Thursday, April 24, 2008

Intentional Ones

It's time to bring "Intentional Ones" together online!

If your interested in Mind, Body & Spirit related issues, or those of, Alternative Living (such as energy, medicine, treatments, fuels, foods, healing and more...), or just want to be "connected" with others who are, then Intentional One is for you!

Included is everything to do with, Law of Attraction, Intention, Designing Your Life, Creating, Scripting, Manifesting, Abundance, Properity, Thoughts Are Things, Visualization, Love, Mind Mapping, The Conscious & Sub-Conscious, and more...

Many links to free books and articles, with more added all the time.

Where you add the content and share with others

Intentional One, allows you to network using your choice of tools - from live video chat to email - and everything in between, with more added all the time!

There's lots of social sites to choose from these days, but we're different , because we're "focused " on bringing "like minded" people, Friends - together online !



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Living on Love

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Living on Love

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Living on Love

"Money Is Love"

Not what it sounds like

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