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From Illusion to Full Consciousness

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To wake up from The Illusion to full consciousness By Ben-Arion

Go behind the veil of the ego and get to know your true self. That which loves in the space of the eternal now, through you and around you. The spark of love and life itself in a conscious experience.

We are all disguised masters with unique gifts. The cassier in the supermarket, the waitress at the restaurant or the bus driver. Everyone, though, is differently aware of their Spiritual nature and that they are creators of their own universes. We are not separeted, we are one consciousness which experiences itself through many experiences and many levels of consciousness. Your surroundings are like a multidimensional mirror where you can get to know other parts of yourself. But at the same time you experience yourself as the individual and unique being that you are right now. With different perspectives on ourselves a richer experience of whom we are is born. So embrace your opposite, it is a part of yourself. We are living in the time of changes, where we grow into our new roles on planet earth. A role with big responsibility but also in joy, since we are many who are consious now, who together integrates a higher frequency and a new way of living. Changes are happening in the physical body on quantum level. New energies are rebuilding your cells and they fill you with light and less materia. Emotionally and physically things can seem like a rollercoaster, and this depends on that the body is now adjusting to a higher amperage or frequency of light.

The periods of integrations goes in cycles. You can have periods when you feel completely exhausted and others when you feel whole and complete. The energies are balanced and are constantly integrated. The human body cannot receive too much light at the same time. It would lead to overload and physical death. Therefor it comes in intervals and in the pace that we are ready for. When we rise in frequency everything will become more harmonical. It can be compared to an instrument that is being tuned in to an orchestra: the more tunes we bring to it, the more beautiful and concious we become. It has been shown in tests that water that has been exposed to negativelly projected thoughtforms shaped non-symetric and chaotic chrystal patterns, while positive thoughts shaped beautiful and symetrical patterns. This shows very well how thoughts can effect everything that we focus on. The inner state is reflected, and like your reality that is why it is important that you find inner peace and anchor it in Mother Earth. This, in its turn, creates a peaceful awakening to you and your fellow creatures. What you focus on, you get more of. This is a time when we must get to know what we want with our lives - and to leave heavy burdens which doesn´t surve any purpose on our journey inwards. Your whole life´s beliefs and values can actually have surved their purpose: to show you your way. You are ready to expand beyond wrong and right. To feel the possibilities and to have faith in the future. Accept as far as you are able, that you are an eternal soul with the ability to love through everything. It is your mission.


It is a process to wake up to full awareness, old patterns that needs to be looked at/overseen/, addictions of different kinds, foodhabits, how we talk to other humans/people and what we believe about ourselves gets a lot of attention now when we need to change clothing. The relation you have to yourself is the first and most important step to freedom. It is when you are centered in yourself that you really can give to others without expectations. The awards for your work comes to you in abundance without you having to think about it. Programmed, emotional patterns that are deeply rooted inside you has to be ackknowledged and forgiven. You just have to have the insight in your heart that you will go beyond the limitations of your thought, that you want to find peace in who you are, that is spiritual development. To love yourself and your environment makes your cells sing in a higher frequency and you are now in tune to the miracles of the higher worlds. This is your home. To be in your center means to consciously tune in your whole body, without thoughts, to feel the silence in your body and to let yourself rest in the knowledge that you are eternal and that all is good except how stormy it is on the outside. Close your eyes and fell safe. If it is hard for you to find this center, 20 minutes daily mediation is recommended, when you focus on breathing in and out at the same time as you focus on your heart. You can call this to "breath with your heart", it opens your gate to harmony, bliss and peace.

Your body is your temple and a gift. When you take in more light in your physical body you will become more sensitive to certain types of food and to what you put in your mouth. Your body will protest and lovingly tell you what you can eat, if you listen to it gently. Some people might become vegetarians and get more conscious about what they eat. Many things in the stores includes artificial and manipulated ingridients which isn´t good for the body. Physical training can also help keep the energies in balance. If you are able, then do this. Your whole body is like a big building project and it happens things on many levels. It can sometimes feel uncomfortable, but it is nothing to be afraid of. If all too much is happening you can ask for the process to slow down a bit and for guidance. You just have to talk to your guides, who are always by your side. You might not think that they here you, but I promise you that they do all they can, in many ways - don´t try to figure out how -accept that the voice of your heart has been heard and go on as well as you can.

The world lives in us and we can choose which world we want to create. Everything is created through the heart. When we rise our requency through meditation and focus to our inner light, channels are opening up in the body that gives access to knowledge and clearsight. Your body becomes lighter and more receptible to the higher light, the higher frequencies activates DNA inside our body that totally changes our being and perspective. We are on our way to who we really are, behind layers of denial and fear is the core, our monad.

It is very important now to learn to monitor our thoughts and feelings, to go outside the Threedimensional drama, like you put the a cable in the computer with higher ampere, we must tune our heart to the higher energies of conciousness. This is important since we easily can be drawn down in the lower vibrations if we loose our center and there we are of no use. We are here to guide and to show the way to others in this transformation into the fifth dimension, a higher frequency of life. Now to go in our truth and to speak our truth beyond the drama and the collective illusion that so many lives in and has gotten stuck in. When you accelerate in your shift and the perspective how you look at the world, you are at the same time helping many other humans, you become like a lightship on open waters that sends out a signal to others who are ready to hear and to integrate a morde conscious presense. It can be compared to rings on the water, they grow bigger and bigger from the center.

Many confused and slumbering souls are ready to open their heart and you will be there for them. It is a challenge to follow your joy in every now, but if you follow your own knowledge and the feeling that harmonicly vibrate in your heart. A song that never doubts and only loves. This is the door to your multidimensional being, in the heart exists a doorway to pure being. In the now you are always reborn. This is where you find power and beauty in life. As conscious spiritual guide and messange to many humans you only have to follow your heart. Not be afraid of what you are feeling right now, love what you are afraid of and you will become free from it. You melt the lower vibrations like is on a hot summer day in your heart. With training this will be your natural state. Many people will turn to you, they can see who you are. Rembember that you are not here to shuffle over what you know to someone else and think that it will make them grow. The souls who are ready will come to you with questions and are open to your guidance. The more love you open up to, the more you will meet of what we call challanges. People will see that something is different with you, what is the secret? They will feel uncomfortable around you because they don´t know what to feel.

Integrity is not always to be kind and a loving person who talks about light all the time. It is to embrace every part of oneself and to live life to the fullest in every now. Many people live another humans truth and not their own and you are here to show that The Truth is inside of them and that is where we all can meet, here outer happenings, despite level or attitude - is embraced by love, unconditional love. Your precense is needed and you should not be afraid to love your way through the problems. You can be a master just like Jesus. Know yourself, he said, and if you know yourself then you know everyone else like yourself. Then you can walk in the middle of the storm without becoming effected. The road to full consciousness is to go your own way and also to enbrace the path of your fellow human beings. Everyone is not ready to take a hugh leap in consciousness, and this is fully respected and loved.

Meeting with yourself… By Ben-Arion

Will I become enlightened in some years from now or maybe in my next life? Will the extraterrestrials land in the year 2012? Are thoose important questions to ask ourselves? It might not be that important with the words when, where and how? All this expectation about the future, projected thoughts that promises a better way of life. We read spiritual books and meditate, perhaps we eat better food, but are we doing it because we feel stressed on a spiritual level or is it to achive a specific goal or to please someone else. If we can let go of our expectations about how things will look and be, then everything can fall into place much easier. This eternal waiting for enlightenment, trying to be some spriritual person who is perfect and has all the answers, it´s time to let go of that attitude and to receive all that is now, where everything already is in harmony. To be in the world and to se all that happens beyond the borders of the physical materia, to see unity in everything.

Conflicts and confusion that arise in the world is because of a lack of self-knowledge. All humans achive higher knowledge when they are ready, and you can be an example for higher knowledge by devoting yourself to the power that exists inside all living creatures, whom the human calls God. You gladly want to jump in and help and explain for thoose you love that they themselves create their experiences on their own, that the solution is forgiveness.

To see situations in sympathy and too love them for what they are going through are important, because everyone will come to insight, after stumbelling as blind people in darkness, searching for a light that has always existed inside of them. Everyone meets who they need to get answers to their questions, maybe not everything, but exaxtly what you need to go on. We don´t need answers to all questions, that is a first lesson, the answers come when we least expect it. You could say that we open up to higher "thoughts" and you don´t have to be afraid or expect to "know" everything that happens. Have faith in the process that is you and that is All that is. Instead, go beyond the questions and recieve what is given to you. Everything you see in your life are Symbols that help you to grow, they are reflections, you can learn from them if you see yourself in them. That you are one and the same, WE ARE ONE! When you forgive your hindrances and trials, they let go of you. You practice love on planet earth in the physical, that is remarkable. It is no easy task, but you know how to do it.

That our cosmical friends are starting to show themselves more and more to thoose who are ready for them is a process. You are in that process and everything has its meaning. You can notice ways to compare and analyze your experiences, but it is in order, it is a part of the human "mind" we do it when we want answers. Pray from your heart, a quiet inquire, that the answers will come to you in the pace that you are ready for. Ask and you will be given, knock and the door will open. You already know everything, but the "fog" lightens with love, not to frighten you. You are about to wake up from the dream you have dreamt so long, from the one you think you are to the one you really are.

When fear arises in you, see it and love it, to become free from illusion we must love and forgive, not judge, that keeps us in duality and separation. To try to fix something outside only gives a temporary solution. When you really love every part of yourself no resistance can arise inside. Then conflicts can be understood like the real illusions they are. Fear and separation arises then you have something to defend and something to compare to. To defend yourself, has its ground in the belief that what is outside oneself is someone else, but which is really a mirror of what you have inside.

The illusion of dreams

All meetings help you become free from the illusion. Everything you see around you is like a dream, you even have at night. Maybe you even catch yourself dreaming, it becomes a counsious dream. If you are appearant in the dream it can´t affect you as much as if you weren´t. When you dream you know that you aren´t actually there, but that you are elsewhere, you are lying at home in your bed. It´s the same now, you aren´t really here, it´s a projection of the mind. You are already with God, but you have a physical sense of being here. Dreams aren´t real, not more real than you make them. Enlightenment is not about changing the dream but wakening from the dream, because in the illusion there is no truth. Rembember that the truth is presented on many levels of conciousness, the truth is more far-reaching and more obvious, it can´t no longer be communicated in words, because the truth is and exists with everyone. There is no way there, because you are already there. That´s the illusion. To wake up from the dream happens through forgiveness. When you forgive experiences you are no longer bound to the illusion, because you now it isn´t for real/the truth

Humans dream together a collective dream here on earth, there are thoose who stroll around unconsious here like robots and acting out their feelings without trying to find out what caused them. You can shake them to awareness with your presens, but they will calmly and still glide back to the same level again after a while. Everyone who is ready to wake up will see the truth and hear it. Everything is happening to you right now because it is a part of you and you can´t escape meeting yourself, more and more will be given to you, it´s nothing you decide on your own, so don´t stress yourself up to get results. Let it come like the wind on a summer night, totally natural, in joy and wonder. You meet them by taking care of yourself, they don´t expect anything from you or that you shall achive something, thoose whom you call "outsiders" . Extraterrestrials are most highly a part of yourself, they love you and you only have to have faith in them and to open your heart for their love, it´s not more advanced than that. They want to get to know YOU, who you are, and always has been, they help you on the way to waking up from the dream. All communication is not physical, it doesn´t have to be, if it happens it is meant that way, it is decided. They don´t choose you instead it has always been decided that so will happen NOW, you are not choosen, you are on a booked meeting. You can listen to medial persons and you can listen to yourself. Dare to listen to yourself. The time was always ready for you, but now you are starting to "remember". That´s exactly how it´s supposed to be. There are many levels of insight, you can never find answers in the illusion you see around you, in forms of thoughts and physical things, the Truth has always existed, beyond the things in your heart. To take time to reflect and to forgive that what you meet outside yourself can heal the unconcious inside of you. We can only remind eachother about what we already know is true in our hearts. The truth always resonates inside you when you hear it, it never forces itself on anyone or anything. You are welcome to write back with a reflection in the comment section, if you have one, we are all Reflections by the one, everything that is. WE ARE ONE!

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