Saturday, March 31, 2007

The Secret & Beyond

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From: Dharmacist

This video corroborates what I have said in my book, ANOTHER PLACE IN SPACE [EARTH].

My books deal with "creating your own reality" and the "Law Of Attraction" all the way to "YOU" [your Higher Self] creating where and when you were born.

Think outside the box. These thoughts are done before you even have brain....before you were born.  Creating Your Reality goes way beyond the conscious mind.

This transformational process is not done with your conscious mind. Although; our conscious mind plays a significant role in creating our reality, it is our Higher Self [which is beyond the physical dimension] that truly knows what is best for us. There is only so much that we choose or allow to filter through to our conscious minds.

This is where HOPE comes in. 

This is where FAITH comes in.

This is where DIVINE INTELLIGENCE comes in.

This is where GOD [YOUR TRUE SELF/YOUR HIGHER SELF] comes in.

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This is NOT done with your conscious mind.


"Dattatreya Siva Baba, the Indian Guru who revealed the Ah Meditation to Wayne Dyer and inspired the book, Manifest Your Destiny, speaks on the techniques used in The Secret"

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