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Free Resources For Mind Body Spirit & More

Free Light Resources for the Light Worker

A lot of free items will be available here, but I can only build so fast, so keep coming back for more free light tools, light audios, and light ebooks.

Just click on the links below to get your Free Inspiration.

Note - There is quite a mix of resources below. Please use those free items that speak to you at this time. The other ones? Well, they are for the other people!

New Free Talking Ebook on The Secrets of Manifesting.

Watch this short 3 minute video about using your mind to access the
universal consciousness and get several free mind power resources.

Watch the free short video at top...

I Create Reality

Free Talking Ebook Still available. Get your Talking Ebook on the Masters of The Secret, and learn the behind-the-scenes secrets that didn’t make it into the movie.

Get the Free 7 part course:
Largest Collection Of Powerful Self-improvement Books Available Anywhere

Free Copy of Law of Attraction - The Bigger Picture, by Aine Belton, or check out all seven parts of the Miracle Mind Manifesting Program.

Affirmation Enhancer Tool. Magnify The Power Of Your Affirmations 200-fold!
[Get the Free Reports & Tips at top]

Free Notes From The Universe, from Mike Dooley. These are so witty and insightful - They will make your day!

Free Positive Emotion List for Use in Holographic Creation.

Self Improvement & Mind Power Products. A Choice Selection Of Quality Self Improvement And Mind Power Products For Your Personal Transformation.

Printable PDF on the Ten Laws of Attraction.

Free PDF and Poster on Ten Simple Steps to Manifesting Desires.

Downloadable list on the Ten Purposes of Life.

Developing Psychic Powers. This Is The Ultimate And Proven Course For Developing Psychic Powers With Three Powerful, Proven Books Covering All You Need To Know To Dvelop Your Own Psychic Powers In The Minimum Amount Of Time. [Get the Free Chapters before they discontinue them]

Free PDF of 12 Ways to Consciously Create What You Want in 2007.

Get your free download of Your Invisible Power, by Genevieve Behrend.

Get the 10 Free Lessons: Your 10 Free Mind Power Lessons!Your 10 Free Mind Power Lessons! You Are Just Moments Away From Discovering How To Instantly Develop Your Mind-Power And Endless Potential.

Check out the Forums and some additonal Free Information parts of the site: How To Lucid Dream And Have Out Of Body ExperiencesHow To Lucid Dream And Have Out Of Body Experiences. 70 Min. Video Packed With Tips That Many Have Used To Have Their 1st OBEs And Lucid Dreams. See How To Enter A Subconscious Focus Without Using Mental Visualizations. Learn A Powerful Teleporting Obe Visualization To Do A Wake Induced Lucid Dream Or Wild.

One of my most popular guided audio meditations. Try this eight minute
Free Guided Meditation.

Also - You can get 34 free Money Mastery Methods right now from my well known Free Money Ebook.

Get Free newsletter and lots of Free Info here: Learn About Reiki
Learn About Reiki

Radical Reiki - Radical Life. Attune Yourself To Reiki Right Now...Powerful New System Shows You How. [Get the Free 7 part course...about half way down page]

Free PDF on Ten Ways to Create Money, by Apryl Jensen.

Online Tao de Ching from Sacred Texts.

See the Free Movie at top of page...
I Create Joy

Free Quantum Mind Power Brainwave Entrainment Audio

Free Holosync Brainwave Entrainment Audio

Full Version of the Serenity Prayer PDF with waterfall background.

23rd Psalm Poster - Using the Psalm as a lesson in manifesting.

Tons of free books and info:

Formulas For Everything + Everything Else [click on forward to new site]

Healing Humanity Network

More free light products very soon, so keep checking back. You may want to bookmark this light worker page so you will find it easily.

Enjoy the light,


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Only 2 Free Chapters of this book but some good info:
Astral Projection : Learn The Secrets Of Safely Leaving Your Body. Learn How To Get Free From Your Physical Body Limitations. Within 30-60 Days! Fly Over Your City Like A Bird, Go For Skydiving, Visit Any Planet, Walk Through Walls, Meet Deceased Loved Ones, Communicate With Your Spiritual Guides.

Get the Free e-course and newsletter for mini manifesting:
Manifest A Miracle. A Complete Resource On How To Use The Power Of The Law Of Attraction And Reality Creation!

Click on the Inspirations and Links of the site for Free Stuff:
Self-Healing Expressions ~ Holistic Healing. Holistic Self-help, E-learning Courses On Reiki, Shamanism, Dream Interpretation, Miracles, Nutrition, Angels, Spirit Guides, Feng Shui, Grief Healing, Pet Loss, Laughter Therapy, Life Purpose, Journaling, Scrapbooking, Meditation, Goddess, Soul Mates

Subscribe to the free Newsletter, near bottom:
E-Books For Eft And The Heart & Soul. Eft, Holistic Healing, Being Therapeutic, How To Teach Classes, Spiritual Kinesiology And Many More Transformational Resources

Inspirational Quotations Daily

Mind Body Spirit Journal:

Reiki Courses and Info:

Holistice Harmony Network Publish Your Book Now Indigio Articles

Our Ultimate Reality. Highly Acclaimed Reference For Wealth, Health, Meditation, Astral Projection, Spiritual Evolution And Much More. 572 Pages.
Our Ultimate Reality Has Changed The Lives Of Numerous People.

The Humanity Healing Yahoo Group

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Self Help Street - Worth Getting Their Freebies!

OK, this site "Self Help Street" is definately worth checking out.

They claim you can get $4.570 worth self-growth, self-development goodies for free!
What you need to do is just to subscribe to their free newsletter.
Useually these kind of giveaways are not that great, but personally, theirs are worth getting for.

Here’s a list (well, a part of...) of goodies you can get for free.

How to Get the Truth Out of Anyone
Discover EFT, with the ULTIMATE Manual
Mind Mapping Software
Get ANYBODY to Like You in 30 Seconds!
Relaxation Screensaver - with 250+ Images!
Holistic Healing Secrets
Advanced Memory Course
Overcoming Addictions Book
Motivator Software
Temptation Blocker
The Ultimate Self-Esteem Workbook
47 Secret Herbal Remedies!
177 Ways to Burn Those Calories!
404 Self-Improvement Tips
$10 Discount Against Subliminal Power
Introduction toHypnosis
and more...

And, here’s a message from the person runs this website.

"This is Bradley Thompson. I’m the man behind popular self-help products, such as the famed Subliminal Power tool - currently used by over 1 million individuals throughout the globe.

I also run “The Self-Development Newsletter” (from a popular e-mail newsletter sent out to customers of my products and self-help enthusiasts.

Each week, I keep individuals up-to-date with all the latest happenings in the self-growth industry.

From critical reviews to free downloads, special offers to inside developments, this is THE newsletter to subscribe to if you’re interested in the power of personal growth.

Remember, these aren’t poorly-produced e-books you’ll find floating around everywhere on the Internet.
In fact, I’ve been involved in the production of many of these products myself – so I can vouch for their quality......"

Just vist and take a look at this site.
If it’s rubbish, I wouldn’t recommend it to you anyway...

Free Affirmation E-Book, free affirmations and free articles... Cedarfire: Tools for Your Mind, Soul and Spirit
affirmation ebook to empower you and transform your life containing thirty-one ... and discover for yourself that you can reconnect with your Spirit

Tons of Free e-books:
Body & Spirit | Healthy Body, Natural Body, Body & Spirit ebooks
Free features Body & Spirit ebooks, Healthy Body, Natural Body. ... The problem with many of us is that we have to train our mind for a majority ...

will add to this list as I find them in my files and other places...feel free to add your on if you pass them on, and send me a copy...thanks D~
"social network for lightworkers to earthworkers"

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