Can Attract It" today for only $47.00!

This book is not yet available to the public and is scheduled for
release by April 30th at an undisclosed price.

However, by pre ordering "You Can Attract It" today, you will
not only save money but you'll also receive the Platinum Version
of Steve's bestselling hypnosis program entitled,
"Discover Abundance...Using The Law of Attraction To Get What You

This program alone sells for $79.95 and will put you in touch with
that part of you which is ready to create riches, love, and
happiness in your life NOW! Yours FREE when you pre order
"You Can Attract It" today!



If you are ready to attract all the things you truly desire out of
life, wait no more.

Pre order "You Can Attract It" by Steve G. Jones, M.Ed. and Frank
Mangano today and save yourself some money (it will make Steve feel
as though his mission is being fulfilled).

To Your Success,



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