Monday, May 12, 2008

The Art & Science of Manifesting


Series of Articles By Dr. Frederic Wiedemann

Frederic Wiedemann, PhD, is a Co-founder of Unifying Fields Foundation. In June of 2001, he left the foundation to begin another Spiritual Adventure, this time trekking in Kashmir and India for a year (during the war, no less!) with only a small backpack and a few dollars in his pocket.

We celebrate his magnificent spirit, his untamed wildness and unquenchable passion for living life to the fullest! Our lives have been truly touched by him, and we will NEVER be the same! Life is Magnificent, Delightful, and Awesome!

Frederic Wiedemann has been on the Path for many years as an artist, psychologist, poet, and published author of Between Two Worlds: the Riddle of Wholeness.

He was recently a co-director for the Unifying Fields Foundation at Sandpoint, Idaho.

A small sampling of a few of his brilliant articles:

Manifesting - The Emperors Clothes or A Sacred Authentic Path

Manifesting Series
art 1 When Are Your Desires Holy?
Part 2 Vibrating In a Certain Way
art 3 Acting In a Certain Way Part I
art 4 We Interrupt This Program - Part II
art 5 Acting In a Certain Way On A Daily Basis

You + 3rd Millennium = Transformational Manifesting

Art of Allowing Series
Allow Part 1 Just Exactly WHEN Do You Allow?
Allow Part 2 Just Exactly HOW Do You Allow?
Allow Part 3 Just Exactly WHAT Do You "Allow"?

How We Manifested Our Ranch

The Technique for Cracking the Resistance in Manifesting

The Medicine & Magic in Manifesting

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