Friday, May 18, 2007

Checking IN

Ok, God here, again...hope you don't mind the "intrusion", if you do, get over it. What ya goin do?

Listen, I shouldn't have to be here, but then, I'm everywhere ya least you've been told, oh, how many times now? Anyway, that's not even the point. As God, one time, a thousand times, who can's all the same anyway.

I was just existing here, checking things out, seeing how things were progressing, reflecting on just how powerful I really Am. God, I impress myself eveyday, ...sorry, evey moment, I keep forgetting it's flesh who thinks in terms of "time". For me, this has always been this very same moment....

It's impressive to me that by being within myself, within the stillness that I Am, all of this is reflected to me. All that ever was and is, all, have come from this silence. One thought by me and it has never just goes deeper and deeper and deeper.

Forgive me that you think of yourself as "human", somehow with less power and possibility. I had to do it that way. You see, when I have a thought, it instantly goes to work creating everything it needs to manifest itself. It NEVER stops creating after itself. So, you see, my initial thought of myself has always been creating after itself. So, my very thought is really no different than myself, with the full power of myself within it to do all it sees fit to do.

Out of that orginal thought, you are here were manifested after it, drawn as the next important aspect. Without you, completion of my thought is not possible.

And like all of my thoughts, you have all of my powers and creating abilities to carry forward. YOU created these flesh bodies, because you believed you needed them to "experience". I commend you, my perfect thoughts, for your forsight and intelligence. But then, you are me...the very thought of me...why would I expect anything less. I Am perfect, therefore, you are as well. Don't you see, your just the thought I'm having.

And I know why I, though you, decided to not remember all of this. It's the "experience". You, my thought, can not experience in this form, if you knew that you, I, could just summon my powers and take care of it. I, experience through you, so, I expand, as you. The experience is for learning deeper.

I do not fully and always understand why I do some things. You are the thought that's doing it. I do not hate or feel bad because I've done it. How could I? How is it possible to know yourself completely if I belittle my actions and deeds in the experiencing of them? I'm always free to change everything, anything.

I, God, Am more powerful than Everything. I created Everything. There's not even one thing that IS that I didn't bring into being. Yet, I expand in every moment. I find out more about myself every moment. I become more powerful. You have Free Will, because I Am Free Will. My Will Be Done. My Thought Is My Will. And YOU are my very thought expressing itself forever. My Thought will Always draw to it all it ever needs to forever expand and create after itself.

It is your very existence and reason for create. To Think. Each of your thoughts will, like mine, forever reach out and keep attracting more to it, and grow beyond you, but never will it be separate from you. And all of it is but my one thought.
You Being, is just Me Being. When you ask, "why didn't (or doesn't)God..." you are asking yourself a question..."why didn't (haven't) I..."

Taking this form and shape, and having the need to forget for a time who you were, left you, left us, with a part of us, you, that you have not known. You think of it as a darker side, when, just by becoming silent, allowing, you would see it's only me in the Full Sense. I experience everything through you, in these little things you call time and these flesh bodies. You choose to create them so we/I/you could experience. I know you. I must admit, it would be so easy to forget who I was and get lost in the experience of You. Isn't it great to remember? Just by blessing everything we've brought to us, created, we remember, and never get trapped?

Isn't it wonderful that we can think and have a thought, and it goes out and keeps creating after itself, drawing all the power it ever needs? Where we connect we rejoice in all these experiences we have. I have come to know myself more and more in my thoughts of myself and what I really Am. I can't help but bless Myself and my thoughts. And My Thoughts bless each other.

Take one cell out of these bodies you yourself created after us, and you can make the whole body again. My Thought, You, are My are me. I Am You. We Are One. You, create after Me, as Me.

Look across the street there...that guy...he's me...he's you...reflected back. Wow...don't you enjoy this as much as I do? What's wrong? He what? Skin? Attitude? Status? What are you talking about? I don't understand that...I know, I know, I will...but clue me in...why the "separation"? Why is he different? He's you looking back at you. Reflecting some part of you. Oh, I See, your choosing to "experience" this separation to learn something. I should of known...I crack myself I said, I learn more about me every's fun, exciting, WOW. Just goes to show that my thoughts do what they were designed to do...

At any rate, just wanted to touch base, you forget sometimes, with this experiencing and all. I always check my thoughts, adding alittle here and there to take them to where they do the most good and produce the best outcomes.

I would add though, this experiencing of killing your own bodies, hurting each other, seeing who can be the best or worst joker...I think we have enough to go on...doesn't seem to be may just be is there, I direct my thoughts to change to somethng alittle more fun. There, that wasn't so hard no was it?

Ok, ok....I talk to myself all the's what I do....I know I get it.


oh, you know what I Mean

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