Monday, February 11, 2008


I just wanted to invite you to join a group on Scribd. It's called Intentional One Resources Library and we're finding lots of resources you'll love! It's growing by the minute. Tons of E-Books, Manuels, Courses, and other related items. Many you want right now. And you can also search for many, many more. Plus, upload all your own stuff if you like.

Intentional Resources Library

Intentional One @ Scribd

Intentional One Social Network
"Are You An Intentional One"
Intentional One Social Network
Mind - Body -Spirit & Much More!

KnightsIntent @ MySpace
IntentionalOne @ MySpace
IntentOne @ MySpace

KnightsIntent @ Yuwie
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KnightsIntent Here
IntentionalOne Here

The Humanity Healing Network [My Profile]

Various Related Resources From IntentionalOne

Coming Soon - Tons of Info Planned Here - Bookmark It

South Eastern States Social Internet Online Networking System
Coming Soon - Social Network For The Southeast

Manifesting Intention Blog
Home Schooling Blog
Alternative Health & Medicine Blog
Intent Mind Blog
Intentional Living Blog
Intent One Subscription Blog
Intentional Library of Information Blog
Essence of Reality Blog
Essence of Eden Blog
Free Energy Blog
*Plus all the Profile Sites have additional Blogs you can read and/or Subscribe to.

Tons of information, resources and links...from all of these sources.

Knights Blogs
IntentionalOne Blogs
Intentional Living Forums
Intentional Living Blogs
Essence of Reality Blogs
Manifesting Intentions Blogs
Living On Love Blogs

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Living on Love "The Messenger"

Living on Love

"The Shameful Secret"

Living on Love

"A Weekend With 'a' Drunken Leprechaun"

Living on Love

"Money Is Love"

Not what it sounds like

Manifesting Intention
Essence of Reality
Essence of Eden
Living On Love
The Intentional One
Knights Intent MySpace

The Intentional One Website
Essence of Eden Website
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