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Ditching Your New Years Resolutions

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"Change your mind ... and EVERYTHING changes."

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by Rebecca Fine


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"A real decision is measured by the fact that you’ve taken a new
action. If there’s no action, you haven’t truly decided."

-- Anthony Robbins

"If you change the belief first, changing the action is easier."

-- Peter McWilliams

"He who believes is strong; he who doubts is weak. Strong
convictions precede great actions."

-- J. F. Clarke


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"A New Year’s resolution is something that goes in one year and
out the other."

Here it is the very last day of January. So why on earth would I
be bringing up the subject of New Year’s Resolutions NOW?
(They’re SO last month!)

Well, simple really. That’s because I figure there’s a good
chance you made some -- or at least felt like you SHOULD make

And I also figure there’s a really good
chance they’ve already fallen by the
wayside or are in danger of that!

A friend of mine who works out at a fairly small gym says she and
the other regulars are amused to see the annual onslaught of
New-Year’s-resolution-fueled new members. Every January, she
says, it’s IMPOSSIBLE to find a parking space anywhere near the

But she and her colleagues just laugh it off. After all, they
say, by mid-February at the latest there’ll be PLENTY of spaces.

That’s the way it seems to go for most people. (Have you
noticed?) ;-)

And it’s been this way for eons -- for at least four thousand
years anyway. The ancient Babylonians are the first recorded
celebrators of the new year and the first we know of to make
resolutions -- and, it’s probably safe to assume, break at least
some of them.

Of course, for the Babylonians, the new year began at the
planting season, not in the month of January (which didn’t exist
then because the Gregorian calendar we use now didn’t come into
being until many centuries later). They believed that what you
did on that first day would have an effect on your entire year.

But while our most commonly adopted resolutions today have to do
with losing pounds, quitting smoking, or giving up
procrastination, the ancient Babylonians apparently most often
resolved ...

... to return borrowed farming equipment.

(I’m not kidding. You could look it up -- I
did. But don’t ask me HOW historians know
this stuff!)

These days, the people who study and keep track of these sorts
of things say that by March, only about 63% of the people who
made resolutions are still making an effort to follow through.
Go a few more months and the figure plummets to about 20%.

So does this mean that making resolutions is just an exercise in

Well, it can be, but doesn’t have to be. The problem may lie
more in HOW and WHY we make them than with the idea itself.

There’s value, of course, in stopping to take stock of our lives
and paying attention to what we want (or have said we want). Did
we do what we said we’d do? How do our results measure up to our
original intentions? And the arrival of a new year is a logical
and obvious time to do this.

But I’d like to suggest to you that unless you have a great track
record of holding true to your New Year’s resolutions, this year
would be a great time to let go of that old process and try
something a bit different.

Remember the famous definition of insanity --
Doing the same thing over and over and hoping
for different results?

Can’t happen.

Mr. Wattles points it out, too: "It is a
natural law that like causes ALWAYS produce
like effects."

With all this in mind, let’s look at three ways we can turn the
old, insane resolution-setting process on its ear ...


1st. Start from a place of power.

Most of us have a tendency to view the "taking stock" process as
an opportunity to beat ourselves up and find fault with
everything we have NOT accomplished.

Well, enough of that garbage!

This year, give yourself some credit for what you HAVE
accomplished! Make a list, and don’t fall into the trap of
thinking anything is too SMALL to be significant. In one way or
another, in one area or another (and likely in MANY), you’ve
come a long, long way.

Acknowledge yourself. Congratulate yourself. Even REWARD
yourself. Be grateful! Think about what feels GOOD to you
instead of what doesn’t because THEN you are focusing on what
you want instead of the lack of it (and what you think about you
are "impressing" on the Formless).

So, yeah, some things fell through the cracks. Take a look at
that, too, WITHOUT the drama. Re-evaluate those things. Maybe
you didn’t follow through because they weren’t really all that
important to you after all. Or maybe your inner self realized
that you simply weren’t yet ready to take any action that would
be truly useful.

Then, let the past go and move on.

Think of all the experiences you’ve had and the good you’ve
gained from each (even the ones that didn’t feel so good at

Think of all the good of every kind that you’ve enjoyed.

How about the love you’ve given and received? The happiness
you’ve experienced and helped create for others?

Marcus Aurelius said, "Take full account of what excellencies
you possess, and in gratitude remember how you would hanker
after them, if you had them not."

Good for you, my friend! YOU possess MANY "excellencies."
Congratulations on your year of accomplishment and growth! And
"bon voyage" on your coming year of adventure!


2nd. Give up the all-or-nothing, only-perfection-will-do

It’s doomed from the start. And it’s a major form of scarcity
thinking. ("This isn’t enough. There isn’t enough. I’m not
enough." Or, "This isn’t good enough. I’m not good enough.")

If that just gave you a kick in the stomach because you’re a
"perfectionist," well, good.

Truth is, if you think that you are, it’s proof that you’re not.

What you really are is an IMperfectionist because you’re looking
at everything trying to find what’s NOT perfect about it. And
especially in yourself.

You’re putting your focus on that, so that sense of what’s
lacking is what you’re impressing on the Formless Substance.

Look, you can’t "break" a resolution by "messing up" just once
or even a bunch of times. Whenever you notice you’ve gotten a
bit off-course (and you can always tell simply by paying
attention to how you FEEL), then get back on-track by shifting
your thoughts over to something that feels good -- like the
having of something you want.

The Apollo 11 rocket which landed people on
the moon for the first time back in 1969 was
off-course 97% of the time. In other words, it
was only ON-course a tiny 3% of its journey.
And yet that rocket managed to hit its target
and accomplish its mission.

Keep it simple: Pay attention. Correct your course. Continue
feeling good.

No need to be perfect. No need to get bent out of shape when
you’re not, because, in fact, that negative feeling shows that
you’re heading AWAY from what you desire.

(And remember: You ARE enough. You are WAY more than merely
"enough." You have access to "all the mind there is!")


3rd. Follow Mr. Wattles’ advice to be "clear and specific."

Lots of people come up with lengthy laundry lists of of vague,
wishy-washy "resolutions" with no real "oomph" in them. Often we
don’t even REALLY care about them at all. They’re just
fashionable or what we think we "should" care about, or based on
what we think other people expect of us.

(Meanwhile, those other people aren’t
thinking about US at all; they’re too busy
wondering what other people are thinking
about THEM!)

What do I mean? You know, "resolutions" like this:

I’ll lose this extra weight.
I’ll be a better ____ (parent/son/daughter/friend/spouse), etc.
I’ll clear my card debt.

Unclear statements like this can NEVER engender any real
enthusiasm. As a matter of fact, they’re far more likely to
cause you to feel bad rather than good because they all focus on
something that’s MISSING rather than on what’s truly desired.

So the disappointing results we harvest later on should come as
no surprise.

This year, how about taking some time (if you haven’t done so
already) to sit alone quietly and reflect on what it is you
TRULY WANT to be, do, and have in your life?

Play with the idea, focus your energy of attention on it until
it’s clear and sharp and big enough to be EXCITING to you, until
you feel WONDERFUL just thinking about it. (It doesn’t matter at
all what anyone else might think of it.)

Remember the man in The Science of Getting Rich who after
achieving some initial success realized that he hadn’t asked
enough? Remember what he did then?

"He went through the house in which he lived,
and planned all the improvements he would
like to make in it. He mentally added a bay
window here and a room there until it was
complete in his mind as his ideal home, and
then he planned its furnishings."

Nothing vague, hazy, or so-so there. He got clear about what he
truly wanted -- what he felt real enthusiasm for -- a mental
picture complete in every detail.

"Holding the whole picture in his mind, he
began living in the certain way and moving
toward what he wanted -- and he owns the house
now and is rebuilding it after the form of
his mental image. And now, with still larger
faith, he is going on to get greater things."

Nothing vague about his results either!

It seems he followed Mr. Wattles’ advice to think about what he
desired in a way that let him "enter at once into the full
enjoyment" of that desire.

So there you have it, my friend. If you’re still thinking of
making a resolution for this year -- or RE-making some! -- why
not do it in a way that’s enjoyable, builds faith and
self-esteem, and actually points you in the direction of success?

That means choosing to think about what feels
good to you and letting go of what doesn’t.

(And while you’re at it, you might as well go ahead and give
back all that borrowed farm equipment you’ve been meaning to
return ...) ;-D



"After reading and re-reading Wattles’ book, I finally purchased
the book on tape. I have a new job with a 30-minute commute, and
I figured I’d be better off listening to that than to the
nonsense on the radio.

"... I’ve never been a big believer in learning via listening, at
least not for myself. I like to have the book in my hand. Well,
these tapes have changed everything!

"By listening to Rebecca read, I am hearing inflections and
emphases that did not come across in the book, since I read it
the way I read it, which never changes. I am so enjoying
listening, rewinding, stopping the tape, thinking about what I’ve
heard ...

"I don’t think I’ll go back to the book for awhile, my learning
in this way feels so profound."

-- JOYCE HOLLMAN in Kennebunkport, Maine, USA


Thank you, Joyce. I, too, used to prefer reading over listening.
But once I gave listening a real chance I was "sold," and now I
love listening to all kinds of positive, useful books in my car.

(By the way, in the back of your gift copy of SOGR, there’s a
little "how-to" for using the printed book and the audio
together. Powerful stuff!)

Now, my friend, get your own SCIENCE OF GETTING RICH AUDIOBOOK --
on two CDs or audiocassettes -- at:


Order online, by fax, or with the "print and mail" form you’ll
find there on that web page.



BILL in Anchorage, Alaska, USA:

"I just had to say that I am amazed what applying the principles
of SOGR can do. Within the last three weeks my wife and I were
able to set up a plan to clear our debt where previously it had
appeared hopeless. People who wouldn’t negotiate suddenly left
the picture and different people were open to a plan which places
us on the path towards solvency.

"In the last few days I figured out a simple reallocation of our
finances which will allow us to build up our savings so that we
will be able to afford the down payment for the house that we
want. The amazing thing is that the change in my behavior that
allows this is so simple.

"Everything has been sitting there the whole
time. All of the elements for success have
been there forever but I never saw them
because I wasn’t looking for them.

"In less than a month I have gone from doubting that we would
ever own a home or be debt free to being on a path where I can
see that in 12 months we will be able to go house shopping.

"Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t all milk and honey. I still have
doldrum days where I get in a funk and think negatively but now I
apply my will and bring myself back to thinking and acting in "a
certain way". Instead of moving onto the next book or program I
focus on returning myself to the SOGR principles.

"If it gets too tough to envision my long term success on a bad
day I focus shorter time frames. Sometimes its about making the
next half hour better. I remind myself that the only time that I
have to act is NOW!

"Anyways, sorry about the long post but I just wanted to let
people know that these principles work, sometimes in spectacular
ways and sometimes in mundane circumstances but they do work."


Great news, Bill! Isn’t that feeling of FREEDOM fantastic?

I especially like your tip about the "shorter time frames."
Sometimes we tend to get too caught up in the big picture and
it’s useful to remember that, as our friend Wally tells us, NOW
is the only time we ever have. Thanks for that reminder and for
your other contributions to the Practical GeniusesTM Course

Now, my friend, jump into the flow of giving and receiving by
sharing YOUR experiences, ideas, questions, etc. on the Science
of Getting Rich NETwork Public Discussion Forum at:


The SOGR Discussion Forum features personal profiles, search,
private topics and even a special Forum just for "Practical

What’s a "Practical GeniusTM?" Funny you should ask ;-) ...

BILL is! (And by the way, YOU are a genius, too!)


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Set Your Own Tuition? YES!


"Here is a little piece for all the skeptics and a little
encouragement for the other members.

"This is an unsolicited testimonial given of my own free will.

"Since starting SOGR my personal wealth has grown by $3 million I
also have five properties, two businesses, I holiday three times
a year, and I have never been happier in my life.

"I spread my new-found knowledge to various groups in public
speaking, and I am surrounded by like-minded people who have
become my friends. If an one can find a better format to lead
your life than SOGR [Practical] Genius course I wish to know
about it ...

"Whilst writing I would like to thank Rebecca from the bottom of
my heart for all she has done for me, we even locked horns on one
occasion and for this I apologise. If any of you still have any
doubts as to the power of this [Practical GeniusesTM] course
perhaps you better stick to doing LOTTO.

"May you all find abundance."

-- IAN (CROZ) CROSSLEY, Perth, Western Australia, Australia

NOTE: I had somehow overlooked this message from Croz on the SOGR
NETwork Discussion Forum until earlier this month when readers
added to the "thread" and brought it back up. Croz added this
(and a LOT more):

"Not bragging, but this is an old posting and
the three million is history, once you start
you cannot stop it."

What FUN, Croz! And you are SO right: Once you make the shift in
thinking, everything just keeps getting better and better. Thanks
for the updates on your success. More like that!


The Science of Getting Rich for Practical GeniusesTM -- the only
online course where you SET YOUR OWN TUITION -- is a great way to
take stock of your prosperity progress and then beef up or
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Now, is The Science of Getting Rich for Practical GeniusesTM
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You’re in a hurry and the light turns red. "Just my luck!" you
say as you smack the wheel in frustration.

Sound familiar?

Stop for a moment and give that some thought. Isn’t it odd that
when something we don’t care for happens, we CLAIM it as our due?
As if, OF COURSE, that’s how it happened? As if that’s what we
EXPECTED all along?

Now, if American English isn’t your everyday language, this
particular phrase may not be something you use, but I’ll bet
you’ve got an equivalent! ;-D

And these kinds of sayings that seem so "natural" to us, so
harmless, really do point to our underlying expectations. (We’ve
got a whole LifeLabTM in the Practical GeniusesTM course just
about the words we use so unconsciously.)

Well, someone close to me brought this to my attention the other
day. Rosa had watched a fellow waiting in line at the bank, and
just has he got to the teller’s window, the teller said, "I’ll be
right back," and took off.

At that moment Rosa thought, if that happened to ME, I’d be
thinking: Just my luck!

But then, she told me, she caught herself: Hey, why does it have
to be something unpleasant or negative that we use that phrase
with? How strange that is.

And so right then she decided to STOP thinking or saying that in
those kinds of circumstances and to BEGIN saying it when things
go just the way she wants!

Great idea!

So all this past week I’ve paid attention and delightedly noticed
her saying, "Just my luck!" when the light turns GREEN, or the
class she wanted to take still had a spot for her, or she arrived
somewhere early without needing to hurry.

Just my luck!

You know what? It’s FUN to do, and it can really give you a lift,
which means it’s pointing your thoughts toward more of what you
want instead of away from it. Perfect!

Why not give it a try yourself, my friend?

Changing your thinking is the fastest way there is to change your
"luck" -- the ONLY way.

(And if you think of any other phrases you can turn around in
this way, please post them in the Discussion Forum so we can all
enjoy and benefit from them. Thanks!)

’Til next month ...

Many blessings, and of course --
EXPECT Success! (Of course -- that’s just my luck!)


P.S. Hey, when you have a few minutes, check out the rest of the
exciting discussion with Croz from Oz about his wonderful success


Also, Croz has had such success with SOGR, he’s now sharing it
with others in a big way. See for yourself (and catch him on
video, too) at:



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