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Infinite Possibilities

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Infinite Possibilities
by Owen Waters

Quantum physics is more than a century old; yet, people's eyes
still glaze over when they first hear of its strange ways. In
the sub-microscopic world of elementary energy particles, the
universe acts very differently from the one we know in our
physical world.

As it turns out, the quantum world actually reveals the true
nature of the universe, while what we see on the physical level
is a carefully-created illusion. For example, at any point in
time, life presents an array of infinite possibilities. When
you make a decision as to what to do next, then - only then -
does your immediate future become a reality instead of just
another possibility. Then, and only then, does the next step in
your history get written.

In quantum physics, energetic particles, such as photons of
light, only become particles of energy when you focus your
attention upon them. Until then, they remain as fields of
influence which radiate waves of energy, not particles. These
waves of energy, rather than traveling as a particle directly
from A to B, spread out as waves that explore all possible
paths before them.

Energy particles live in a world of possibilities, waiting to
be made manifest by a conscious decision from someone,
somewhere. In a conscious universe, any form of attention, even
that of a passive observer, manifests actual particles from the
waves of potential.

As a human, you were born to manifest a life from infinite
possibilities. At each step along the way, you create history
by deciding which possibility to explore and working your way
through that action. You choose and create the experience from
the potential and make it manifest.

The quantum world gets even stranger when you find that, in
its natural, unmanifested state, it is free from the
constraints of time and space. Electrons routinely affect their
own future, and even their own past. Quantum physicists even
had to include "negative time" (traveling into the past) in
their equations in order to include the time travel which is
exhibited at the quantum level.

Now, if the quantum world is the real world, the one from
which our stable reality is constructed, then what does this
mean for our possibilities? It certainly means that we have
infinite choices for the future. The burning question is, how
will the different choices turn out?

People in research projects have used hypnosis to access
deeper states of consciousness. In these deeper states of
awareness, they have examined their own future possibilities
based on their present-day options. The amazing thing is that
these future paths are just as real to the exploring
consciousness as the person's daily reality. It's as though all
paths already exist, quantum physics-style, as an array of
possibilities that are very real, just not yet manifested.

For example, in hypnotherapist Brian Weiss's book, "Same Soul,
Many Bodies," a patient who was convinced that suicide was his
only real option was progressed - moved forward in time - to
see how his suicide would turn out. He expected to find that
the suicide would provide the desired relief from his crushing
business problems. Instead, he saw how much grief he would have
caused his wife and children. Worse still, he saw that his
family members would take the blame for his death upon
themselves, feeling that they should have somehow helped him
and prevented such a tragedy.

Then, he was progressed into a future where he had decided
against suicide and, instead, faced up to his crisis of
personal failure. Instead of being shunned by his family and
friends, as he had expected, he saw them helping him to work
through the crisis and recover his standing in the business
world. As his consciousness moved through this alternative
life, he saw the effects of following the sense of newfound joy
that he had allowed into his life. In the light of such
possibilities, his intended suicide was no longer a viable
option and he chose the path towards joy.

I find it fascinating that alternate futures exist in such
detail, in such vivid reality, for each person. Not only do
they exist as possibilities, they seem as real as if the person
had already lived them. Those who view these alternate futures
are not making them up. In the above example, the person
considering suicide was so depressed about himself that he
thought his family would say "Good riddance" when he was gone;
he could not have made up the scenes of the alternative futures
that he saw under hypnosis. Instead, people who see these
future alternatives often learn from situations that they could
never have imagined.

In a universe created by Infinite Being, each one of us has,
by design, infinite possibilities. The question is, what could
you do today that will make your tomorrow even better than it
would have been? Following your innermost joy means that you
are using this inbuilt compass that points unfailingly towards
greater fulfillment in life.

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