Wednesday, May 2, 2007

No Coincidences

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There really is no such thing as coincidence, the universe is not random and things don’t happen coincidently. A coincidence is a synchronicity and we each make our own synchronicities happen. For the sake of this article and the fact that the word “coincidence” is so widely used and accepted I will continue to use it instead of the word “synchronicity”. Our habitual thinking, our beliefs, what we truly think about in life and our beliefs about our possibilities in life actually generate coincidences in our daily reality.

A coincidence is an event that you made happen, it is not a random possibility, a stroke of luck or anything else. You not only made it happen, you wanted it to happen and that is why a coincidence needs your careful attention. Everytime you notice a coincidence you need to give it some careful yet relaxed thought. Get into a relaxed frame of mind when you contemplate what that coincidence really means to you. Consider what has been on your mind lately and get at least a basic idea of what you have been asking the universe for. By this I mean, what have you been habitually thinking about and what did the coincidence mean to you at the exact moment you recognized the coincidence appear.

Maybe you have been thinking constantly about a new way to generate money and then some type of coincidence happened and you thought, wow what a coincidence, I had been think about that and then I got a sign that might lead me to what I want. This is when you have to take it, take action, take control and don’t let that coincidence slip through your fingers. A coincidence is a sign from the universe that it is offering you a chance to have what you want but you have to take action or you wont get what it is you want. Nothing ever comes without taking some type of action.

Perhaps you’ve been considering going back to school or taking an evening education class on something that interests you so you can get a better and more rewarding job, then you meet a friend who tells you about a great night time college that offers that same type of class you have been thinking about. This is the sort of coincidence I am talking about and when this happens it happens for a reason. The path to take may not always be clear but if you relax and clear your mind, maybe before bed or when you get a chance to rest you can calmly ask your subconscious for the answer and your subconscious will always respond, you just need to give it time.

Often you won’t need to ask you subconscious for the answer as you will know intuitively what you need to do after you recognize the coincidence occur. It’s times like these where you can act almost immediately and know that this coincidence will lead you to where you have subconsciously wanted to go. The key to taking action and following where a coincidence may lead you is to let go and trust in the universe and avoid thoughts of fear. Fear is a conditioned response and is only an illusion. The fear doesn’t exist, only the idea of fear, so if you disregard the idea of fear and trust you are taking the right steps, you will be.

Letting go of fear can be difficult as we all know but from now on every time you notice a coincidence, take a close look at where your instincts lead you and get an inner feeling about this. It is this inner feeling in the pit of your stomach that will indicate what direction you should take. A coincidence can lead you in a number of potential directions and it’s up to you to decide which path to take. If the concept of following coincidences is new to you, just take it one step at a time and practice. Practice looking for that true inner feeling you get inside you and when you are ready, take action. Taking action in your life leads to overcoming fear, greater confidence and an overwhelming sense of fulfillment.

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