Monday, March 26, 2007

Abundance Course

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From: HeartLight

I get emails from Images of One on a regular basis and recently I got
one from them about a new thing called iCAP Release Meter System.
They also sent me the address to download and print a free course and
book with it and I thought some of you might be interested in it too.

The course is called "The Abundance Course" and is 128 pages long but
well worth printing and if you are unable to print it then get
yourself some legal pads at Walmart ($3) and follow the course from
your computer.

The book called, "No Attachments No Adversions" is an autobiography
of Lester Levenson the author and teacher of "Release Techniques". I
think you will find it interesting as well.

Enjoy! Here is the email and address you will see that the course and
book are both free for your use and at the end of the page you will
see where he encourages all of us to share it with others.


Today, I have a very special treat for you :)

For you, I have acquired a complimentary copy of:

The Abundance Course. This is not a free book usually. In fact, it
ships with the iCAP unit, but I managed to get the guys at iCAP to
allow me to give you the book anyways so that you may experience for
yourself, first-hand, the power involved with all these things. Just
download it here (you will need Adobe Acrobat to open it, and if it
doesn't open with your edition of Acrobat, download the latest fre.e

Abundance Course

In this book, you will find 128 pages of top-notch material. Here is
the table of contents:

Guidelines - Getting the Most Out of the Course 1

Introduction 2

Unique Features of the Release Technique 3

Intention for the Course 4

How People Use The Release Technique 5a

Make a List of Wants and a List of Things You Have 6
Wanting =Lack 7

The Unstuck Chart Road Map 8

Your Ticket to Bliss and Abundance 9

The Chart of Emotions 10

AGFLAP CAP Results in: Feeling Thinking Acting 12

Scale of Action 21

Four Ways of Handling a Feeling 22

Steps to Releasing 23

Knowing One's Emotions 24

Emotional Intelligence 25

Releasing Questions 26

Goals 28-31

Wording a Goal Statement... 28

Sample Goal Statements 29

Goals I Would Like to Achieve 30

Goal Charts 31

Goal ''To Do" List. 32

Wants 33-38

Wants: Keys to Empowerment... 33

A Definition of Wants 34

Ways in Which I Seek Approval. 35

Ways in Which I Seek Control. '" 36

Ways in Which I Seek Security/Safety/Survival... 37

The Emotional Picture (How the Feeling of Desire Works) 38

Attachment to Money 39

Aversion to Money 40

Attachments and Aversions: .41-47

Instructions 41

Attachment & Aversion Blank Sheets (2) 42

Attachment & Aversion Blank Sheets (2) .43

Attachment to Disapproving of Myself .44

Aversion to Disapproving of Myself .45

Attachment to Figuring 46

Aversion to Figuring 47

Responsibility 48

Attachment to My Health 50

Aversion to My Health 51

Wellness 52

Wellness Worksheet. 53

Releasing Stuckness Instructions 54

Releasing Stuckness Worksheet. 55

Ponder 56
The Checks Exercise 57

Attachments and Aversions to Worrying 58

Attachments and Aversions to Thinking 60

Attachments and Aversions to Doing Something 62

Ponder 64

"Good" and "Bad" Exercise 65

Releasing Pride Sheet. 66

Digging Deeper 66a

Attachments and Aversions to Holding On 67

Attachments and Aversions to Letting Go 69

Attachments and Aversions to Satisfaction 71

Attachments and Aversions to Trusting 73

Releasing Into Life: 75-81

The Six Steps 75

Getting the Most From Your Releasing 76

Things I Have to Do 77

Daily Review 78

Special Release Process 79

Clean-up Questions 80

Fast Steps to Freedom 81

A Look at Happiness 82

Gains and Benefits 84

More Gains 85

Who I Would Like to Share the Release Technique With 86

Releasing Projects 87

Lester on Demonstration " 88

What Am I Demonstrating in My Life? 90

What is My Consciousness About Relationships, Business? 91

Next Steps , 93
Benefits Checklist. , 94

Again, you can download it here right away:

Abundance Course

In addition to that, I have also got you a free copy of Lester
Levenson's autobiography and book called No Attachments, No
Aversions: The Autobiography of a Master. Who is Lester Levenson and
what is his connection to the iCAP?

Lester was an amazing guy as you will see shortly. He came up with
the principles on which the iCAP Release Meter is based on.

Do you wish to know how powerful his techniques were? Have a look at
his life in this book:

Create and enjoy a beautiful day!

David Cameron Gikandi

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