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Pondering Thoughts - Remember Who You Are

Pondering Thoughts - Remember Who You Are
D. Caudill

I sat and pondered a bit on how to write this and what to call it. But then, I sit and ponder about sitting and pondering. In transferring thoughts to writing, that someone else reads, I have to be careful. Words are power. The power to heal and the power to inflict. I have passed on and written about how thoughts create. For those not completely in tune with this yet, look around. there is nothing you now see before you that you did not personally "think" into being. It makes no difference in whether you believe it or not. It could be said that you are "the creator", you are "god" part of the "whole", or a fraction of God, as a cell is to the whole contain all the same powers and ability.

Therefore, everything you see before you...are "your" creations. It could be said that there is no thing that is not God. All of everything is but one thing, GOD. Period. God decided one day to meditate and "come to know himself". To do this he created "experience". You know how easy it is to get "caught up" in something to a degree you think of nothing else. Or, how a dream can feel and seem so real that it leaves you questioning.

Now, perhaps you might see how easy it could be to "forget" who you really are by getting so involved and "lost" within your own creation, and the "experiencing of it".

Look around again. All the people, the things, even the smallest nic nac you see in front of you, are there, because of you. Now, being God, or, god...would it not be very smart to leave yourself/himself clues, messages and "points of reference" so that it's not possible to get lost within his/your own created "matrix"? Like a door in a lucid dream may be a reminder for you to ask "am I dreaming", and to become awake, inside of it.

This may seem crazy until you actually try it, yet, the last time I decided to clean the this way, I took one room at a time and looked at everything I let stay in that room as I was cleaning. As I began to look at each of these, and considered why any of it was here, and if I even needed it, it dawned on me that these were in fact my creations, and all of them contained messages about me/to me...about what I was inside. And not only that, these things had "returned to me" to be "blessed by me"...or, to say, acknowledged and given thanks for the energy and messages they contained...and in that blessing...they found a new place in that room, or, were passed on into a "greater place", in "my kingdom".

I can not tell you the amount of energy all of this released, and the flood of emotion this it will cause. It must be your own have to understand by experiencing it. That is the only way. Try it...I guarantee your experience. You won't sleep for days as you will find yourself "understanding" where each thing desires itself to be, creating free flowing energy...freeing trapped energy within themselves, which becomes yours, and messages spilling out to you in such a way that you can not help but cry yourself through the whole process, with happiness. It's incredible, and no words will ever describe it for you.

That being said, I have also spoke of "using and sending LOVE". I'll put the link once again at the bottom of this page to the free books you can read online or print out. They read like a good novel, yet show you how to "power up" to use this stuff, like magic...and it works, because it is the "absolute power of the universe".

Once "armed", you are ready to change "everything".

And, that's the whole point of this writing.

We talk of meditating, and of laws of attraction. We talk of how you can create everything and anything. We have even spoken in ways that have got you to try, to experince, and experiment with this. It does work, if you, as creator, desire it to.

But now, aside from all of that...your "true state of being" calls to you.

You have found that when you practice these things that you do get what you want, when your paying attention...and when your not, you get what you wanted anyway...the only difference being, you may receive a confused creation. So, "attend" to your creating.

You have also found where you wanted something, got it, and, much like a child getting a new toy, you tire of it in a few days and want "something else". Now, whether you take a moment to "get this", or several lifetimes, you "will" get it.

Once you get to this point, you REMEMBER why you are here. And this, you created it this way.

You are here to apply your powers to "restoration".


If you have a toothache, you attend to it. If your hungry, you fill that need. It is part of "this part of you". You would not ignore or deny it in any way. You will not cut off your foot because you stepped on a nail...would you?

Do you still not understand your total connection to everything? Do you still not understand that everything is you? Let any sickness enter the body and an unlimited measure of cells rush to that area to respond...not to kill, as is commonly said, but to heal, to return to "being".

Therefore, you are here to restore "being" in a "state of oneness".

Lightworkers to dayworkers are here for this reason. It makes no difference who you are. Your here for the same reason. It is with respect that some choose to be here to "reflect to some others" what needs to have attention given. We do not "rush to kill" that part of us that "pains us". We don't heal a wound by taking a jackhammer to it. We give it "full healing attention". We send love to it, not a judgement of it. We don't "starve it" or "take from it".

We "send love". We find a need out of many, not focusing our attentions on it from an eratication program, "cut it out" mentality, else, we would commit sucide before we were done. We send love in full measure, overflowing, submerging, over-whelming, intensely, without fail.

Any thought has power, ALL THOUGHT CREATE - PERIOD !!!. Put it out there, it creates. If it's not what you fully desire you had better be are truly powerful. Your thought will manifest, somewhere, and along with others, with emmense measure.

Now, a "directed thought" is a billion times more powerful than one just let go of into the "collective". It is attracted to all like acts just like a chemical and someone will experience your creation...believe it. Not only that but a "positive loving thought" is millions of times more powerful than one negative or un-loving.

You've had an idea, say, about some new product, let it go, only to see it 6 months later on the market. ow, you may have had the orginal thought, or, it came to you out of the "collective" of like thoughts that are out there/inside you. Just because you didn't act on it is no reason another one can't.

By meditating, by sending love, by directing it to key inflict your total will upon that. Don't think it won't have an has TOTAL POWER TO EFFECT WHAT YOU WILL.

By sending love, constantly, to those points you choose, where your attention is drawn, you are empowered to "HEAL" that. Other thoughts of "like union" will assist. Be that something going on someplace else like the middle-east or right in your own backyard...You are here to heal, by loving, by becoming what you already are by simply remembering it.

And, don't forget that TIME is of no concern. You can send love to "the past" and "the future", and any event of that...and "it will change those events, which changed the now. Understand, the past and the future are all going on right now. There is only "this moment" preceived from different prespectives...that's all.

No law nor statue or order of men may make one difference in your power. Your powers are absolute. Putting a nail into a board is near impossible, till you realize you've got a tool box with a "tool inside" that makes it a forgone conclusion...easy.

But, let's take this one step further...YOU HAVE ALREADY DONE THIS. Nothing you encounter, ever, is anything you haven't already done. All of this is memory...your key is MEMORY.


D. Caudill

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